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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Songs from my childhood that were NAUGHTY!

Back in the 90s I was a harmless free spirit kid. A boy. Innocent. Turned into a teenager in the 90s. And during those times, I listened to a ton of music. All types of music. And I never really listened closely to the lyrics, I just liked the music. And now as an adult, I revisit these songs. And actually listen to them, and realize that I was being taught some pretty naughty things by my musician elders. So here is a list of songs that at the time I had no idea what they mean, just they had a good beat and I liked to listen to it, but when listened to closer, they were singing about OTHER things that were not so kid friendly....

Sylk-E Fyne feat. Chill - Romeo & Juliet
Wowza, as a kid, I thought Sylk-E Fyne was just singing about how he was going to take his girl out for a good time. As an adult I realize..... well he was gonna take her out for a good time alright.

Spice Girls - 2 Become 1 
Yeah. No idea what was being sung about. Just thought hey, the Spice Girls are singing about how much they're in love with someone. And the two of their souls will become one because they are so in love. Not realizing they were actually singing about SAFE SEX! 

Guns N Roses - Mr. Brownstone 
No clue. Just thought some guy kept bugging Axl so he sang about it. 

Alanis Morissette  - You Oughta Know 
Like everyone else on the planet in the 90s, I had this CD. But it wasn't until much later on did I catch what exactly she might have done to Uncle Joey in a movie theater.

2 In A Room - Wiggle It (Just A Little Bit) 
Thought they were just singing about dancing. No idea they were wanting me to shake something.

Ginuwine - Pony 
Didn't really have any clue what this song was about as a kid. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Cell Phone Deals, 2012 Black Friday Sales, and More

Well, it's Black Friday. Whatever.

You know what Miss Marcus thinks about that?

If you went out to the shopping malls or big box stores late last night or early this morning to save a few bucks on a lame TV: You Lost. Straight up.

Why would you do that lame stuff?

All the deals are online, and it's not even Cyber Monday, yet.

For example, see some of the Black Friday Cell Phone Deals on the cell phone review blog.

Or just go look at Amazon Black Friday 2012 sales. You didn't even have to wait til Friday:

You know, or go to just about any other website 365 days a year and find a good deal. Don't waste your life standing in line with crazy people.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Top Movies of 1995

Yes, took a bit but here it is. Was hard to pick a top movie for this, the top 2 of this year especially go down in history as two of the greatest movies of all time. Others are cult classics, and others are just awesome no matter what people say. Here we go.

10. Batman Forever
Yes, Batman Forever is on the top 10 of the best of something list. I love, love Batman. Have my whole life. Before this movie came out I had it all. I got all the Batman Forever mini posters. The collectable mugs from McDonalds. The toys, the soundtrack, all of it. Then I saw the movie and holy crap was I confused. I was prepped for more Tim Burton dark Batman style stuff. So I forced myself to like this movie, even after I had it on laserdisc. After awhile like everyone else, I wound up hating it. But today, I don't mind it so much. Same with Batman and Robin. Because most people don't like at those two movies the same way I do. They're not full on continuations of the Burton movies. They are movie versions of the Adam West and Burt Ward 1960s Batman TV show. That is it. Plain and simple. Insanely cheesy and wacky. Goofy and fun. Rewatch them with that thought in mind, and you realize they're not as bad as people say. They are what they were supposed to be. Plus the soundtrack for both movies kicked major ass.

9. Friday
Another movie with a great soundtrack. The full on arrival of Chris Tucker. One of the funniest movies of all time that is still quoted by myself and others around me to this day. Of course most people who like this movie quote the popular ones all from Chris Tucker. Me? For some strange reason the one quote from this movie that is constantly said around here is "Man dats a female!" No idea why. Sadly, the sequels that followed were worthless.

8. Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight
I loved Tales From The Crypt. Used to watch it on Fox. Never got to see it on HBO so I missed out on the good stuff. However if and when Netflix gets their crap together and puts this series up on Netflix Instant I will throw a party for that occasion. He had been around for awhile at this point but this is the movie that instantly turned me into a Billy Zane fan. Too bad he wasn't in much that was that big afterwards. Except The Phantom.......yeesh.

7. Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers
Halloween. My favorite horror franchise out of them all. Freddy, Jason, Chucky, all great, but they all had their weakness. Myers? No weakness. Not afraid of water, or fire, or so small he could easily just be kicked across a room. Myers was a killing machine. Unstoppable. Yes the whole cult thing was weird and the thorn symbols and all that but still, this awesome. All real Halloween fans know that there is actually an entirely different version of this movie out there. The Producers Cut. But after the death of Donald Pleasance, they had to change things around since the ending set up everything for a 7th movie. It was never continued in the 7th though, 4 5 and 6 were kinda just forgotten in part 7. Which is OK. That one still kicked major ass. And again, the soundtrack was awesome for just one song and one song alone.

6. Bad Boys
This should just be the year of awesome movies with awesome soundtracks. No one main song, just the main theme music alone rules. Bad Boys kicked so much ass that I used to watch this movie every single day for a good couple weeks straight. No real length description or rant about this movie, it just rules. And is proof that somewhere deep inside, Michael Bay can give us greatness.

5. Desperado
Nice to meet you Robert Rodriguez. This is the movie that introduced me to the man. Revenge movies have always been my favorite. It is number 5, because it kicked more ass than Bad Boys. And of course, the soundtrack rocks.

4. Heavy Weights
Long before he became the powerhouse of comedy that he is known as today, this was the very first feature film written and produced by Judd Apatow. I know I just blew a couple minds away with that bit of trivia. Starring the fat kids from the Mighty Ducks. Ben Still. And some dude who is still known today as Lars. This was one of the funniest kids movies I had ever seen, and still remains as such to this day. This movie kinda kicked off movies starring kids that to this day remain hilarious. More trivia, the camp counselor Tim, would later go on to direct Bridesmaids. MIND BLOWER. PUT YOUR FAT FINGER DOWN!

3. Seven
Was never used to seeing movies that had an ending like this one. Most movies I saw the endings were pretty cool and simple. But this one. Holy crap. There are probably people out there who have never seen this, but good lord. All I can say is......SHATNER.

2. Toy Story
The rise of Pixar begins here. Toy Story. Nothing to really say about this, we all know it, we all love it. But did you know that Joss Whedon wrote the screenplay, and Steve Jobs was an executive producer?! DOUBLE MIND BLOWER!

1. Braveheart
People who follow this blog know our love for all things Mel. But this is hard to be argued with even against those who hate all things Mel. True, Pulp Fiction is my favorite, but do I consider it the greatest movie ever made? No. A lot of people are like that, they have their all time favorite but they also know that there are other movies that they consider to be the all time greatest movie ever made. To me, that all time great is Braveheart. Sit there and argue this. I don't care. It is the greatest movie ever made. Done.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First image from season 5 of Breaking Bad!

The image gives us nothing. It's Walt and Jessie, standing in a field. That is all. So why is this important? Because Breaking Bad is the best show currently on TV. This is a fact. And you can not argue this, so deal with it.

The new season starts July 15th. Less than 2 months. I also added a video below, if you have not watched Breaking Bad yet and plan to, do NOT watch that video. The video is just an epic montage of the entire show so far. So fantastic.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dog the Bounty Hunter is Being Cancelled?!

I don't know quite know what to think of this since I was under the impression that Dog the Bounty Hunter was still one of THE top shows on A&E, but TMZ is reporting that the show is set to be cancelled.  It's hard to believe the show has been on for 8 seasons, but now that I think about it I did start watching the show around 2005.  "Creative differences" is the official word on the reason for cancellation, but any number of things could be the real cause.

I've been off and on as far as keeping up with the show in recent years, as I started watching a few episodes this year but haven't kept up lately due to scheduling conflicts.  I know they've been pushing a lot of family drama on the show but a lot of it comes across as contrived since the family ends up back together after a few episodes it seems.  Maybe I'm wrong, but that's just how it seemed to me.  I know back when the show was briefly taken off the air due to the conversation with Dog using the "N" word leaked a few years ago, many people were immediately ready to forgive and wanted "Dog" back on the air ASAP.  If this is indeed the end, I'm predicting a lot of protesting going on from the hardcore Dog addicts (no pun intended.)

I got hooked into watching Dog years ago because he looked like a bad ass wrestler busting in and owning criminal asses.  He's shown a softer side over the years, and is getting up there a bit in age, so maybe all of these factors are effecting the ratings.   Somehow I still feel that this won't be the end for Duane"Dog" Chapman on TV, whether it be a 9th season on A&E or on another network.  Do you think Dog's day is done and the show has ran its course?  Or do you want to see 8 MORE seasons of "Dog the Bounty Hunter?"

Skyfall Trailer brings back some 007 Goodness!

I loved, loved, loved Casino Royale. Quantum of Solace was pretty eehhhhhh. But this looks like things get back on the track of ass kicking James Bond goodness. Check out the trailer below.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Top Movies of 1994

1994. This is a life changing year. Many great movies came out this year, two of which would change my life forever.

10. The Shadow
This movie gets crapped on a lot, but damnit I liked it. Of course I was just a kid. And when you're a kid there isn't much you won't like. I was a rare kid though and before this movie was even heard of I had actually become a fan of the radio show. After we would close my parents video store for the night we would drive home listening to the AM radio station that actually played The Shadow. Then the movie came out and it was one of those movies that I forced myself to like, and I still do damnit.
The music in the movie was pretty damn awesome, and the opening scene ruled. Comment and complete this phrase to show how awesome you are......THE SUN, IS SHINING....

9. Blank Check
Disney was makin some pretty great movies in the early 90s. And this was one of them. Harmless don't read too much into it type of fun. Every kid loved this movie because we lived through this kid, and all remember how weird and gross it was when Tone Loc puked in the car.

8. The Lion King
People here in Arizona and in other parts of the country know of Harkins Cine-Capri. And I'm not talking about what you see today, I'm talking about back in the day. The REAL Cine-Capri. Those hometown Arizona people know exactly what I'm talking about. I saw this movie at the original real deal Cine-Capri. After staying home sick from school my uncle took me to see this movie. And for being just a cartoon, it was a legit good movie, and still is to this day. The sequels that followed were pretty meh but if you get a chance, check out Lion King 1 and a half. It's pretty good itself.

7. Maverick
Mel Gibson. I've said it before in many blogs. I am a huge Mel Gibson fan. And I love love love Lethal Weapon, all 4 of them. I like Maverick itself as a movie but this movie has the best cameo in any movie ever. Especially if you're a Lethal Weapon fan. Watch it below, and listen to the music.

6. Forrest Gump
Normal lists put this as the best movie of the year. And it is an amazing movie. Even as a kid I understood that this movie was great. And is still great. If you ever read the book, you get a very different Gump though. The book is a pretty huge step away from what the movie actually is. And there was even a sequel to the first book written called Gump & Co which is just as weird. Check out the books sometime, trust me its crazy. This movie also has one of the best soundtracks ever.

5. Speed
Sweet laserdisc action. I would watch this movie every day. And as an adult we made up the Speed Drinking Game. Here are the rules.... 1. Take a shot every time they show the speedometer. 2. Drink every time Alan Ruck has a line. 3. Drink every time they say bomb. 4. When the baby stroller gets hit by the bus, start drinking and do not stop drinking until the stroller hits the ground. Same rule for when the bus jumps the gap. 5. Take a shot for ever pop quiz.

4. True Lies
I remember my mom asking a couple people at her video store if they thought this movie was ok for me to see. I looked into their eyes, they looked at me, and saw the plead in them for them to say it was ok, nothing too bad in it. And of course there wasn't too much that was bad in it. Typical action violence and language, but damn this movie blew me away. Still love this movie.

3. The Crow
I think I watched this movie twice a day for about a week after I saw it. One of the best comic book movies ever made. A shame the sequels that followed were all a pile of crap but the TV show was actually pretty decent. Another great movie with a great soundtrack.

2. Clerks
1. Pulp Fiction
After seeing Evil Dead and just numerous movies, my love for movies was through the roof. It wasn't until the day that a box arrived at my parents video store, full of screeners, that my love would go even higher. Clerks and Pulp Fiction were in this box. I had no problem watching Clerks since my Mom had never heard of it, after spending so much time with my parents in the video store, even as a kid I could identify with Randall. It was unlike any other movie I had seen. No big scenes, just a couple of friends hanging out in a mini mart, and it was funny. The thing with movies like Clerks that I saw as a kid is it allowed me to later go back and rewatch to finally get all the other jokes that I didn't fully understand as a kid.

And then came Pulp Fiction. My parents had sat down to watch this one night, I begged to watch it with them and they agreed as long as I promised to never say anything that they said in the movie. I sat there and watched, wide eyed, and not understanding barely anything going on. I wasn't used to this madness. The story jumping around. Someone I saw die earlier in the movie now back and alive later on in the movie. It took me about 5 times watching and a serious discussion with a fellow movie nerd at school before I understood and got this movie. Pulp Fiction isn't just my favorite movie of 1994. But it is my favorite movie period. Of all time. Out of all the movies there is, Pulp Fiction is my absolute favorite.

So what did I mean by life changing? Well Clerks and Pulp Fiction are the two movies I saw that made me go from being just a fan who watched them, to wanting to be a fan that made them. I began making movies with my action figures in the yard, to weird movies with my friends, and so on.

So there you have it, a huge 1994. See you next week for 1995!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

iCarly comes to an end this November

Yes, we are reporting on this. Why? Because damnit, I like this show. Too many kids shows aim to be too kid friendly, like most on the Disney Channel. But when your kid starts watching a show you are bound to be forced into watching a few episodes and I got just as hooked on this show as my kid did.

Remember TGIF? Bringing us shows like Family Matters, Step By Step, Hangin With Mr. Cooper, Boy Meets World, Full House, and so on? iCarly really reminds me of shows like that. A show that not only kids can enjoy, but even has a little bit there for grown ups to enjoy as well.

Not much is really known as to why the show is coming to an end, the guess is the cast just wants to move onto other things. Miranda Cosgrove who plays Carly is heading off to college, while the rest of the cast has other projects in the works. You can head to this link to read the blog posted by Nick about the shows end and what lies ahead for the rest of the cast and their future projects.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

True Blood Season 5 looks bad ass! Trailer time!

And now we get a full on look at what lies ahead in season 5 of True Blood. This show has its way ups and its way downs. Last season was just horrible. But this season looks pretty damn promising. And by that I mean HOLY JESSICA HOTNESS!!!!! Check out the trailer below the epic Jessica screen grab from the trailer that has now been saved as my wallpaper.

Also HUGE WTF?!? When did the guy that helped break Michael Myers out of jail in Halloween 5 become a vampire?! THORN RETURNS IN TRUE BLOOD?!

Watch the first episode of Tron: Uprising now!

Disney XD couldn't wait anymore, the first episode of Tron: Uprising is online. I have yet to check it out, Mothers Day madness and all, but I did manage to watch the first couple minutes and it looks pretty great. Very pleased they they're using the music from Legacy. Looks promising with an excellent cast!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Jerkette of the Week: Nadia Giosia

This week for the first time ever I experienced Bitchin' Kitchen on the Food Network. A cooking show hosted by Nadia G, or Nadia Giosia. Shes kinda scary. Not in a bad way. Shes just a tough chick. I feel like she would be the man of the house and I would be terrified to ever step out of line. She whips up some pretty tasty looking meals while throwing around some comedy and attitude. I dig it. That is why this week, she is our Jerkette of the Week! And you can check her out on twitter too!

Top 10 Movies of 1993

This was a tough year to narrow down. After looking at all the movies that came out in 1993 its clear that this was the year that I became a full on movie nerd. And also started sneaking in some R rated movies late at night to watch after my parents went to bed. The year sleep overs with my friends kicked into high gear and we would watch whatever R rated movie my parents had never heard of. This list started off with 29. I had to cut out 19 movies to get down to 10, so at the bottom, I will list the honorable mentions.

10. Judgement Night
I had this on laserdisc. Me and my best friend watched this one night and it changed everything. It was one of the first R rated movies I had ever seen. Basically I wanted to see if because of Emilio Estevez, but this was the movie that introduced me to Denis Leary, who played the villain. And turns out this was a damn good movie!

9. The Good Son
Man. Seeing Macaulay Culkin as the complete and total hard R rated version of Kevin McCallister really blew my mind. Killin dogs, causing car wrecks, attempting to murder his sister and Mom, and droppin the F bomb. Good lord Mac.

8. Blood In, Blood Out: Bound By Honor
Before I saw movies like Godfather, and Scarface, this was my epic gang crime movie. I popped this on once expecting the typical hour and a half movie, since 90 minutes was the norm. And well 3 hours later this movie was still going on. This is a true epic. Vatos Locos Forever homes.

 7. The Sandlot
Yes. This movie needs no real introduction. As everyone knows the awesomeness of this movie. It is a true childhood classic. It spawned a couple sequels that were horrible. But the original is so great, the sequels are easily forgettable. And pretty much everyone who saw this movie back then, still use the line, "youre killin me smalls" today.

6. Super Mario Bros.
Yes this is being put on a top 10 list. Because it takes me back to being a kid, reminds me of a happier time. And this was the first movie I ever went to the theater and saw by myself. My parents had wanted to go see Made In America, I had zero interest so asked them to let me see Super Mario Bros. so they did. And I sat in the theater, alone, and confused at what I was watching on the screen.

5. Hocus Pocus
This movie is watched in my house numerous times every October. It has now become custom also that when we carve our pumpkins for Halloween, we have this on. A Halloween classic indeed. And Sarah Jessica Parker is crazy hot in this movie.

4. Sleepless In Seattle
I have a problem with this movie. To this day, every time I see it on TV, I stop to watch it, and always have to finish it. Its a sickness, and addiction, and I love this movie so screw you buddy!

3. Jurassic Park
Good lord was I pumped for this movie. This was the first ever big summer movie that I saw in the theater. I had all the toys, McDonalds collector cups, books, everything. I remember going to the theater to see this and the line was wrapped around the building, but thanks to my parents hook up, we got ahead of everyone and in for free. They had a deal with the guy who was the manager at the theater. He let us in for free to movies, they gave him free movie rentals at our video store. It ruled. I miss Harkins on 51st Ave and Bell in Phoenix. That was my childhood home.

 2. Tombstone
 A true hardass of a movie. There really isn't much more to say other than that when it comes to Tombstone. Everyone that has seen this movie knows how bad ass it is. And even today, almost 20 years later, it holds up and is even more bad ass than most movies that still come out today. So many epic scenes, and every scene as at least one great line, its hard to pick which one to show right here, so I will just go with what is probably the most pure bad assness scene. SKIN THAT SMOKEWAGON AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

1. Army Of Darkness
 Names Ash. Housewares. This without a doubt, out of all the greatness that 1993 had to offer, stands on top of them all. For its greatness, for being a true cult classic. And for cementing forever that Bruce Campbell is an icon. There are many classic lines from this movie, but my favorite has to be, "lady Im afraid Im going to have to ask you to leave the store." The way its delivered giving whats happening in the scene is brilliant.

And that does it. The top 10 movies of 1993. But it was tough to narrow it down, so below are the 19 others that did not quite make the top 10.

Fire in the Sky
The Adventures of Huck Finn
Benny & Joon
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
Son In Law
Rookie Of The Year
The Fugitive
Heart and Souls
Cool Runnings
Demolition Man
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Mans Best Friend
Whats Eating Gilbert Grape
Grumpy Old Men
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Lisa Turtle looks great!

Yeah sorry about the title of this post but wow. Lark Voorhies is out promoting some new movie shes part of but who cares? No one. Why? Because look at her!


Someone loves her some surgery. Yeesh. Anyways, just look below for some before and after. And then turn on MTV2 for better times. By that I mean Saved by the Bell is usually always on MTV2 in the morning.



Wanna see the Tubmler and Bat-Pod up close? Now you can!

Warner Bros is launching a nationwide tour of the Tumbler and Bat-Pod to help promote Dark Knight Rises. They will be bringing the two vehicles to cities and who knows what else might be in store.

To find out where exactly in the cities they will be, you will need to follow them on Facebook, and Twitter. Check out the list of cities below, or their website right here.
  • 5/12 Bentonville, AR
  • 5/15 Tulsa, OK
  • 5/19 Overland Park, KS
  • 5/21 Kansas City,  MO
  • 5/25 Chicago, IL
  • 5/27 Washington, DC
  • 5/28 Baltimore, MD
  • 5/30 Philadelphia, PA
  • 6/1 Buffalo, NY
  • 6/7 Toronto Canada
  • 6/10 Montreal Canada
  • 6/12 Purchase, NY
  • 6/13 Columbus, OH
  • 6/15 Lansing, MI
  • 6/16 Detroit, MI
  • 6/17 Brooklyn, MI
  • 6/19 Indianapolis, IN
  • 6/21 Nashville, TN
  • 6/22 Knoxville, TN
  • 6/23 Atlanta, GA
  • 6/25 Dallas, TX
  • 6/27 San Antonio, TX
  • 6/29 El Paso, TX
  • 7/1 Albuquerque, NM
  • 7/2 Phoenix, AZ
  • 7/7 Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy will be complete next spring!

Shaun of the Dead. Hot Fuzz. They are the first two movies in what is known as, The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. The third movie, The Worlds End, has been talked about for years now, and word comes today that Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost will all be getting back together this September when filming begins on it, with a Spring 2013 release. FINALLY!

Here is the plot: 20 years after attempting an epic pub crawl, five childhood friends reunite when one of them becomes hell bent on trying the drinking marathon again. They are convinced to stage an encore by mate Gary King, a 40-year old man trapped at the cigarette end of his teens, who drags his reluctant pals to their home town and once again attempts to reach the fabled pub, The World’s End. As they attempt to reconcile the past and present, they realize the real struggle is for the future, not just theirs but humankind’s. Reaching The World’s End is the least of their worries.

Pre-order The Amazing Spider-Man video game, play as Stan Lee?!

Holy crap. I wasn't even thinking about playing this game at all until I saw this. If you head over to and pre-order The Amazing Spider-Man game, you get a bonus. Web sling around the city as Stan Lee! Run around the city collecting script pages to unlock a special reward. And Stan Lee himself will be doing voice work for the game. Consider this game PRE-ORDERED! EXCELSIOR!

Lady Gaga on The Simpsons? Yes.

Lady Gaga. Some love her, some hate her. I'm in the middle. I dig some of her songs. I watch her crazy HBO special. And if her concert ever rolls into town, Ill go check it out, seems like a crazy time. And The Simpsons hasn't been funny since I was in the 5th grade. Which was far too long ago. A good 20 years. Yeah say that to yourself, The Simpsons has been on TV for over 20 years now. Anyways, in those 20 years The Simpsons have had numerous guests, and now they can add Lady Gaga to that list as she will be on the May 20th Season Finale. Check out the preview clip below, oww oww oh.

Comic Book Men renewed for Season 2!

In further Kevin Smith news. Comic Book Men has been renewed for Season 2. For those who are unaware, Comic Book Men takes place Sunday nights after The Walking Dead. It is the first TV show, at least that I can think of, that got its start as just being a podcast. Tell 'Em Steve-Dave is a podcast on Kevin Smiths SModcast network with Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, and Brian Quinn which was launched into Comic Book Men on AMC. The show follows the daily hijinks of the guys working in the comic book store, Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash. The short of it, its basically Pawn Stars in a comic book store, just less annoying. Yeah, I said it. Pawn Stars annoys me.

Along with this, Talking Dead, the show hosted by Chris Hardwick, has also been picked up to return next season following The Walking Dead. It is a good day to be a geek.

SModcast Internet Television arrives!

I have been a Kevin Smith fanboy since 1995. When I was just a wee lad in the 8th grade and I got my hands on Clerks. He has been doing some serious podcasting the past few years, to the point that he has an entire network of podcasts now. So much so that one year ago he launched his own internet radio station. SIR. SModcast Internet Radio.

He goes on the road and records his podcasts in front of thousands. From the good ol USA to Europe and Australia, the dude has taken over podcasting. And now today he launches his next venture, SIT. SModcast Internet Television. What exactly will be featured on SIT remains to be seen. So far today we have what looks to be a news segment hosted by Jason Mewes called MEWES NEWS. And from the teasers posted we will be seeing footage from his podcast recordings, as well as some of his home movies. If SIT is anything like SIR, this should be another huge project from Kevin Smith. You can head over to to subscribe.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

North Carolina bans gay marriage....DUH.

Everyone is taking to twitter, facebook, hell I bet even MySpace is seeing some action tonight, all in an uproar over North Carolina putting the ban hammer down on gay marriage. People are shocked, pissed, sad, but the only thing I can say shit.

Its North Carolina. Of course they're going to ban gay marriage. Places like that, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Arizona, Texas, theres no way in hell people of the same sex are going to be allowed to get married. Why? Because these are well, crazy states. Like it or hate it people, blame the people who first settled there not me. If Florida and California don't allow same sex marriage, there is no way in hell a place like North Carolina will. And yeah I basically just said Florida and California are the gayest states around. Its true!

So people, deal with it. It sucks for the gays sure, but what are you gonna do about it? Go and occupy some more? Because that did a whole hell of a lot the first time around didn't it? All Im sayin is, stop acting like you're so shocked that this happened. Dont go on a march, or a parade, or any of that because it won't do any good. Just leave. If I was a gay dude and I wanted to get married and the state I lived in was against my rights, I would move. Done deal.

For the record, I am not against same sex marriage, or for it. I'm neither. I don't care. If two dudes or two chicks wanna get hitched, go right ahead, it has zero affect on my life. If Im asked to vote for it or against it, Ill of course vote for it. But I live in Arizona, and guess what? You cant even be from another country without getting harassed here, so good luck. Basically what I'm saying, is if you're against gay marriage then you're probably an uneducated hillbilly.

Ant Man in Avengers Sequel? But First! Ant Man movie!

Edgar Wright, one of my favorite people on the planet, who has brought us Shaun of the Dead, Spaced, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, has been attached to an Ant Man movie for quite some time, but we never saw much movement on it. Until Edgar himself posted this tweet a few days ago.

And he stated "Received this in the mail. What does it mean?"

Now to add onto the speculation, an Avengers sequel has been announced, with it being rumored to be released in either 2015, or if I had to guess, 2016. But, Marvel does have an untitled film scheduled for release on May 16th of 2014. Could that date be for Ant Man? Just in time to be introduced to the world to join the Avengers in their sequel? We shall see.

Kick Ass 2 is on the way.... Interesting.

Kick Ass was a great movie. And the comic itself was pretty great as well. Both the movie and the comic were pretty close together in their stories. The movie didn't stray too far from what was happening in the comic save for a few things. But with Kick Ass 2, this should get interesting.

I won't spoil much but the Kick Ass 2 comic is pretty brutal and graphic. It's a good sequel but as I read the comics I couldn't help but think how in the world they will try to turn this into a movie, but it appears Universal has given the greenlight to director Jeff Wadlow who also wrote the script to make the movie come to life. Filming will begin this Fall.

Avengers 2 obviously is planned!

Bob Iger the CEO of Disney spoke on the success of The Avengers today. An exact date wasn't given but if I had to call it, I would say we will see Avengers 2 in 2016. They will probably follow the same formula, 2013 we will see Iron Man 3, followed by Thor 2, and then Captain America 2. If Disney is smart they will arrive at Joss Whedons house with a dump trunk full of cash to make sure he is back on. Here is what Iger had to say...

"The Avengers isn't just a film," says Iger. "It's a franchise from our perspective. Obviously, it was helped a lot by the success of the 'Iron Man' movies and of 'Thor' and 'Captain America'. From 'The Avengers' we get a chance to make 'Thor 2' and 'Captain America 2' and 'Iron Man 3' and hopefully another 'Avengers' movie. So this one film that is immensely successful... is going to get a number of other films and franchises."

Monday, May 7, 2012

John Bunnell returns tonight! All new Police Videos!

Worlds Wildest Police Videos was on for three seasons, and to this day they are shown in reruns but never anything new, yet I still watch. Turns out the original shows executive producer, Paul Stojanovich, died in 2003. And now his son is taking over and bringing the show back, and bringing back John Bunnell! The show is basically the same, just all new footage, and John Bunnell back with hosting duties. I don't know what it was about Bunnell, but I'm pretty sure it was his teeth. His teeth were always amazingly white.

The show returns tonight on where else but Spike TV!

A Reckless Run From The Law
Spike Full EpisodesSpike Video ClipsSpike on Facebook

David Tennant. Fast Six. Awesome.

I don't care what the world thinks I love Fast and the Furious. The 2nd and 3rd movies are bags of crap but the rest are entertaining as hell. Especially Fast Five. And the cast for Fast Six is growing and growing, with Gina Carano being attached, now comes word that the Doctor himself, David Tennant will be joining. He was pretty damn great in the Fright Night remake, which was actually a good movie. Can't wait for Fast Six, and I'll make my own got dayum pahpcorn!

Avatar 2? Avatar 3? Avatar 4? Avatarpalooza!

I didn't like Avatar. Why it made so much money and people lost their minds over it was really confusing to me. It was the most predictable movie I had ever seen in my life. Every scenario and development you could see coming long before it wound up happening. But whatever, it made more money than any movie ever so naturally more are on the way. But now comes word from James Cameron that not just one more, or two more, but three more? And maybe more beyond that? James Cameron stated that he is now in the Avatar business, read his statement below....

Last year I basically completely disbanded my production company’s development arm. So I’m not interested in developing anything. I’m in the “Avatar” business. Period. That’s it. I’m making “Avatar 2,” “Avatar 3,” maybe “Avatar 4,” and I’m not going to produce other people’s movies for them. I’m not interested in taking scripts. And that all sounds I suppose a little bit restricted, but the point is I think within the “Avatar” landscape I can say everything I need to say that I think needs to be said, in terms of the state of the world and what I think we need to be doing about it. And doing it in an entertaining way.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Avengers Box Office Results

MONDAY UPDATE: Avengers brought in even more than estimated. $207.4 Million!

While sitting in the theater waiting for the movie to start, my Mom leaned over to me and asked why they would make a movie with all these characters in it. I pointed out the sold out theater. She understood. And after leaving we walked out of the theater and saw the lines wrapped around the building. And I wondered just how big this movie would get.

$200.3 Million big.

The Avengers passed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 to become the biggest opening weekend movie of all time. And combining what it has made overseas, the total take for The Avengers in just its 12 full days of release (its been playing overseas for a couple weeks) is $641.8 Million.

With people seeing this multiple times, the question is just how much more will it make? Will it hold #1 next weekend when Dark Shadows comes out? Will it slow down? Or continue to dominate? I know I plan to see it again sometime this week.

Hey Casting Directors of TV Dramas. You Suck.

I've been watching this show White Collar quite a bit on Netflix, pretty good show. My wife loves her some Law & Order, and my parents are always watching CSI and all those other cop drama type shows. What drives me nuts about these shows is the poor decisions of the casting department. What do I mean? It's easy.

Every episode, typically has one central bad guy. The crime is introduced at the start of the episode, we are introduced to a series of suspects and characters, and at the end of the episode we find out who was behind it all along. The main problem with this, is whenever they cast a popular character actor in this episode, who gets listed at "Guest Star" in the opening credits, that actor is 95% of the time always the one guilty. It pretty much ruins the entire episode and makes it pointless to even watch. I am half way into season 2 of White Collar and already this has happened numerous times. I recognize a character actor, and immediately know they are the ones behind all this trouble. You know who I'm talking about. They are those actors who you see in tons of movies and TV shows, yet you have no idea what their names are. Usually go by "that one guy from that one movie".

So please, Casting Directors, do a better job. At least try to keep the bad guys of the shows as a mystery. Sure a majority of normal people have no idea who these small time actors are, but for us nerds, we know who they are. Don't think you can just stick Aidan Quinn in an episode and for us to not instantly roll our eyes and say "well thats the guy behind everything".

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Avengers Review

Remember a couple years ago when Disney bought Marvel and people all over were whining and crying about how Disney was going to ruin Marvel? Yeah. You can shut up now. Because I just got done watching the greatest superhero movie ever made. EVER.

The Avengers has been hyped up and people all over have been patiently waiting since the end credits of the first Iron Man movie which came out 4 years ago. Since then we have been given Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. While Iron Man 2 seemed to lose steam, The other three kept the train rolling, while not amazing films themselves, I now understand why they held back. So Joss Whedon could unleash all of the glory that is Avengers on our faces.

The final 30 minutes of the movie is some of the most geektastic imagery every captured on screen. Money shot, after money shot fills the screen and the things that have been shown in the trailers and clips aren't even a fraction of what is in the final movie. This movie is the first summer movie in a long time to make me feel like a kid. Collecting all the merch I could, counting down the days, rocking the Captain America shirt as often as I could, having some Avengers wallpaper on my computer, I was so ready for this movie and it delivered on every level. Joss Whedon lays your inner geek down in a field and makes sweet love to you. Seeing the image of Captain America and Iron Man standing next to each other for the first time in the movie had the 10 year old in me screaming. There were tons of little kids in the theater, most wearing costumes, at that moment one kid screaming from the back "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" He got applause.

The cast is great, but we have seen all of them in their roles already except for one man. Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. Now I was also a little annoyed when I found out Ed Norton would not be returning. But I trusted their decisions, Don Cheadle was a way better Rhodey than Terrence Howard, and the same goes for Mark Ruffalo. He IS Bruce Banner. This is the best portrayal of Bruce Banner that I have ever seen, and yes that does include the original TV show with Bixby. And The Hulk himself is finally The Hulk I have been dying to see in a movie. 

This movie will make you beg for more. And make sure you stay through all of the credits, there are two scenes after the movie ends. One setting up for more, and the other that is just a little awesome treat for everyone. 

This movie, to me at least, is perfect. 10/10. No joke. Go and see it now.

Jerkscast Episode 1: Avengers Assemble!

As promised, the Bunch of Jerks podcast is back and better than ever as the "Jerkscast."  And what better day to re-launch than Avengers day!  Our own Random Villain hosts the Avengers Jerkcast, even though he battled through sickness to get it done.

RV covers The Avengers hype of course and also takes a look at the next huge summer movie, "The Dark Knight Rises."  The Jerkscast is the real talk on summer movies you've been looking for, and this is only the beginning.  Expect improvements throughout the coming weeks, but for now, jack out the first edition of the Jerkscast below:

Listen to internet radio with Bunch Of Jerks on Blog Talk Radio

The Elder Scrolls Online

I have a feeling that because of this, the divorce rate in the country will skyrocket, and pregnancies will take a dip. Elder Scrolls going online is the thing that dreams are made. I have already declared Skyrim as the best game that exists. And now taking that world to the online world? Not sure how to handle that. It is sucky that it will not be on consoles, PC and Mac only. But I think I still need to give this a go.

Jerkette Of The Week: Kate Upton

From now on, every Friday we will crown the Jerkette of the Week. Which celebrity chick stood out more than the others. And this week goes easily to Kate Upton for her epic bikini dance. So Kate Upton, congrats on being the first Jerkette of the Week. And basically being the reason we launched this weekly deal.

The new Amazing Spider-Man trailer finally gets me pumped!

The Amazing Spider-Man. Its weird. I love Spider-man. Raimis first two were fantastic, the third yeah....poop sound. But for some reason this new one, the reboot, reimagine, whatever, just hasn't hit me yet. But this new trailer has done it for me. Check it out, it might just do the same for you.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Behind the Scenes video of Breaking Bad Season 5!

Breaking Bad is the best show on television. This is a fact, and you can not argue this. Season 5 will be the final season, but it is being split in two so we have a good two years of Breaking Bad left. The show is currently on Netflix Instant so if you have never seen it, stop reading this and go start watching. See you in a couple days when you have watched all previous seasons.

The Bunch Of Jerks bring back the Podcast. Get ready for JERKSCAST!

We have had a couple podcast shows here and there, but it is time to dust off the mics and bring it back. We are introducing JERKSCAST. A weekly show that will see us discuss, complain, bitch and moan, or jump for joy over a wide variety of topics. Our first episode will debut tomorrow where what else but the Avengers will be discussed! We will also have some special guests on from time to time. And sometimes even you will be able to call in and voice your opinions on that days topic.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Top 10 Movies of 1992

1992 is probably the year that I became a full blown movie maniac. My parents had just bought a video store so I spent my weekends and my entire summer there. There was a Chuck E Cheese in the parking lot so my days consisted of hanging out at their store, watching movies all day in the back room, and going to play basketball at Chuck E Cheese and racking up the tickets for some toys and candy. Ahhhhhh the good ol days. But what movies were the best?

10. White Men Can't Jump
Saw this movie in Washington DC in a hotel. It's weird thinking back to then when we went there they actually allowed you to pretty much walk and go check out whatever you want. Today, not so much.

9. Waynes World
For years afterwards, this was the most quoted movie by my friends and myself. I even dressed like Wayne and used to have the Waynes World hat, and could do a spot on Garth impression. Still to this day, whenever playing any type of sport in the street, when a car comes, everyone says "CAARRRR"............ "GAME ON" One of the few movies from back then that still holds up 20 years later.

 8. Lethal Weapon 3
The first laserdisc I owned. And the first Lethal Weapon movie I watched. And where my love of all things Mel Gibson, began.

 7. Batman Returns
Saw this one in Connecticut. On probably the best summer vacation of my life. A huge Batman fan, I was pleased with this movie. And that Halloween I went out as the Penguin, yeah worst costume ever.

 6. A League Of Their Own
Baseball movie madness was in full effect in the early 90s. And this one was one of the very best. And still to this day, is one of the very best. The song that Madonna did for this movie, is probably one of the most depressing songs of all time. Ugh......

5. Home Alone 2
One of the few movies I saw in the theatre with my Dad. I remember getting all excited when they mentioned Arizona in the movie. Wasn't as good as the first one, but still good. Was pissed when I found out Duncans Toy Chest wasn't real. I remember also getting the audio book to this movie and it having a scene at the start of the movie that involved Harry and Marv breaking out of the cop car that night after the events of the first movie, and going back to Kevins house only to have a lawn mower dropped on them. Yeah I dunno.

4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Enter into my life, Joss Whedon. Who also was a writer on Roseanne. He brought to this world Buffy. And my obsession for Buffy grew and grew, well into the TV series, until Riley showed up, ugh. Last year I got to meet Xander at a Comicon, you ever hear about, never meeting your heroes? Because they might end up being assholes and ruining your vision of them? Xander was no hero, but that guy was creepy. Very sweaty looking, and smelled like he had some vodka for breakfast, and lunch. Avoid meeting Xander! Don't do it! Check out the video below for a sweet appearance in the Buffy movie by BEN AFFLECK!

3. 3 Ninjas
I watched this movie just about every day. Feeding into the success of Home Alone there was a ton of kids movies that came out where kids just beat the crap out of adults. I remember holding my boombox up to the TV and recording the Kid Power song at the credits so I could listen to it on my walkman. Hell yeah. One weird thing about this movie, if you remember the big basketball scene, on the VHS and DVD version of this movie, the 3 ninjas win the basketball game and go on with their lives. But if you ever catch the movie on TV, they lose the basketball game, its pretty weird.

 2. The Mighty Ducks
Spawning awesome sequels, a cartoon, and even a real hockey team, this movie was AWESOME. And still is. Even the two sequels after it were great. It was after I saw this movie that I took up rollerblading. And began playing hockey at the school. We would take the bike racks out of the little fenced area and play hockey in there. It was a few years later when a hockey injury would result in my appendix bursting, yeah that sucked.

1. Encino Man
My Grandma took me to see this movie. I changed my name to Stoney, and tried to dress like Link. I stuck with calling myself Stoney for about a month then it wore off. This movie is still heavily quoted by me to this day.


Perfect Strangers....The Game?!

Yes. That Perfect Strangers. Balki and Larry. This is probably the greatest thing I have ever seen created. Basically you click start, type in whatever dream it is you may have in life, and then you become Balki and go on an amazing adventure. I really don't know how to describe this adventure but you must play this game now. Yes, below is a screenshot from the game. If you have ever played Temple Run on the iPhone then this will feel very familiar. GO NOW!!

Noteable Netflix Additions for May 2nd!

Netflix adds tons of movies every day, some days they add a bunch of crap, but some days they add some true classics and odd treasures. So what did they add today that I recommend?

The Addams Family
The Addams Family Values
The Boy Who Could Fly
Bubba Ho-Tep
Follow That Bird
Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight
Top Gun
The Wiz

And most noteable. The Three Stooges. Not the old TV show, and no not that stupid new movie that just came out. In 2000 they made a bio movie about the Three Stooges which is actually really damn good. And yes, that is Vic Mackey as Curly. WARNING MEL GIBSON RANT: And Mel Gibson served as Executive Producer. Yes, his Three Stooges bit from Lethal Weapon wasn't just because it was in the script, the man is actually a huge Three Stooges fan. Which brings us to argue against Mel Gibson hating Jewish people in the media. If he hated them so much, then he wouldn't have dared been a Three Stooges fan. Anyways, Check it out HERE.

Kate Upton does the, "Cat Daddy" dance in a bikini?

I don't know what the hell the, "Cat Daddy" dance is. I don't fully understand what this video is even for. But what I do understand is, it doesn't matter. Its Kate Upton, in a bikini, dancing. You don't really need much more knowledge on the situation beyond that.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eli Roth has a haunted house in Vegas?!

Horror icon Eli Roth, the man who has brought us such movies as Cabin Fever, Hostel, and for those trivia buffs out there, he also directed the Nations Pride movie that was shown in Inglourious Basterds, is gearing up to open his own year round haunted house in Las Vegas which will be called the "Goretorium" and as he stated, will be "mecca for horror fans."

Eli Roth has also said...

My favorite time of the year is Halloween, and my favorite halloween event is the haunted mazes, There’s just nothing you can compare them to, it’s an all encompassing live scare. I want Halloween to be every night of the year. Horror is a year round global experience. It’s not just in October anymore. We are building the world mecca for horror fans, incorporating the latest technology with old fashioned scares.

Starting Spetember 27th, I now have a reason to visit Las Vegas. 

Michelle Rodriguez news! Spoilers ahead!

Michelle Rodriguez is officially confirmed to return to the Fast and the Furious franchise in Fast Six, as well as returning to the world of Machete in Machete Kills. This is pretty much obvious news but confirming it makes it official in my heart. Fast Six will be released next year on May 24th, and begins filming in Europe this summer. While machete Kills has no set release date. So get ready to make ya own got dayum pahpcorn!

Black Ops 2 Trailer....hmmmm

I'm not too sure how to feel about this one. On one side I love me some Call of Duty, especially Black Ops. But, I am not too keen on futuristic games. Mainly because a good majority of first person shooter games are all taking place in the future. But this is Call of Duty, and its Black Ops, so I will end up buying it at midnight at Wal Mart and rushing home and playing through it, I just hope we get even more zombie maps. And bring back George Romero!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Khan and Klingons in Star Trek 2!!!!!!

Its a rumor that grew and grew until there was no denying it. Benedict Cumberbatch who has been cast as the unknown villain in the next Star Trek will indeed be playing Khan! has confirmed with sources close to the movie that Khan and the Klingons will be appearing in the sequel. For those not in the know, the Klingons actually appeared in the first movie, but the scene was deleted. The news now is that they are an important part to the next movies storyline. So there you have it.

Khan! Klingons! Trek! Oh my!!!

Prepare fresh underwear. New Dark Knight Rises Trailer arrives!

A huge viral campaign went on today. I missed all of it due to being at the mall all day, but it doesn't matter because it all led to THIS. Ever since they announced Bane as the villain I have been wondering, will Bane break the Bat in the movie? This trailer, shows quite a bit, and it appears from this trailer, I may have found my answer. Wow.

Mel Gibson on Jay Leno. Proof why hes still awesome.

Mel Gibson was on Jay Leno last week. And as much as I hate Jay Leno, I have to give him a high fiver for having Mel on to explain his side of the story of his most recent invasion of privacy. Check out the video below.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Black Ops 2 confirmed??

Someone at Target snapped a pic of these pre-order cards for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The first official commercial for the game is expected during the NBA Playoffs on Tuesday May 1st. This is awesome news, I loved Black Ops. Even more than Modern Warfare 3. I hope we get another awesome Zombie game like Call of the Dead. Tune into the NBA Playoffs for a commercial for the game, if not, I'm sure itll be online soon after it airs.

Sort of sequel to Knocked Up, This is 40, now has a trailer!

Judd Apatow can do no wrong in my eyes. Do you remember what comedy movies were like before he came along with Knocked Up? I do. It was awful. The R rated comedy was DEAD. But he came and put life back into it like a Necromancer. Yes. Skyrim reference. Boo yaa! Anywho, for those who saw Knocked Up, you may remember Paul Rudd and Leslie Manns characters. Well this movie is about them. It is unclear who else from Knocked Up will be returning but in this trailer we see the gynecologist as well as Jason Segels character. It comes out this Christmas. Prepare for taint joke.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Return of Leisure Suit Larry! In HD!

Back in 1987, Sierra was king to me. Before there was Skyrim, I was running around in Kings Quest on my PC. And there was a certain guy that taught me a lot about adulthood, even though I was just a young buck. His name, is Leisure Suit Larry.

It appears that Replay Games has been aiming to raise $500,000 to make this game possible, and they have done it. With the help of the original creator of the game, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards will be hitting every PC, console and mobile device possible. And if it is a success, they will continue bringing back the entire original series of games, in HD!

TLC Set for Reunion Tour....WITH Left Eye

I pretty much predicted stuff like this would be coming after my report of 2Pac's return at CoachellaTMZ reports that TLC members T-Boz and Chilli will be doing a 2012 reunion tour.  Apparently the word is that the tour will feature a special appearance from Left Eye as well.  Now we know that 2Pac was able to return in hologram form thanks to millions of dollars, millions of dollars I'm pretty sure TLC doesn't have.

So it looks like they will be attempting the next best thing, which will be projecting Left Eye on a big screen.  It might come across as low rent, but maybe they can make it work.  The bigger question is, can TLC draw crowds to big arenas with only 2 members and some small Left Eye representation.  TLC was the hottest group anywhere 10-15 years ago, but has their time now passed?  I vaguely remember TLC doing a reality show to find a new member, but apparently that never happened as they seem to have forgotten it ever happened too.

It's a bold move, but maybe there is enough nostalgic memories to make people want to see TLC at least one more time on tour.  I have a feeling the appearances from Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes won't be as spectacular as 2Pac was, but still could be pretty cool. The jury is out on this one, TLC is just going to have to hit the road and see how things work out.  It's hard to believe that today is actually the 10 year anniversary of the day Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes died.

Rock Chicks from the 90s!

There was a huge collection of chicks in the 90s who just wanted to rock out and make teenage boys like myself discover the strange new things happening to their bodies thanks to these chicks. Well some of them. Others were a little too scary.


I actually saw Veruca Salt in concert. One of them grabbed cotton candy and rubbed it on their crotch and threw it in the crowd. I wasn’t quite sure how to handle that situation at the time.I know I did end up wearing my Veruca Salt shirt almost every day though.

Gwen Stefani was def the hottest rock chick of the 90s. And she is one of the very very few who actually made it out of the 90s. An entire blog dedicated to Gwen will be along at some point in the future.

I remember I bought this album the same day I went and bought a Jenny McCarthy poster. Epic day.

This video made me feel kinda funny.

Major nostalgia with this song.

Never heard any other song by these guys but this song was so awesome they didn’t need any other songs.

This band was referenced on an episode of Roseanne once.

Lucious Jackson actually did a bunch of songs for the show The Adventures Of Pete & Pete.

HOLY CRAP. I forgot all about this song until I started making this list.

This song was so freaking cool back then, I remember I borrowed this CD from this guy I worked with at a golf course, and never gave it back. Ha!

Wowza. This song had me questioning all kinds of new things in life.

This song always pissed me off mainly because there was some weird Jock Jam remix version that was played more than the original version.

Remember buying a CD for just one song? This was that one song.

Lisa. Loeb. Many who know me, know I have had a crush on Lisa Loeb ever since she first popped up on my TV all those years ago. Those damn glasses. I think this list needs to end here.