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Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye Patrick Swayze

I was just a kid when me and my friends gathered around to watch Red Dawn. It would be my first glimpse of Patrick Swayze. But from then on, I was a die hard fan. Even Dirty Dancing and Ghost especially, they are chick flicks, but I would watch them here and there just cause Swayze was so awesome. Of course the usual movies are my all time Swayze favs, from Road House to Point Break, Next Of Kin and Steel Dawn. Even dug him as Pecos Bill. And the awesome moment in the 7th grade, after reading The Outsiders, our teacher brought in the movie for us to watch and seeing that Swayze was in it.

I've been a huge fan of his my whole life pretty much. Road House is a classic movie that is watched every now and then with me and my friends gathering around and drinking every time Swayze does something cool, which usually leaves us all hammered, because when is he not doing something cool in that movie?

9 years ago I moved to California to live with my girlfriend, she revealed to me that she knew where Swayze lived and right away I HAD to go. I knew I would never get the courage to knock on his door or anything, I just wanted to see where the man hung out. Sadly, his house was hidden from view, I did see his mail box though, and the peacocks that wandered around his property.

It is a sad day for lovers of ass kickings. A creepy yet awesome moment happened tonight though on my way home from filming. I have an ipod stereo in my car, meaning it plays no CDs, it is just for an ipod. And I always have my ipod set to shuffle. Well, when I was almost home, Unchained Melody came on. We will miss you Patrick Swayze, Vaya con dios brah. You were the best cooler in the business. And to me, and many many others, you still are owner of the funniest SNL moment of all time. Hope you and Chris can continue dancing now.

Patrick Swayze Dead, Dies of Pancreatic Cancer at 57

In case you haven't heard, Patrick Swayze lost his battle with pancreatic cancer today. He was 57. We have known for a long time that Patrick Swayze had cancer and might die soon. Tabloids went wild over his gaunt appearance and speculation on his death. By all accounts, the man seemed to be in good spirits until the end. That day has come. Patrick leaves behind a loving family, and they were by his side when he died.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Gayest Thing You'll Read all Day

Ever had a Man Shower? No? Me either, but I just read an article about setting trends. One of the hottest trendsetters these days is a guy named Scott Disick. See he's having a man shower. I think that means he stands in a shower with a bunch of men who jerk off and jizz all over his head. Makes sense. Oh, apparently it's like a baby shower, but it's a bunch of guys hanging out celebrating dadhood. In Vegas. With K-Fed. Bro-tastic. Now I don't know who this Scott Dick or Dicksuck or whatever is. Sounds like he was named by a homo with a speech impediment. To me he looks like the illegitimate half-brother of Donald Trump Jr, but it seems like he knocked up the world famous Kourtney Kardashian. Oh you don't know who she is? Well, she is most known for having a sister named Kim who did a sex tape and Kim Kardashian has a giant ass. Kourtney's ass has half the mass, but might be twice as nice. But really, who the fuck are these people with their trendsetting Hollywood faggotry? I miss the real celebrities like DJ AM.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

RandomVillain is making a movie. Here is some scenes.

Yes I, RandomVillain, am in the middle of making a movie. Want a sneak peek?