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Monday, June 14, 2010

DC Universe Online E3 Trailer

I almost forgot that E3 was kicking off today, but luckily I was reminded just before the festivities began.  Usually I casually watch the event on G4, as there is usually a handful of games I have some interest in, while others go crazy for new Halo games and other games in that genre.  This year was no different on day 1 at least....they showed mostly Xbox 360 stuff, but a few games that will be out for all systems.  Online you can find even more info., including stuff that didn't air on G4 (or at least I didn't see,) which includes this trailer for DC Universe Online.  Ever since I read about this game, probably 2 years ago, the concept sounded cool.  An open world game filled with all the DC characters including Superman, Batman, the Flash, Joker, etc.  The trailer looks cool in that it shows you can create your own character, then choose if you will join the superheroes in battling villains, or join the villains and add to the crime and chaos.  No real details about how this will all work, or if you can play as the legendary characters somewhere in the game, but so far this looks like it could be a cool game.