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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Untold Story Of Rocky Balboa

If you thought the epic fight in Rocky Balboa was just about Rocky fighting todays current champ, you thought wrong....

Soon after Ivan Drago killed Apollo, Mary Anne Creed went into a deep depression. And could no longer care for her own children. So she sent them away to military school. And tried to live her life and rebuild it.

She would frequent boxing matches and think about her late husband and one night, a couple years down the road, she met a man, he was a trainer. His name was Joe. He had been training boxers for years now ya see?

Well, they got married, and she had legally changed her last name to Joes last name, along with her children. Mostly out of tradition, but also to get away from the Creed name so she could fully move on with her life.

Her children had finished military school and came home and were pretty happy with Joe. Apollo was a great boxer, but a good father he wasnt. Spending time running on the beach with Rocky in the ghetto instead of being at home with his family kinda put their family in a "rocky" situation.

Well one of her kids got the itch for boxing. And against his mothers wishes, Joe trained him. And he went on to be a big name in the amatuer boxing world, until being one of the biggest names in the entire boxing world.

See, her sons name....

was Mason.

And Joe Dixon. Trained him.