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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lindsay Lohan - The Death Watch Returns

You read it right, we're bringing a little Lohan back to Jerkland!  This post is going up strictly because I cannot go to any celebrity news sites without Lindsay face all over my screen.  A few years ago some writers from this site called for a Lindsay Lohan death watch.  Well so far she has survived, but barely.  First her movie career went to hell, then we got Lindsay Lohan posing nude in New York Magazine, which tells us that she knows she can still get attention no matter how bad she gets simply by getting naked, because believe it or not there are tons of people who still thinks she is mega hot.......never saw it but OK.

 Lindsay hasn't slowed down, with pics of her drunk or high or whatever surfacing regularly on the net.  So now we're at the point where she's close to going to jail, and having to wear bracelets that are somehow supposed to stop her from drinking and/or doing drugs (but only makes her pay 10 grand or so for having a drink,) the Lindsay Lohan death watch is back on.  Place your bets, make your predictions.  Will Lohan ever turn it around and survive?  Or will she finally surprise no one by kicking the bucket soon.  We've had many shocking celebrity deaths in the past year, but if the death watch is correct, Lindsay Lohan will be a shock to no one.  At least it would free up some web space for some news people care about......hey we're Jerks, and we tell it like it is.

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