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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Avengers Review

Remember a couple years ago when Disney bought Marvel and people all over were whining and crying about how Disney was going to ruin Marvel? Yeah. You can shut up now. Because I just got done watching the greatest superhero movie ever made. EVER.

The Avengers has been hyped up and people all over have been patiently waiting since the end credits of the first Iron Man movie which came out 4 years ago. Since then we have been given Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. While Iron Man 2 seemed to lose steam, The other three kept the train rolling, while not amazing films themselves, I now understand why they held back. So Joss Whedon could unleash all of the glory that is Avengers on our faces.

The final 30 minutes of the movie is some of the most geektastic imagery every captured on screen. Money shot, after money shot fills the screen and the things that have been shown in the trailers and clips aren't even a fraction of what is in the final movie. This movie is the first summer movie in a long time to make me feel like a kid. Collecting all the merch I could, counting down the days, rocking the Captain America shirt as often as I could, having some Avengers wallpaper on my computer, I was so ready for this movie and it delivered on every level. Joss Whedon lays your inner geek down in a field and makes sweet love to you. Seeing the image of Captain America and Iron Man standing next to each other for the first time in the movie had the 10 year old in me screaming. There were tons of little kids in the theater, most wearing costumes, at that moment one kid screaming from the back "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" He got applause.

The cast is great, but we have seen all of them in their roles already except for one man. Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. Now I was also a little annoyed when I found out Ed Norton would not be returning. But I trusted their decisions, Don Cheadle was a way better Rhodey than Terrence Howard, and the same goes for Mark Ruffalo. He IS Bruce Banner. This is the best portrayal of Bruce Banner that I have ever seen, and yes that does include the original TV show with Bixby. And The Hulk himself is finally The Hulk I have been dying to see in a movie. 

This movie will make you beg for more. And make sure you stay through all of the credits, there are two scenes after the movie ends. One setting up for more, and the other that is just a little awesome treat for everyone. 

This movie, to me at least, is perfect. 10/10. No joke. Go and see it now.