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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

South Korea Gaming Curfew?!

If you live in South Korea, and you are addicted to online gaming, prepare to cry. To help get rid of video game addiction among teens in South Korea, when the clock hits midnight or other selected shut off time, all online gaming sessions will end and be shut down all night. Now if you wanna play some single player, there is nothing stopping you, but that doesn't help things when more and more games are being played online more than in single player.

You will be able to select between 12am-6am, 1am-7am or 2am-8am. Naturally everyone is probably going to aim for 2am-8am. Will this plan work? I really don't know, sure it'll force kids to not play games online, but will it backfire and turn kids to go running loose on the streets for underground late night gaming rings?