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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Villains Top 10 Films Of 2010

Well, another year of movies is just about finished up. Now, granted, I have not seen EVERY movie that came out this year. I have sadly not had the chance to see The Social Network yet. So when you see that not that, or some other deserving movie isn't on the list, don't flip out with "OMG NO BLACK SWAN?!?1" I just haven't had time to see everything. So, this is...


10. Jackass 3-D
Easily the funniest movie of the year. And at the same time did a great job of utilizing the 3D element.

9. The Book Of Eli
Had my doubts on this one, but wound up enjoying it quite a bit. One of the best post apocalyptic movies I've seen in quite awhile.

8. The A Team
This got bashed on all over by reviews but I loved it. I was a huge fan of the series as a kid and felt each person nailed the characters. I loved the backstory, and seeing why exactly BA is afraid of flying.

7. The Expendables
It was nice seeing a real action movie in theaters again. Stallone may be getting old as the hills, but he still has IT.

6. Inception
This movie took a while to grow on me. So many holes in it, but at the end of the day, I enjoyed this movie.

5. Frozen
Had some doubts with this, Adam Green is a good director but I'm not too big of a fan of Hatchet. Frozen is easily one of the best horror movies to come along in quite awhile. Very suspenseful and the Making Of on the DVD is worth watching as well.

4. Kick-Ass
I was quite surprised by this. I had read the comic so was looking forward to this but it all felt strange. What I didn't end up liking in the movie, I liked in the book, and what I didn't like in the book, I liked in the movie. I was also expecting maybe a bit more comedy from it, but it wound up being pretty serious and emotional at some times.

3. Tron Legacy
Holy crap did I love Tron as a kid. I would watch the VHS all the time at my parents video store. And am lucky enough to have the elusive Tron 25th Anniversary DVD. When I saw Flynns Arcade in this movie, it gave the inner child in me goosebumps. Was everything I had hoped for.

2. Toy Story 3
I don't understand Pixar. It's like after they made Ratatouille all they have tried to do is make you cry as much as possible. If you didn't choke back at least a small tear and get a lump in your throat during the incinerator scene, then you have no soul.

1. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
I was a little wary going into this. Had never read the comics, and Michael Cera had soured on me a little after seeing Year One. But one thing had me going in to see this. Edgar Wright. Mr. Wright is currently my favorite director. He has done no wrong and has had me as a die hard fan since Shaun Of The Dead 4 times in the theater. And what I wound up seeing was what most call a love story for video game nerds. The 8 Bit Universal logo and theme going into the Zelda Link To The Past music starts off the movie and you know right away you are in for a good time. I think, even if I did manage to see EVERY movie this year, Scott Pilgrim would still come out as #1.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rod Belding Has Been Found in "Saved by the Belding"

If you are a Saved By The Bell fan, you no doubt remember the legendary episode where Mr. Belding announces the class will have a substitute in "Mr. Belding." Oh but it was in fact, Mr. Belding's brother Rod.  Rod Belding was the super cool teacher we all wished would walk into our classroom as our substitute as kids.  Rod was the teacher that replaced things like tests and homework with teaching mouth to mouth lessons with the hot girls and taking the class on white water rafting trips. 

It was no surprise that the class (well the 6 that mattered in Saved by the Bell world) didn't want to go on Mr. Belding's boring trip to Yosemite and chose Rod's white water rafting trip, which gave us the memorable scene where sad Mr. Belding trashes his Yosemite plans.  BUT THEN, we saw the real Rod Belding, as the asshole decides to ditch the kids for a weekend with some stewardess named "Inga."  Thankfully Mr. Belding saves the day by offering to take them white water rafting himself after explaining that Rod "had the flu," but what the hell happened to Rod?

In all the years of Saved by the Bell, we saw Rod Belding exactly once.  Yep, this episode is the classic example of "why didn't we ever hear from this character again" when it comes to TV, and as it turns out, we are not the only ones who wondered.  In the following film "Saved by the Belding," a group of old school Saved by the Bell fans investigate this matter, and locate the one and only Rod Belding, and find out just where the hell he's been for the past 20 years or so.  Can he right his wrongs from Bayside?  Is he the same old Rod Belding?  Or is he just some actor named Edward Blatchford?  It's all answered here.

No more words can do this justice, but if you watched and were a fan of Saved by the Bell, this documentary just filled a huge void; and for these guys, filled a void on the "Bayside documentary" they were watching....yeah, just watch:

Saved By The Belding
Uploaded by STEproductions

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Now Miley Cyrus Has Leaked Nude Pics

I'm about to officially declare "celebrity leaked nude pic season" if these keep popping up.  The Jessica Alba leaked nude pics created the biggest buzz of the year, but this story could surpass it in time. 

Miley Cyrus has been aching to whore it up for a long time now, so it's not surprise that only days after she becomes legal, she already has a nude pic scandal going on.  As soon as the pics leaked, the Internet perv investigation unit was on the scene and already looking for evidence to prove whether the pics were real or fake.  Lots of opinions out there, but most seem to say the proof is there to prove they are real.  The biggest proof is how she has presented herself the past year.  The tiny ass shorts, sexual gestures and pole dancing on stage, she just couldn't wait to get naked.  At this rate she'll be doing porn by 30, but hardly anyone will care since she's already showing the goods at barely 18. 

I don't think I've ever even listened to one of her songs, and probably most of the Internet stalkers going wild over these pics probably haven't either, but she's no doubt keeping Billy Ray proud as her star continues to rise.  One conclusion is that these pics may have been taken days before she was technically 18, so we're not brave enough to post them here, but you can follow the ongoing Miley Cyrus scandal with nude pics included over at our friend