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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Top Movies of 1995

Yes, took a bit but here it is. Was hard to pick a top movie for this, the top 2 of this year especially go down in history as two of the greatest movies of all time. Others are cult classics, and others are just awesome no matter what people say. Here we go.

10. Batman Forever
Yes, Batman Forever is on the top 10 of the best of something list. I love, love Batman. Have my whole life. Before this movie came out I had it all. I got all the Batman Forever mini posters. The collectable mugs from McDonalds. The toys, the soundtrack, all of it. Then I saw the movie and holy crap was I confused. I was prepped for more Tim Burton dark Batman style stuff. So I forced myself to like this movie, even after I had it on laserdisc. After awhile like everyone else, I wound up hating it. But today, I don't mind it so much. Same with Batman and Robin. Because most people don't like at those two movies the same way I do. They're not full on continuations of the Burton movies. They are movie versions of the Adam West and Burt Ward 1960s Batman TV show. That is it. Plain and simple. Insanely cheesy and wacky. Goofy and fun. Rewatch them with that thought in mind, and you realize they're not as bad as people say. They are what they were supposed to be. Plus the soundtrack for both movies kicked major ass.

9. Friday
Another movie with a great soundtrack. The full on arrival of Chris Tucker. One of the funniest movies of all time that is still quoted by myself and others around me to this day. Of course most people who like this movie quote the popular ones all from Chris Tucker. Me? For some strange reason the one quote from this movie that is constantly said around here is "Man dats a female!" No idea why. Sadly, the sequels that followed were worthless.

8. Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight
I loved Tales From The Crypt. Used to watch it on Fox. Never got to see it on HBO so I missed out on the good stuff. However if and when Netflix gets their crap together and puts this series up on Netflix Instant I will throw a party for that occasion. He had been around for awhile at this point but this is the movie that instantly turned me into a Billy Zane fan. Too bad he wasn't in much that was that big afterwards. Except The Phantom.......yeesh.

7. Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers
Halloween. My favorite horror franchise out of them all. Freddy, Jason, Chucky, all great, but they all had their weakness. Myers? No weakness. Not afraid of water, or fire, or so small he could easily just be kicked across a room. Myers was a killing machine. Unstoppable. Yes the whole cult thing was weird and the thorn symbols and all that but still, this awesome. All real Halloween fans know that there is actually an entirely different version of this movie out there. The Producers Cut. But after the death of Donald Pleasance, they had to change things around since the ending set up everything for a 7th movie. It was never continued in the 7th though, 4 5 and 6 were kinda just forgotten in part 7. Which is OK. That one still kicked major ass. And again, the soundtrack was awesome for just one song and one song alone.

6. Bad Boys
This should just be the year of awesome movies with awesome soundtracks. No one main song, just the main theme music alone rules. Bad Boys kicked so much ass that I used to watch this movie every single day for a good couple weeks straight. No real length description or rant about this movie, it just rules. And is proof that somewhere deep inside, Michael Bay can give us greatness.

5. Desperado
Nice to meet you Robert Rodriguez. This is the movie that introduced me to the man. Revenge movies have always been my favorite. It is number 5, because it kicked more ass than Bad Boys. And of course, the soundtrack rocks.

4. Heavy Weights
Long before he became the powerhouse of comedy that he is known as today, this was the very first feature film written and produced by Judd Apatow. I know I just blew a couple minds away with that bit of trivia. Starring the fat kids from the Mighty Ducks. Ben Still. And some dude who is still known today as Lars. This was one of the funniest kids movies I had ever seen, and still remains as such to this day. This movie kinda kicked off movies starring kids that to this day remain hilarious. More trivia, the camp counselor Tim, would later go on to direct Bridesmaids. MIND BLOWER. PUT YOUR FAT FINGER DOWN!

3. Seven
Was never used to seeing movies that had an ending like this one. Most movies I saw the endings were pretty cool and simple. But this one. Holy crap. There are probably people out there who have never seen this, but good lord. All I can say is......SHATNER.

2. Toy Story
The rise of Pixar begins here. Toy Story. Nothing to really say about this, we all know it, we all love it. But did you know that Joss Whedon wrote the screenplay, and Steve Jobs was an executive producer?! DOUBLE MIND BLOWER!

1. Braveheart
People who follow this blog know our love for all things Mel. But this is hard to be argued with even against those who hate all things Mel. True, Pulp Fiction is my favorite, but do I consider it the greatest movie ever made? No. A lot of people are like that, they have their all time favorite but they also know that there are other movies that they consider to be the all time greatest movie ever made. To me, that all time great is Braveheart. Sit there and argue this. I don't care. It is the greatest movie ever made. Done.