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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Screw the New Karate Kid, We Want Wax On, Fuck Off!

So the joke of a movie that dares call itself "The Karate Kid" is here, and just like the very first day I heard about this, it looks pretty much like shit.  The second it was announced the Jaden Smith would be the Ralph Macchio role, I knew this was bad news.  Now we find out that basically this is only loosely based on the same story, a kid getting his ass kicked and needing help learning to he is taught kung fu, that's right, NOT karate, but KUNG FU.  So why this movie isn't titled "The Kung Fu Kid" is beyond me, it makes no sense other than the fact that by calling it "The Karate Kid' they got to generate a buzz.  The movie is based in China, and barely resembles the classic. 

WHICH brings us to this next piece of work.  Thanks to the great work of, we have something to enjoy with a real Karate Kid feel to it, Daniel Larusso and all!  I don't know about you, but I would MUCH rather see a grown up Daniel Larusso, finally realizing that he's lead his entire life as a goody goody, and being damn tired of it.  R rated Larusso goes out trying to pick up hookers, drink his ass off, and any other dastardly deed outside of joining Cobra Kai .  Of course with Mr. Miyagi dead and gone, Daniel going off the deep end would provide some very interesting story possibilities.  This FunnyOrDie parody beats the sad attempt at a Karate Kid remake in our book, and probably any true fan of the REAL Karate Kid: