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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Review: Kiss Concert Glendale AZ

I've been a casual Kiss fan since I can remember. I had the privilege of having an older brother growing up, he was a good 16 years older than me, so as a little kid, he was constantly making me listen to Kiss, Metallica, Iron Maiden and so on. So I grew up in that world. To this day, I still listen to that music, especially Kiss. I don't own a single Kiss DVD. I have a couple Kiss shirts, and plan on purchasing the Kiss dolls and potato heads. But I have never been a true hardcore Kiss fanatic. But even still, I knew that Kiss was awesome, and how legendary they are, so when I heard they were on their way to my hometown, I knew I had to be there to see them for the first time ever live.

I have been to quite a few concerts in my life, rock concerts, even country concerts, from big venues, to small bars, and I gotta say. Kiss is the best concert I have ever been to in my entire life. Heres how the night went...

My wife was reluctant to go, she wasn't a big fan at all, she liked a couple of their songs, but that's about it. But were one of those mushy couples where we are married, but were also best friends, so she came along. I also took my nephew. As my older brother did for me with music and movies, I have done the same with him. I am 16 years older than he is, but I have practically raised the kid and he knows all about good music, such as Kiss. So he was excited, but had no idea what he was in for.

We got to the arena pretty early, mainly because the arena is connected to the mall where we ate some burgers at Margaritaville, then walked over and got in line and entered the arena. The band Buckcherry opened up, I never liked them, so my interest was zero. Thankfully they finished up, and then the wait began for Kiss.... here is video taken of Kiss taking the stage from my iPhone....

Yeah, I marked out a bit. Well Kiss rocked the place, played stuff from their new CD, Sonic Boom, and even played stuff all the way back from their first album. They played a couple hits, Doctor Love, I Love It Loud, and then Rock N Roll All Night. Then, Paul told us all goodnight, and they left the stage. Needless to say, I was pleased with the show, but was a little let down that they didn't play any of their huge hits. Well, I got worked, as the giant light up letters KISS started flashing, so we cheered louder and harder, until Kiss took the stage once again, and Paul grabbed the mic and said "I get the feeling that you all aren't ready to go home yet." He was right, then he informed us of encores and other bands, how bands will always leave the stage and then wait and listen for the cheers and decide if they should encore or not. Some bands come back, play one last song, then leave. But tonight, Kiss will give us the longest encore we've ever heard. That's when Shout It Out Loud started up, Love Gun, Lick It Up, and Detroit Rock City finally closed down the encore. Greatest concert I have ever been to. Kiss has still got it, after 35 years. The aftermath? As for myself, I am a bigger fan of Kiss than I was before, I plan to purchase the Kissology DVDs once I can afford them. My nephew? Is now obsessed with Kiss. And the wife who was a very minor fan? Well, shes now ripping my Kiss CDs to her computer to put on her iPod, yeah, she was converted to a Kiss fan.

So, if you are a hardcore Kiss fan, of course you will be pleased. But for the casual fans, the small fans, and even if you only know a song or two, buy tickets to a KISS concert, it will change your view and opinions on the band. And you just might become one of us... THE KISS ARMY.