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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Justin Bieber is Gay and Makes Me Suicidal

So let's start the new year with a good old fashioned gay bash.  Well not that I have a problem with gays as long as they're not grabbing me, but what's worse, is a some little 13 year old with a stupid ass haircut, trying to be hip and cool like he's "down" with guys like Usher, and also trying to be a little pimp in his videos by pretending like he gets all the 13 year old ho's....when in reality he's obviously GAY.  Seriously, the 80's had some fruity stuff, the 90's had even more off the wall fruity colorful clothing and the like, but this is 2010, who the hell is listening and enjoying this shit?  Are teenage girls even into this?  How can anyone with a brain not look at this little fruit and see he wants it from men in the butt?  Music has had guys like Prince and David Bowie that have pushed the "glam" factor, and many times even pushed things to "fruity" level....but this?  This is too far.  I turn on the few channels that feature music videos, and i get this little jackoff on my screen way too much.  His first video that made me sick had him trying to talk ghetto with his "boy" Usher, which was bad enough.  This time, it's this fruit pimping hard to get some ass from some girl.  It's so bad, so unrealistic, it's just not tolerable watching this idiot try to play straight.  If you are brave enough, here is the video in question, but be warned, I felt suicidal thoughts while viewing this and you may too, because I think I would rather die than watch another Justin Bieber gay video.  Please Justin Bieber, retire, you are embarrassing yourself, and you are the biggest laughing stock in the history of EVER.