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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Shield Reunion On 'Lie To Me'!!???

The Shield is the best show in the history of the television set. Seriously. And if anyone challenges me on this, then I will run through a wooden fence and beat you down Strike Team style.

Anyways, Benito Martinez (Aceveda), Catherine Dent (Danni), Kenny Johnson (Lem), David Marciano (Steve Billings), Cathy Cahlin Ryan (Corrine) and David Rees Snell (Ronnie), will all appear in episode 12 of this season, the plot being about how Tim Roth and his partner thinks they might have sent the wrong man to prison. I have never watched Lie To Me before, but I think it's time I do some catching up. Especially since Shawn Ryan, the creator of The Shield, has taken over as showrunner for Lie To Me this season. The episode will be titled "Pied Piper" and should air in the spring.