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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Poken? What the Hell is Poken and why would you Buy Poken?

Someone just asked me if I wanted to touch pokens. Poken? WTH. I have never heard of this thing before. Am I that out of touch with modern technology?

People are running around with these little USB devices that look like animals and stuff and have 4 fingers. Then they touch them together ( a "High 4"?)and exchange social network information.

Remember when you used to just ask someone for their number? Now I guess you ask for their facebook or twitter? Only these poken things took away that step. You don't even ask- just touch each others poken. I want to laugh now, but I wonder if everyone is going to buy poken things. A year from now I might be the only person without one of these things. I already feel like I'm the only one without an iPhone.