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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Villains Top 10 Movies Of 2009

And here we go. This is a tough list to do, because there was some good stuff that came out this past year. And number 1 and 2 spots are almost a tie, but I feel 1 just barely edged out over number 2. Anyways, check em out....

This movie got torn to shreds in reviews. And I was really let down about it, to the point I refused to see it. But, a friend talked me into going opening night, and I loved the hell outta this movie. To me, this one was more close to the cartoon than the first movie. The twin autobots were annoying yes, but the fact that we finally got to see the banter and relationship of Megatron and Starscream take form was enough for me. Plus, Jetfire fusing with Optimus Prime? Too awesome.

I hate Stephen Sommers movies. The Mummy movies are insanely mediocre, and Van Helsing? UGH. So I didn't bother with this until a couple of loyal GI Joe fans told me they enjoyed it, so I gave it a watch and surprisingly, this was a pretty damn entertaining movie. And if they make a sequel, I'll be there at the theater to check it out.

Now, on with the top 10....

10. Sherlock Holmes
Good to see Guy Richie back making good movies. Madonna was holding him down. Excellent movie.

9. Fanboys
True this movie has been around for a couple years now, but it's official release was this year, so it's going on this list. A great buddy comedy for every nerd out there.

8. I Love You, Man
The best bromance comedy ever made.

7. The Hangover
I didn't see this in theaters, the hype was too much for me. So I had to wait till it died down to kinda see it with fresh eyes. And even though this year had quite a few funny movies, this was the years best comedy.

6. Drag Me To Hell
Sam Raimi showing that he still had it when it comes to horror films. I'm sure if he made this R rated and just let loose it woulda been higher up on this list, but I was very pleased with this movie.

5. District 9
Wow. Somewhere deep inside me, I feel this should truly be the best movie of the year. But I think the hype for this movie was so high I expected way too much from this movie.

4. Taken
So, Liam Neeson is a certified bad ass. I think they coulda easily called this movie Jason Bourne Is A Douche Bag. Bryan Mills would kick the crap out of anyone and anything. The throat chop, good god the throat chop.

3. Star Trek
Epic. Of course I am a bit biased, I am the son of two trekkies, so Star Trek is in my blood.

2. Inglourious Basterds
Tarantinos best movie since Pulp Fiction.

1. Up
Once again, Pixar takes the top spot for the year. Their movies are just too damn good. Next year we see Toy Story 3. But, will it be the best of 2010? Hard to say, Tron Legacy is on its way.

So that's it. Don't get all pissy if I didn't put Avatar in here cause guess what? That movie kinda blew. And if you're upset cause The Hurt Locker and Zombieland had no mentions, well, I didn't get a chance to see them yet. Sorry.