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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SModcast Internet Television arrives!

I have been a Kevin Smith fanboy since 1995. When I was just a wee lad in the 8th grade and I got my hands on Clerks. He has been doing some serious podcasting the past few years, to the point that he has an entire network of podcasts now. So much so that one year ago he launched his own internet radio station. SIR. SModcast Internet Radio.

He goes on the road and records his podcasts in front of thousands. From the good ol USA to Europe and Australia, the dude has taken over podcasting. And now today he launches his next venture, SIT. SModcast Internet Television. What exactly will be featured on SIT remains to be seen. So far today we have what looks to be a news segment hosted by Jason Mewes called MEWES NEWS. And from the teasers posted we will be seeing footage from his podcast recordings, as well as some of his home movies. If SIT is anything like SIR, this should be another huge project from Kevin Smith. You can head over to to subscribe.