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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

G.I. Joe: The Movie On It's Way to Blu Ray

Not long ago while trading in some old DVD's with the thought that I would upgrade them to the blu ray version, I came across one of my all time favorites, G.I. Joe the Movie.  The G.I. Joe movie was definitely not in the trade in pile, because obviously it was one of the movies that would never get a blu ray release.  And now, I can gladly say I was wrong.  For anyone confused, I'm not talking about the latest G.I. Joe movie, the Rise of Cobra, I am talking about the epic G.I. Joe animated movie from 1987 that was the pinnacle of the legendary G.I. Joe run in the 80's.  The movie featured just about every G.I. Joe character we grew up on in the cartoons, even Sgt. Slaughter, in the biggest war with Cobra of all time.  The story was crazy for any kid who followed the Joes throughout the years.  One of the most odd aspects was Cobra Commander being turned into a snake, then helping the G.I. Joes defeat the Serpentor ran Cobra.  This was the pretty much the end of the original G.I. Joe run, as DIC took over the franchise after this, and had to re-build some things, including getting Cobra Commander back to somewhat human form, and on the right side, fighting the Joes.  Now the DVD that originally came out was a special edition, and had some cool extras including the famous G.I. Joe public service announcements that were featured at the end of every cartoon, yeah the ones that had a G.I. Joe walking in on some kid digging in the medicine for some pills to try, then telling them how bad that was.  No word on what the Blu Ray will feature extra wise, but I'm hoping it's not an exact rehash of what has already come out, and hopefully they will pack this Blu Ray and give us the ultimate G.I. Joe: the Movie experience.  Here is the intro to the movie, which set the epic tone right from the start:

G.I. Joe Resolute is Pretty Bad Ass