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Friday, March 29, 2013

Hey North Korea..JUST BRING IT!

Just Bring It North Korea!Yeah, I said it.   The Jerks are back and there is no better comeback topic than all this North Korea BS.  So some moron who runs the country named Kim Jong-un or something wants to be a bad ass and point missiles at the U.S.; key thing to note's ONE country, a country that will cease to exist if even 1 missile was launched.  There seems to be a bit of panic over this, but....anyone idiotic enough to try this is going to meet their demise in entertaining fashion.

Some of you may be anti-war, praying this doesn't happen etc.  I get it.  No one wants a war, but don't think for a second that the U.S. doesn't already have plans to counteract any attempted missile strikes and most likely have a plan in mind to destroy North Korea if shit went down.  Hear about the U.S. already flying bombers over South Korea in preparation (South Korea is cool with us so don't get confused)?  Yeah, and I"m sure Obama has already been on contact with leaders of every other country who will join in to destroy these assholes if they don't stop being.....assholes.

So does anyone out there actually think North Korea is going to just bomb the world and take it over?  They seem to think they can, but I think if they try we'll be tuned in to CNN on a daily basis watching the biggest fireworks show of all time.  So yeah, North Korea thinks they have a chance against just about the entire world?  JUST.....BRING IT!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Music Videos That Defined My Teen Years

The 90s. A glorious time. TV sitcoms were amazing. Music was amazing. Wrestling was amazing. Guess what? The 90s, were amazing. A lot comes along that reminds me of the times I spent as a teenager in the 90s. But the one thing that reminds me more than anything is music. Some songs remind me of exact moments from the 90s, especially music videos. So, I decided to just throw up some of the music videos that really bring me back to being a weird teenager in the 90s. Mostly, these are the videos that were on the most before I would leave for school in the morning, and when I would first get home from school in the afternoon. Get your nostalgia helmets on.

But first, PRO TIP! You should be an adult by now, which means you should be using something along the lines of Firefox to watch videos on YouTube. Go and install the Firefox addon, Adblock Plus. Why? Because you will never have to watch an annoying ad on YouTube ever again.

Kick this bad boy off with the Smashing Pumpkins. Who without a doubt, were my favorite band in the 90s.

Romeo & Juliet was a stupid movie. But the soundtrack was pretty great. 

Yep. The Spice Girls. They did some shaping of my teen years alright. BOOM!

Even to this day, Beck is still awesome.

Some may argue, but I don't care. This has to be the biggest video that came out in the 90s.

No intro needed.

I never quite knew what to think of this video. It made me feel kinda funny.

I loved the Stone Temple Pilots. I loved Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I loved this video.

This was my introduction into the wonderful world of Busta Rhymes.

And for some reason after Busta Rhymes video would come on, this would follow right afterwards.

For a short while, this song made me want to become a drummer.

There was a time where I could not stop listening to music by Wyclef. The Carnival rules. I know this isn't from that, just sayin. Carnival was a great album.

Gwen Stefani, was the 2nd girl of my dreams.....

Because she had nothing on the actual girl of my dreams.

I remember buying a big hat and dancing on my friends treadmill, and fall, and hurting.

Yeah, I had my Korn phase.

And of course, we can't leave off the one band that even to this very day still makes some of the best music in existence. THE FOO FIGHTERS.

And finally, it may not have been the biggest, and it may not remind me of my happy teen life more than some, but to just put it simply. This is the best music video of the 90s.