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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ryan Dunn aka Random Hero has died.

This is a pretty crappy thing to wake up to. Ryan Dunn aka Random Hero, has died. Police say his car had flown through about 40 yards of trees until it finally hit the last tree and the car exploded instantly. Police arrived to the scene and found his car fully engulfed in flames. Another passenger was in the car with him but no name has been released at this time.

He just had a new show on G4 start, Proving Ground, which G4 announced today they have removed from their schedule. And you can probably make a safe bet that any and all future plans for anything Jackass related have been, or will also be cancelled. I don't see those guys, especially Bam Margera who has been friends with Ryan Dunn since high school, doing anything because of this.

It's a sad day for all CKY / Jackass fans. Not many people know of the CKY videos, but on those videos is where he was nicknamed, the Random Hero. Which is how I came up with, Random Villain. Which is my username for just about everything. Without Ryan Dunn, there would have never been a Random Villain. He will be missed.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Extreme Cone-ing To The Face

A new sensation is sweeping the world. "Cone-ing". It's pretty simple. Order an ice cream cone, and grab the ice cream and drive away. Simple, yet hilarious. But we decided to up the game a little. And sent our Junior Jerks out into the field to attempt, Cone-ing To The Face. Check it out.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kevin Smiths Reality Show on AMC!

Kevin Smith has teamed up with AMC to launch a new reality show centered around two guys running a comic book store. That comic book store will be Kevin Smiths own Jay & Silent Bobs Secret Stash located in New Jersey.

There is currently a casting call for any and all comic fans, collectors, anyone in the New Jersey area. The show is going to be based somewhat around how Pawn Stars works.

For more info on the casting call, you can head right, HERE.

Custom Text Ringtones FINALLY for iPhones with iOS 5!

We all know all of the cool features that iOS 5 is bringing. But one thing not many are aware of, is that the long begged for Custom SMS Tone option is FINALLY here! You will finally be able to set a custom SMS tone to each of your iPhone contacts. And that is not all, it will also work for your mail, voicemail, and anything else you need a custom tone for.

I am a happy man. I have been waiting forever for this. I have a custom tone already made. Fall can't get here quick enough.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers new album, I'm With You releasing August 30th

The title says it all. Today on Twitter, and by today, I mean not even 10 minutes ago. Flea jumped on Twitter to let all Chili Pepper fans know that they have picked a name, and a release date for their new album. I'm With You will release on August 30th. Not much else is known at this time, but we can all assume a tour will follow the release.

X Men First Class Thoughts

I was very iffy on this. I didn't know how I felt about going into a X Men movie that didn't have any of my favorite X Men in it. I've already had to suffer through 2 X Men movies that were slow and didn't feature Gambit in any way. And then that Wolverine movie....yikes. But, I heard all the good things so I decided what the hell. And what I got was the very best X Men movie out of them all. There is so much that they are keeping under wraps it is almost a shame. I didn't even know Kevin Bacon was the main villain in this movie until I saw him in it. He isn't in any of the previews or anything I have seen online for it. It's kinda weird. But he can play one hell of a villain, that's for sure.

It was kind of nice not having any of the well known X Men in this, because it gave me a chance to discover new ones, and see a little bit more of ones I have only heard a little about.

The action scenes were amazing. So much so that during the big finale, I had this music playing in my head and it was a nerdgasm.

Yeah, this movie gave me the feeling of watching the old 90s cartoon. It was that good.

People are asking if this falls in line with the other X Men movies. In a way it does, a small way. But in a large way it doesn't. If it does fall in line with the others then holy crap the continuity is way off. I'm hoping that they have just spun off and are now going in a new direction and we can get more movies like this, with more characters we know and love. Possibly the very best movie of the year, so far.

E3 Coverage Next Week

We can't promise to have every single little tiny bit of info that comes out of E3 next week. But we will damn sure try. We are but a staff of a couple. So I will drop here one of the things that made my inner child geek out. Konami dropped a bomb in their pre E3 conference. Which I hope means during E3, we will see more. Check it out, and prepare to fire up the NES.