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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Racist Jerks Demand You Donate To Haiti Through Texting! Now!

So in a previous post this site was called BUNCH OF RACIST JERKS. Well, the writers here at this site have donated a combined $200+ dollars to Haiti. Have you?

If us JERKS can find the few seconds it takes to dig out the money we don't have to send aid to those that need help in Haiti, then you honorable people should have no problem at all doing this. Follow these steps, it's the easiest thing in the world to do....

Pick up your trusty little cell phone....

Dial.... 90999

And send the word HAITI through a text message.


You just donated $10 to Haiti. Don't you feel better about yourselves now?

If you're wondering how this is all set up, it's through the American Red Cross, and the $10 goes onto your cell phone bill. If you fee like donating more, well obviously just send more than one text message. Stop text stalking that girl you met by sending her random creepy text messages, and send a text message that will actually mean something.

For now, I'm gonna go eat some fried chicken and drink some kool aid, cause I'm racist see?