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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar Review

This will be short.

Visually? Awesome looking movie. The 3D? Stupid. Most of the movie I didn't even feel like I was watching a 3D movie. Only time I was reminded was when the random bug flew across in the movie in all crazy 3D. Whatever.

The storyline? Stupid cliche crap. Same ol same ol formula. What am I talking about? You know the story, guy doesn't give a crap, just doin his job, but uh oh, he starts to care! And then regrets it and wants to help! Uh oh! The girl he also didn't care about, he now loves! But she finds out he hasn't been truthful! So now she hates him! But, she forgives him randomly and it's ok now. Yeah, part of the story for Avatar was ripped off from 10 Things I Hate About You.... Shes All That.... and a slew of other teeny bopper movies.

The movie is pretty to look at, but if you saw Dances With Wolves, and some teeny bopper movies where the main guy has a secret only for the girl to find out and get mad about it but later just forgive, then you have seen Avatar.

Oh, and whoever said THIS WILL CHANGE MOVIES FOREVER, needs to just blow it out their ass. This movie was more predictable then any movie I have seen recently. GI JOE THE RISE OF COBRA had a more original story line than this movie.