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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goldeneye E3 Trailer

Another big surprise from E3 was Nintendo unveiling that Goldeneye is coming exclusively to the Wii.  For anyone that remembers, about 13 years ago, Goldeneye was quite possibly the best/most fun game on the Nintendo 64.  Even though I wasn't a huge follower of 007, when I got a chance to see this game, the fun factor is what made this game legendary.  A good story mode, one of the first games to feature a multi player mode, and even straight fun modes like paintball...all with classic James Bond characters.  This is the game that started the multi player revolution, which we see  in games like Call of Duty now. 

When the news was announced that this game was coming to Wii, nintendo fans were thrilled.  Now that we have our first look, fans are split.  Nintendo has actually re-done the game apparently and improved the graphics etc.  Many were hoping this would be the exact classic version of the game.  To me the game looks appealing, and improvements on graphics would be fine....but the real question will be the game play.  If they mess up the controls and that area isn't done right, fans of the original Goldeneye may not be happy.  Daniel Craig will now play Bond as opposed to Pierce Brosnan, but you can't go wrong as long as Jaws and Oddjob are included.  And don't forget of course this game will now be online, so the thought alone of playing such a classic online makes me hope we have another classic Goldeneye on the way.