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Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's a Day of Celebration - Justin Bieber is Finally in Jail

You heard that right, the former sweet little goofy haired Justin Bieber who has transformed into a
wanna be gangsta that does whatever he wants without consequence has finally been thrown in the slammer.  Apparently Bieber and his "posse" figured they could block off the roads and have themselves a street race in Miami (he's NO Dom or Brian, he was doing 60 in a residential area) and that's when the cops swept in and shut things down....much to the shock of Bieber who just couldn't believe he'd been pulled over for speeding....he's JUSTIN BIEBER after all!

Then Bieber's drunk ass try to go hard on the cops by resisting arrest because that's what thugs like him do, but yeah that didn't work out so well either. After getting his ass kicked by a field sobriety test, Bieber was hauled off to the pokey and remains there as of this writing...and all I can say is it's about time!

Call me a Bieber hater if you will but when this kid was 13 with his dumb haircut and doing his coy little posing in every pic he took and pulling "I'm so cute all the female celebs want to take pics with me" act, I knew how fake and outright putrid it all was even back then.  Now he got a haircut, got some tattoos, and believes he can do as he pleases because he's such a star....wonder if he's thinking that now as he hangs out with Big Al behind bars.  This has been an ongoing thing for the past couple of years really; from his neighbors complaining about him speeding through their neighborhood at all hours to daily reports of the drugs Bieber and his crew are using, the kid needed to be shut down and exposed and it was only a matter of time before it happened.

You can all go ahead and prepare yourself for the upcoming statements: "I've got a problem" "I'm going to change for my fans" "I'll be better".....same old song and dance; but a least the whole "Bieber is so cute" era is over but now it will 100% be the "oh he's so bad" era....which is even funnier when you look at the guy.

So there you have it, enough time wasted on Bieber.  I believe I said I wouldn't post again on this loser a few years back, but the joy of seeing that the Miami cops took him down won me over.  Of course this is the hottest topic on the world right now as well and the "Beliebers" or whatever they call themselves now are collectively crying their asses off.  I say here's to the beginning of Bieber spiraling down the toilet and being an afterthought in no time...Belieb that!