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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Sound Strike? More Like A Fuck You Fans!

This has got to be the most idiotic crap I have ever heard of. So for those that may not know, I live here in sunny hot ass Phoenix AZ. Yep. Arizona. Where we just passed the law to help get rid of all the ILLEGAL immigrants living here. Police now have the right to ask to see papers from anyone who may seem illegal as proof of their citizenship in AZ.

Well for some reason people think this is gonna be like what the Nazis were doing with asking to see papers and throwing huge fits. Its stupid. Theyre sending people HOME. Not to concentration camps. So shut up.

Anyways, now this SOUND STRIKE crap is happening. What is it? Is it just a plan by musicians to get their names in the news? Noooooooo not at all. It is a list of bands, musicians and other artists who will be boycotting and refusing the play shows in Arizona.

Yes, that makes TOTAL sense.

Bands like Tenacious D, Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West, Rage Against The Machine, and many more.... are planning to boycott Arizona. Which is kinda funny since Rage hasnt played a show in Arizona in YEARS, same with Tenacious D. But here is why this makes zero sense.

On the website for The Sound Strike, it states the following....

It is Governor Jan brewer and the Arizona state legislature that has created the climate under which the normal commercial interaction between fans and artists can be converted into the means to apply racist legislation like SB 1070. For artists of The Sound Strike, the boycott is the most effective form of non-compliance with a law that threatens the civil and human rights of everyday people living within the state, including the fans of our music, whom we cherish and respect.

Yes. It is Gov. Jan Brewer... and the State Legislature...........NOT THE FANS. By boycotting Arizona. They are also boycotting their fans. What about the fans who put these bands in this type of position in the first place? Bands boycotting Arizona and refusing to play shows in the state baffles my mind, because they are not just punishing the state, but they are also punishing their fans. The fans who have no control over this law. The fans who made these bands who they are today. Jan Brewer isn't going to go to a Rage Against The Machine concert. The fans who OPPOSE this law would. If these bands care SO MUCH about this law and really wanna boycott it, why not have a huge music festival in Arizona for FREE protesting this law? People who protest the law, can go see their favorite bands who also protest this law, for free, on a huge stage for the world to see.

So. Since these bands have decided that since our government made this law, they will not come out and play shows, I say we show our support to these bands anyways. Click here to learn how you can show your support to these bands who have decided to punish their fans over a governments choice.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goldeneye E3 Trailer

Another big surprise from E3 was Nintendo unveiling that Goldeneye is coming exclusively to the Wii.  For anyone that remembers, about 13 years ago, Goldeneye was quite possibly the best/most fun game on the Nintendo 64.  Even though I wasn't a huge follower of 007, when I got a chance to see this game, the fun factor is what made this game legendary.  A good story mode, one of the first games to feature a multi player mode, and even straight fun modes like paintball...all with classic James Bond characters.  This is the game that started the multi player revolution, which we see  in games like Call of Duty now. 

When the news was announced that this game was coming to Wii, nintendo fans were thrilled.  Now that we have our first look, fans are split.  Nintendo has actually re-done the game apparently and improved the graphics etc.  Many were hoping this would be the exact classic version of the game.  To me the game looks appealing, and improvements on graphics would be fine....but the real question will be the game play.  If they mess up the controls and that area isn't done right, fans of the original Goldeneye may not be happy.  Daniel Craig will now play Bond as opposed to Pierce Brosnan, but you can't go wrong as long as Jaws and Oddjob are included.  And don't forget of course this game will now be online, so the thought alone of playing such a classic online makes me hope we have another classic Goldeneye on the way.

Monday, June 14, 2010

DC Universe Online E3 Trailer

I almost forgot that E3 was kicking off today, but luckily I was reminded just before the festivities began.  Usually I casually watch the event on G4, as there is usually a handful of games I have some interest in, while others go crazy for new Halo games and other games in that genre.  This year was no different on day 1 at least....they showed mostly Xbox 360 stuff, but a few games that will be out for all systems.  Online you can find even more info., including stuff that didn't air on G4 (or at least I didn't see,) which includes this trailer for DC Universe Online.  Ever since I read about this game, probably 2 years ago, the concept sounded cool.  An open world game filled with all the DC characters including Superman, Batman, the Flash, Joker, etc.  The trailer looks cool in that it shows you can create your own character, then choose if you will join the superheroes in battling villains, or join the villains and add to the crime and chaos.  No real details about how this will all work, or if you can play as the legendary characters somewhere in the game, but so far this looks like it could be a cool game.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Screw the New Karate Kid, We Want Wax On, Fuck Off!

So the joke of a movie that dares call itself "The Karate Kid" is here, and just like the very first day I heard about this, it looks pretty much like shit.  The second it was announced the Jaden Smith would be the Ralph Macchio role, I knew this was bad news.  Now we find out that basically this is only loosely based on the same story, a kid getting his ass kicked and needing help learning to he is taught kung fu, that's right, NOT karate, but KUNG FU.  So why this movie isn't titled "The Kung Fu Kid" is beyond me, it makes no sense other than the fact that by calling it "The Karate Kid' they got to generate a buzz.  The movie is based in China, and barely resembles the classic. 

WHICH brings us to this next piece of work.  Thanks to the great work of, we have something to enjoy with a real Karate Kid feel to it, Daniel Larusso and all!  I don't know about you, but I would MUCH rather see a grown up Daniel Larusso, finally realizing that he's lead his entire life as a goody goody, and being damn tired of it.  R rated Larusso goes out trying to pick up hookers, drink his ass off, and any other dastardly deed outside of joining Cobra Kai .  Of course with Mr. Miyagi dead and gone, Daniel going off the deep end would provide some very interesting story possibilities.  This FunnyOrDie parody beats the sad attempt at a Karate Kid remake in our book, and probably any true fan of the REAL Karate Kid:

RandomVillain is making a movie. Heres how you can help!

Thats right. Your ol pal Random Villain is making a movie. Not really gonna go into details about it since I can just provide links to the sites for that, but figured I would share with the world how everyone can get involved and in a way, become a producer.

There is a pretty awesome site called where people with projects that need funding can go and set up a page and ask for donations. Which is what I did. You can donate however much you want, a dollar, two dollars, three, three, one hundred. All up to you. What do you get out of it? Details are right HERE!

Lindsay Lohan - The Death Watch Returns

You read it right, we're bringing a little Lohan back to Jerkland!  This post is going up strictly because I cannot go to any celebrity news sites without Lindsay face all over my screen.  A few years ago some writers from this site called for a Lindsay Lohan death watch.  Well so far she has survived, but barely.  First her movie career went to hell, then we got Lindsay Lohan posing nude in New York Magazine, which tells us that she knows she can still get attention no matter how bad she gets simply by getting naked, because believe it or not there are tons of people who still thinks she is mega hot.......never saw it but OK.

 Lindsay hasn't slowed down, with pics of her drunk or high or whatever surfacing regularly on the net.  So now we're at the point where she's close to going to jail, and having to wear bracelets that are somehow supposed to stop her from drinking and/or doing drugs (but only makes her pay 10 grand or so for having a drink,) the Lindsay Lohan death watch is back on.  Place your bets, make your predictions.  Will Lohan ever turn it around and survive?  Or will she finally surprise no one by kicking the bucket soon.  We've had many shocking celebrity deaths in the past year, but if the death watch is correct, Lindsay Lohan will be a shock to no one.  At least it would free up some web space for some news people care about......hey we're Jerks, and we tell it like it is.

More: Lindsay Lohan nude at

Monday, June 7, 2010

The iPhone 4

I love my iPhone 3GS. It is the best thing on the planet and refused to ever get a new phone ever, of course until the new iPhone comes out.

Anyways, here are all the new goodies headed our way which includes iMovie and Netflix Instant Viewing.

Front facing camera
Dual mics for noise cancelation
MicroSIM (to save space)
5 megapixel, 1.75 micron camera + LED flash
720p video at 30fps
Stainless steel rings and gaps — are the antennae (nice!)
Thinest smartphone ever
Optical quality, scratch-resistant glass
Retina display – 960×640 at 3.5″ for 326dpi (!!). 800:1 contrast ratio. IPS for wide-angle viewing.
Powered by A4 chipset
Bigger battery: 7 hrs 3G talk, 6 hrs 3G browsing, 10 hrs Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hrs video, 40 hrs music, 300 hrs standby
Still 32GB storage
802.11n Wi-Fi (yes!)

Sounds good to me, sadly I got into the iPhone game late and can't get the early upgrade goodies and must pay full price if I want it NOW. The display is awesome, HD video is great and the battery life is my favorite thing.

$199 for the 16gb and $299 for the 32gb if you have an upgrade. If not, lookin to be around 500 bucks for the 32gb.

But if I STILL can't make custom SMS tones I will lose my mind. Really tired of the standard annoying ones they have.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Women hotter than Megan Fox. Yes, they exist.

Look, Megan Fox is hot, but I don't think she is as hot as most people seem to think. Hell, the girl that replaced her in Transformers 3 is hotter. So I figured, I would just throw up some images of women in the world who I believe to be hotter than Megan Fox. Elisha Dushku, Elisha Cuthert, Katy Perry, Kristen Bell, Charisma Carpenter for example. Check them out, whine and debate below, or do it on our message boards.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Megan Fox Bikini Pics, Hot or Not?

Since Megan Fox is no longer going to be involved in Transformers 3, it looks like she's turned to getting publicity simply by going to the beach in a bikini every day, and it's working.  For the past 3 or 4 days Fox has hit the beach with David Silver aka Brian Austin Green (how he keeps her we don't know) in Hawaii and put on a show for the paparazzi.  Of course Megan Fox and Bikini equal automatic attention, but some reactions haven't been so great.  Of course many are spending quality time with these pics and think Fox is the hottest woman on the planet...while others are saying she's now too skinny, looks anorexic, and/or needs a sandwich.  Others say Fox is mega hot, but lacks 1 thing, which is an ass.  Megan is hot and has a great body, but if your a fan of a nice ass you may be out of luck.  Yet another opinion is that Fox was hot before the tattoos, but now her ink has made her less attractive. 

So what are your thoughts?  Do the boobs and tight abs make up for the lack of ass?  Is the once hottest girl ever now too skinny and lost her title?  Study and discuss the variety of subjects below:

Megan Fox bio, nudity review, pics and clips at