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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Villains Top 10 Films Of 2010

Well, another year of movies is just about finished up. Now, granted, I have not seen EVERY movie that came out this year. I have sadly not had the chance to see The Social Network yet. So when you see that not that, or some other deserving movie isn't on the list, don't flip out with "OMG NO BLACK SWAN?!?1" I just haven't had time to see everything. So, this is...


10. Jackass 3-D
Easily the funniest movie of the year. And at the same time did a great job of utilizing the 3D element.

9. The Book Of Eli
Had my doubts on this one, but wound up enjoying it quite a bit. One of the best post apocalyptic movies I've seen in quite awhile.

8. The A Team
This got bashed on all over by reviews but I loved it. I was a huge fan of the series as a kid and felt each person nailed the characters. I loved the backstory, and seeing why exactly BA is afraid of flying.

7. The Expendables
It was nice seeing a real action movie in theaters again. Stallone may be getting old as the hills, but he still has IT.

6. Inception
This movie took a while to grow on me. So many holes in it, but at the end of the day, I enjoyed this movie.

5. Frozen
Had some doubts with this, Adam Green is a good director but I'm not too big of a fan of Hatchet. Frozen is easily one of the best horror movies to come along in quite awhile. Very suspenseful and the Making Of on the DVD is worth watching as well.

4. Kick-Ass
I was quite surprised by this. I had read the comic so was looking forward to this but it all felt strange. What I didn't end up liking in the movie, I liked in the book, and what I didn't like in the book, I liked in the movie. I was also expecting maybe a bit more comedy from it, but it wound up being pretty serious and emotional at some times.

3. Tron Legacy
Holy crap did I love Tron as a kid. I would watch the VHS all the time at my parents video store. And am lucky enough to have the elusive Tron 25th Anniversary DVD. When I saw Flynns Arcade in this movie, it gave the inner child in me goosebumps. Was everything I had hoped for.

2. Toy Story 3
I don't understand Pixar. It's like after they made Ratatouille all they have tried to do is make you cry as much as possible. If you didn't choke back at least a small tear and get a lump in your throat during the incinerator scene, then you have no soul.

1. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
I was a little wary going into this. Had never read the comics, and Michael Cera had soured on me a little after seeing Year One. But one thing had me going in to see this. Edgar Wright. Mr. Wright is currently my favorite director. He has done no wrong and has had me as a die hard fan since Shaun Of The Dead 4 times in the theater. And what I wound up seeing was what most call a love story for video game nerds. The 8 Bit Universal logo and theme going into the Zelda Link To The Past music starts off the movie and you know right away you are in for a good time. I think, even if I did manage to see EVERY movie this year, Scott Pilgrim would still come out as #1.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rod Belding Has Been Found in "Saved by the Belding"

If you are a Saved By The Bell fan, you no doubt remember the legendary episode where Mr. Belding announces the class will have a substitute in "Mr. Belding." Oh but it was in fact, Mr. Belding's brother Rod.  Rod Belding was the super cool teacher we all wished would walk into our classroom as our substitute as kids.  Rod was the teacher that replaced things like tests and homework with teaching mouth to mouth lessons with the hot girls and taking the class on white water rafting trips. 

It was no surprise that the class (well the 6 that mattered in Saved by the Bell world) didn't want to go on Mr. Belding's boring trip to Yosemite and chose Rod's white water rafting trip, which gave us the memorable scene where sad Mr. Belding trashes his Yosemite plans.  BUT THEN, we saw the real Rod Belding, as the asshole decides to ditch the kids for a weekend with some stewardess named "Inga."  Thankfully Mr. Belding saves the day by offering to take them white water rafting himself after explaining that Rod "had the flu," but what the hell happened to Rod?

In all the years of Saved by the Bell, we saw Rod Belding exactly once.  Yep, this episode is the classic example of "why didn't we ever hear from this character again" when it comes to TV, and as it turns out, we are not the only ones who wondered.  In the following film "Saved by the Belding," a group of old school Saved by the Bell fans investigate this matter, and locate the one and only Rod Belding, and find out just where the hell he's been for the past 20 years or so.  Can he right his wrongs from Bayside?  Is he the same old Rod Belding?  Or is he just some actor named Edward Blatchford?  It's all answered here.

No more words can do this justice, but if you watched and were a fan of Saved by the Bell, this documentary just filled a huge void; and for these guys, filled a void on the "Bayside documentary" they were watching....yeah, just watch:

Saved By The Belding
Uploaded by STEproductions

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Now Miley Cyrus Has Leaked Nude Pics

I'm about to officially declare "celebrity leaked nude pic season" if these keep popping up.  The Jessica Alba leaked nude pics created the biggest buzz of the year, but this story could surpass it in time. 

Miley Cyrus has been aching to whore it up for a long time now, so it's not surprise that only days after she becomes legal, she already has a nude pic scandal going on.  As soon as the pics leaked, the Internet perv investigation unit was on the scene and already looking for evidence to prove whether the pics were real or fake.  Lots of opinions out there, but most seem to say the proof is there to prove they are real.  The biggest proof is how she has presented herself the past year.  The tiny ass shorts, sexual gestures and pole dancing on stage, she just couldn't wait to get naked.  At this rate she'll be doing porn by 30, but hardly anyone will care since she's already showing the goods at barely 18. 

I don't think I've ever even listened to one of her songs, and probably most of the Internet stalkers going wild over these pics probably haven't either, but she's no doubt keeping Billy Ray proud as her star continues to rise.  One conclusion is that these pics may have been taken days before she was technically 18, so we're not brave enough to post them here, but you can follow the ongoing Miley Cyrus scandal with nude pics included over at our friend

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where Will the Best Black Friday Deals Be?

I don't remember Black Friday being such a known event when I was younger, but now it's basically the new holiday between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Years back I think it was simply known as "the worst shopping day of the year."  Stores are battling to get the most crazed stampede of shoppers from their competition, to the point where this year the traditional 5 A.M. start time is being ignored by many stores and now it's a battle to see who can start the earliest.

My question is, who has the deals that are worth getting stampeded for.  I've seen Walmart and Best Buy offering some of the newer end video games for PS3 and Xbox 360 for half price at 30 bucks, with Walmart starting the 30 dollar game sale at midnight.  I've also seen a couple of Nintendo Wii and DS deals going around that seem like winners if your in the market for games.  I was sort of waiting to see's usual Black Friday voting deals that they've done in recent years that allows you to vote on 1 of 3 offers every round, and the winning offer is offered to SOME of the people that voted.  The deals were great, although I never got the chance to buy anything I voted for.  This year they seem to have replaced the voting rounds with Black Friday Deals Week, which is Black Friday offers every day this week, with new deals popping up about every hour.  It's been kind of hard to keep up with, but it is possible to find a good Amazon deal on it.

Other than that, I'm seeing 5 and 10 dollar DVD's (for people that don't realize stores are trying to get rid of them to make more room for Blu Ray's) at most stores, and of course a ton of cameras, TV's, and other electronics and big ticket items are being pushed hard.  Pretty much every story is discounting their stuff, but hardly any that I see are really "can't miss, worth getting trampled for" deals.  I'm not saying they're not out there, but I'm wondering if they are.  So what mega deals have you seen?  What am I missing?  And what is worth getting trampled for?  Share in comments and I may add any mega deals you have found to this post.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The L.A. Noire Trailer Looks Bad Ass

L.A. Noire will be the next big game from Rockstar it looks like, and this is a game that has actually been in the works for years apparently.  After many push backs and release date changes, we finally get the first look via this trailer, and I am already interested in this game in a major way.  Looks like we have some old school gangster action here ala Dick Tracy.  Now of course I"m a huge fan of the classic 1990 Dick Tracy movie, and this game seems like it will be from the same era but of course with more realism and less over the top and colorful.  The video game season is looking better than ever, with of course Call of Duty: Black Ops is ruling the video game world right now and that will have millions of people playing for a long time to come, but it's great to know we have a ton more great games on the way, and L.A. Noire definitely looks like a game that has been worth the wait judging by this trailer:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops Noob Tube? I Hope Not.

I have been a big fan of the Call Of Duty series for a long time. But my love kinda died out with Modern Warfare 2. Don't get me wrong, the game itself is great, one of the best game series of all time I would say. But what turned me off the most, was the damn noob tubin. Now for those who aren't giant lazy nerds like myself, a noob tube is a player who doesn't have much first person shooting skill, so instead they use the grenade launcher attachment on the guns to just shoot all the players with grenades to kill them. Now the occasional player like this was ok, understandable to a point. But it got to where there would be an entire team of these type of players, making online play almost impossible.

Now, I am what people call, a "camper". Which is a stupid thing to complain about. Camping is, pretty much what a real sniper would really do. Sit in one spot, wait, and kill you when you come by. How is running out into the middle of the field being smart at all? Camping is just, winning. So I don't really get killed that often by these noob tubin kids. But it does make running to certain spots almost like trying to get through an earthquake. Because if they're not launching grenades all over, theyre throwing out the flash bangs. Over, and over, and over.

In Modern Warfare 2, this was a huge annoyance, to the point that I just stopped playing. But Black Ops I have high hopes for. Black Ops is made by Treyarch, and they did not make Modern Warfare 2, but they are the ones who made World At War. Which is slightly better than Modern Warfare 2 in my opinion. And the online play for World At War, there wasn't much grenade madness going on. So hopefully this is the same with Black Ops. I guess I will find out this Tuesday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jessica Alba Naked Pics Leaked - We ALL Care

Looks like the news of the day is that the stuck up, very private, "I'll never get naked in anything EVER" Jessica Alba has finally been b-u-s-t-e-d.  Yep it's true, the holier than thou Jessica Alba takes dirty pics with her cell phone just like other girls.  No word on how these pics leaked, but if they were stolen it was probably due to Jessica pissing people off by never showing the goods in her movies.  Recently the word was that Ms. Alba would be appearing "nude" in the recent move "Machete," and we say "nude" because it was a naked shower scene which was shot from the side so we really didn't see the good parts.  THEN come to find out, Jessica wasn't naked at all, and the scene used CGI to digitally remove her clothes.  So first she tells us she'll never do nudity in a movie, THEN uses body doubles in movies, and finally  just uses fake computer nudity.  So apparently enough was enough, and now we have real Jessica Alba boob pics that were probably meant to be private, oh well.

Of course there is the other scenario, where Jessica realizes that people are going to stop giving a shit about her unless she shows us something, so these boob pictures "accidentally leak" on the Internet, and suddenly everyone is buzzing.  These pics are from when she was pregnant or just after having her kid, so they're not the super sexy glamorous Alba pics all of you have fantasized about, but it's Alba, it's her boobs, so we have to be happy.  Check out the full story on the revelation that Jessica Alba takes topless cell phone pics too.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lil Wayne Released from Jail....Who Cares!?

OK apparently a ton of people care, because the news is all over the place, and MTV feels the need to break into its programming to keep on letting us know that Lil Wayne is free from jail AS OF 8:35 THIS MORNING!  Keep in mind the guy has spent 8 months in jail for a gun charge, not being held captive in a far off country.  Every time I've heard about Lil Wayne lately, I hear all these people in the industry awaiting his return like a war hero or messiah.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "rap hater" or "racist" or anything of the sort.  I see Wayne's talent which is why everyone wants to work with him, but why is he getting a hero's welcome when he's coming out of jail for yet another screw up.  Drug charges, weapon charges, what a hero!

How about some people toning shit down a bit and making Wayne prove himself  this time around before he disappoints his fans once again.  I guess everyone who is partying and rejoicing over Wayne's release believe people shouldn't be arrested on gun charges, or maybe celebrities should get a free pass.  Frankly I think it's ridiculous and people need to get a life, other artists included.  I can already see it now, when he gets arrested again it will be "AWW poor Lil Wayne" all over again. 

So this will be a new feature here that will cover stories like this that you cannot help but avoid, and that annoy the shit out of me to the point of ranting on them.  There are plenty of them out there, and before anyone says "well why are you watching?".......get real people, this is the bullshit we get thrown in our faces on a daily basis, and it's going to take one good Jerk to step up and say........WHO CARES?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

San Francisco Bans Happy Meals....Really?

So apparently now that San Francisco has a World Series Championship to their name, they're going to to start dictating what their citizens eat.  The city's board of supervisors has apparently banned restaurants from giving away toys with food that is unhealthy.  This ordinance is supposed to kick in about a year from now, in December of 2011, but WILL allow toys to be included IF the meal, including drink, is less than 600 calories and if less than 35% of the calories are from fat.  Now the reason of course for this is to battle childhood obesity, which is a major problem in the U.S.  Now OK, they're right, kids eat too much fast food and are fat.  But it's always been a parent's right to feed their kid crap if they choose to, but it looks like that right will be taken away in San Francisco.

Happy Meals are of course the biggest focus since they are the most famous kid's meal out there.  Who can forget the joy as a kid of grabbing a happy meal and finding a classic Happy Meal Toy that promoted a new movie or cartoon.  Hell it was enough to make a kid's day back then, and for me it wasn't something I ate daily.  Sure it had no nutritional value, but in moderation, what's the problem?  I guess kid's in San Francisco can still get that joy as long as they're ordering a grilled chicken breast with carrot sticks.  Bottom line is, parents shouldn't be dumb asses and feed their kids McDonald's burgers every day, but if they choose to do so that's their right.  But now if you live in San Francisco and want to treat your kid to a traditional Happy Meal with a toy ONCE A YEAR even, not happening.  Hell we should have the choice to order a friggin McRib in a Happy Meal and make it a thousand calorie bonanza if we so desire.  Hopefully before this deal going into action, someone will remind San Francisco that this is America, and people have the freedom to eat like morons and feed their kids like morons if they choose to do so.

Read more at:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vagina Blanket

Well I got the call a few hours ago that a major meeting had taken place, deals made, big plans laid out, etc., then I was notified that the Bunch of Jerks were inviting me back for a re-launch that will take this site to the of course I was all for it.  When I first came on board to the former site owned by this group, I saw a mega site with tons of posts that was on the brink of becoming a player.  Well that story had a well documented downfall, but it seems that former site is what inspired this new launch for  Well I figured it was only right to research the classic site and get a feel for what made that site so great.  What I found..........was a vagina..........blanket.  That's right, the one post that really made me stop and wonder if someone had actually seen this, then got excited enough to take a picture and post about it.  I mean sure, anyone could grab their blanket and....shape it like a vagina...but if it just randomly happened on it's own....OH the hilarity, and possible arousal?  I have no explanation, so all I can offer you is this re-post of the classic.........vagina.......blanket:

 So our very own Devon here officially has the mind of a 13 year old boy. As he sent me this wonderful photo after walking into his bedroom that hasn't seen a woman in about, oh well never, and he looks down and sees that his crumpled up blanket, has the shape of a vagina!! OMFG ITS SO FUNNYYYYYYYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ So he ran laughing getting his camera and took a picture of it, to savor the moment that it will be the ONLY time he ever has something that even closely resembles a vagina, on his bed.

Well, here it is folks!Yeah, I know, this is pointless but fuck it. News is slow. Normally this would be posted on our message boards, but in another case of Devon acting like a 13 year old, he went and told on us cause we used his fat pink face and they closed our boards down.

J.U.A.N. - Classic Devon Lohan Posts Revisited

Have you Seen Miss Marcus Jackson?
Ever had a Vagina Blanket?

We have, and the jerks are bringing you a special Election Edition of J.U.A.N. ( Jerks Up All Night)- Classic Devon Lohan Posts Revisited.

Break out the popcorn and curl up in your favorite vagina blanket, Jerks are Up All Night, for your entertainment.

Where Have You Gone, Miss Marcus Jackson?

You know who I miss?
Miss Marcus Jackson.
It's political season. The teabaggers have won. Where is Miss Jackson to gloat?

For those of you who don't remember, Miss Marcus was the "Real American" frenemy of Devon Lohan. She loved America and She loved John McCain. She wasn't about to let our country be overrun by some dark Muslim overlords. I really hope she didn't do anything dangerous after McCain lost that election. I like to think she went back to "the wilderness" and worked behind the scenes to reclaim her country.

I'm Sorry Miss Jackson. I am for Reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaal. Whatever I said, Whatever I did, I didn't mean it. I just want you back for good. Please Come Back!

If you don't remember, this was Miss Marcus at her finest. She wrote "Real Americans Support John McCain" for the DL Blog. Since one of our writers messed up and got the Google Warning added to it, I'm just going to repost the whole thing here:

These are dangerous times we are living in. Militant Islamo-fascists want to destroy Americans. Radical socialists want to turn us into Cuba or Venezuela. Anti-White racists want to overthrow the government and install Barack Hussein Obama as our Robert Mugabe.

Make no mistake, if Barack Obama is elected, the terrorists will win. John McCain is a very polite man and wants to stay out of the "dirty politics." He has stated that Obama is a "fine family man." This is because he knows he cannot tell the truth. He will be branded a racist and it will cost him media and votes. He knows that radical foreign Muslims pose a grave threat to our American way of life.

John McCain is a real American. He has served his country admirably and is a decorated War Hero. He has selflessly served in the U.S. Senate, diligently fighting the communists in our midsts. He has what it takes to lead us to Victory, from Day One.

His running mate Sarah McCain is a regular American who knows what it is like to work for a living. Her husband Todd is a rugged man's man, who sacrificed his blue collar $100,000 a year job so his wife could reform the State of Alaska. They have struggled to raise 5 wonderful children on the combined salaries of a humble public servant, oil field worker, fisherman, and snowmobile racer. Mrs. Palin, as a beautiful white woman, did not have the privilege of attending fancy universities. And her Eskimo husband has faced ugly racism and discrimination.

These are the people who know what it is like to be middle class, hardworking, and not know where their next meal is coming from. Often times, in order to feed their children, Mrs. Palin even had to go out and shoot a moose or muskrat. When they were hungry, Bill Ayers did not invite them over for dinner. Tony Resko did not buy them a house. They scrimped and saved for a modest half a million dollar cottage, which Todd built with his bare hands.

I submitted my vote for John McCain via absentee ballot. Unlike most of Barack Obama's supporters I have a job, and I am not allowed to take the whole day off to vote. I am afraid this may decide the election. While regular Americans are at work today, those who manage to cast their votes on their lunch break are being threatened and turned away by armed Black Panthers.

Meanwhile Obama supporters recently received their monthly welfare benefits and are waiting in line at the ballot box, flush with malt liquor, fried chicken, and Kool cigarettes. They have nothing to do but vote for their Messiah, who promises to pay their bills.

The Jerks Are Back!

That's right assholes. The Jerks are coming back. The crew that made the attitude era of internet blogs. Hide your BUDDIES, the band is getting back together. Were doing it old school. Lohan style. Talking about whatever we want, and showing our true feelings about things. Most blog sites are paid off by big companies to post positive things. (Think about Cameron slipping that fat lard over at Aint It Cool a few bucks to talk about how awesome Avatar is even though that movie sucked balls)

We are coming back, to tell it how it is. And to spread the word about awesome shit that we find. Like pocket poon!

The New Jerk Order is here.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Launch of Hungry Jerks

As I alluded to in my last post, The Jerks have been taking a little time off from this site to spend time doing what they do best- shit like pigging out at restaurants, watching/making movies, and playing video games.

The Jerks eat out a combined 3-4 thousand times per year. So it is only fitting that we pull a fucking John Chow and make some blog posts and pictures of the shitty food we eat.

The Bunch of Jerks site has always been unfocused mayhem. It's just about whatever we feel like writing about. Ostensibly an "entertainment" blog, there is no real targeted content or theme. Just a Bunch of Jerks talking about anything.

We've always known there would be specific topics we might want to write about, but they might not fit into BOJ so neatly. I mean, a random review here and there works, but if we want to really focus on something, we probably need another blog/sites.

So we have decided to launch a restaurant reviews blog. Since all these reviews are going to be handled by the same Bunch of Jerks you've grown to love over the years from reading BOJ and the wildly popular ( I hear it's still Big in Japan) Devon Lohan blog, we are going to keep the whole "Jerks" theme..but apply it to food. You know, fat guys eating and talking about it, and taking pictures.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of:

Hungry Jerks

p.s. We already have a great review of the Cheesecake Factory. Check it out.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where Did All the Jerks Go?

I've been out of town for about a week. I come back and there are no new posts by the other Jerks.

Where did they go? I found out:

They have been too busy EATING to post on this blog. Seriously.

More to come.

Friday, August 13, 2010

J.U.A.N. Watching Netflix Streaming on my Wii

Right Now I am watching streaming movies on my Nintendo Wii. Do you care? Probably not. I just remembered that Random made a post awhile back about Netflix Instant Streaming on the Wii coming in the Spring.

Well, Spring came and went and the Summer of 2010 is almost gone as well. Finally I got my Wii setup for Netflix streaming. It was pretty easy, even though I had never hooked my Wii up to the internet.

I got my wife a Netflix Subscription for Christmas last year. We did the whole 1 disc at a time through the mail thing. We also streamed some movies on our computers, but the television screen is much better.

I read Random's post from last winter as well as the instructions on the Netflix site, and this seemed easy enough. I had to send away for a free setup disc from Netflix. It came the next day. I had to configure the internet connection for the Wii to obtain an access code to enter on the Netflix website.

Setting up the internet was very easy. I have the ATT Uverse triple play service. I have 6-7 different computers running off my wireless network, which is through their 2wire gateway. I just had to select that I was using a wireless network, and select my network from the options.

After my connection was recognized and setup, the Wii showed an activation key. I entered that on the Netflix site, and we were good to go.

The Wii remote works pretty well, and the menu options are decent. However, I find the best way to use the Wii is to go into your Netflix account on your computer and add movies to your instant queue. Then they are really easy to select on the Wii.

Well that's about it. Time to go watch Netflix movies on the Wii.

Monday, August 9, 2010

LMAO of the Day: Justin Bieber Nailed with Water Bottle

So the Jerks have been on hiatus for awhile, mainly due to nothing going on lately, and maybe a bit of lost direction on the site.  I've been thinking lately about what the site is missing, and the one conclusion I've come to is that we're just not big enough Jerks!  We should be a little more direct when openly trashing the dumb shit of the world.

What better place to start then the biggest dumbshit on the planet, Justin Bieber.  Some may remember my post where I pointed out that Justin Bieber is obviously gay.  Some even questioned why I would devote anything on this site to the little homo, but it has come to the point where you can't avoid him on TV, radio, magazine stands etc., and it's pretty god damn annoying.  What's funny is, in 2 years or less (probably less) people are going to look back and laugh that they even gave this idiot the time of day after he eventually reveals he likes the sausage.  Actually the movement may already be taking place as evident in the following video.  Someone woke the fuck up while Bieber was on stage, and chunked a water bottle at his HEAD.  GOOD JOB.  Of course any other musician would go off and go crazy screaming "WHO THE FUCK THREW THAT BITCH," but NOT Bieber....he just goes with the OWWW, THAT HURT, I DONT KNOW WHY SHE THREW THAT?"   Um, maybe because you suck and are an embarrassment to life itself?  Just a guess.

Here's to hoping a "throw shit at Bieber coalition" is formed and springs into action every time he hits a stage:

Justin Bieber Hit With Water Bottle - Watch more Funny Videos

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Sound Strike? More Like A Fuck You Fans!

This has got to be the most idiotic crap I have ever heard of. So for those that may not know, I live here in sunny hot ass Phoenix AZ. Yep. Arizona. Where we just passed the law to help get rid of all the ILLEGAL immigrants living here. Police now have the right to ask to see papers from anyone who may seem illegal as proof of their citizenship in AZ.

Well for some reason people think this is gonna be like what the Nazis were doing with asking to see papers and throwing huge fits. Its stupid. Theyre sending people HOME. Not to concentration camps. So shut up.

Anyways, now this SOUND STRIKE crap is happening. What is it? Is it just a plan by musicians to get their names in the news? Noooooooo not at all. It is a list of bands, musicians and other artists who will be boycotting and refusing the play shows in Arizona.

Yes, that makes TOTAL sense.

Bands like Tenacious D, Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West, Rage Against The Machine, and many more.... are planning to boycott Arizona. Which is kinda funny since Rage hasnt played a show in Arizona in YEARS, same with Tenacious D. But here is why this makes zero sense.

On the website for The Sound Strike, it states the following....

It is Governor Jan brewer and the Arizona state legislature that has created the climate under which the normal commercial interaction between fans and artists can be converted into the means to apply racist legislation like SB 1070. For artists of The Sound Strike, the boycott is the most effective form of non-compliance with a law that threatens the civil and human rights of everyday people living within the state, including the fans of our music, whom we cherish and respect.

Yes. It is Gov. Jan Brewer... and the State Legislature...........NOT THE FANS. By boycotting Arizona. They are also boycotting their fans. What about the fans who put these bands in this type of position in the first place? Bands boycotting Arizona and refusing to play shows in the state baffles my mind, because they are not just punishing the state, but they are also punishing their fans. The fans who have no control over this law. The fans who made these bands who they are today. Jan Brewer isn't going to go to a Rage Against The Machine concert. The fans who OPPOSE this law would. If these bands care SO MUCH about this law and really wanna boycott it, why not have a huge music festival in Arizona for FREE protesting this law? People who protest the law, can go see their favorite bands who also protest this law, for free, on a huge stage for the world to see.

So. Since these bands have decided that since our government made this law, they will not come out and play shows, I say we show our support to these bands anyways. Click here to learn how you can show your support to these bands who have decided to punish their fans over a governments choice.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goldeneye E3 Trailer

Another big surprise from E3 was Nintendo unveiling that Goldeneye is coming exclusively to the Wii.  For anyone that remembers, about 13 years ago, Goldeneye was quite possibly the best/most fun game on the Nintendo 64.  Even though I wasn't a huge follower of 007, when I got a chance to see this game, the fun factor is what made this game legendary.  A good story mode, one of the first games to feature a multi player mode, and even straight fun modes like paintball...all with classic James Bond characters.  This is the game that started the multi player revolution, which we see  in games like Call of Duty now. 

When the news was announced that this game was coming to Wii, nintendo fans were thrilled.  Now that we have our first look, fans are split.  Nintendo has actually re-done the game apparently and improved the graphics etc.  Many were hoping this would be the exact classic version of the game.  To me the game looks appealing, and improvements on graphics would be fine....but the real question will be the game play.  If they mess up the controls and that area isn't done right, fans of the original Goldeneye may not be happy.  Daniel Craig will now play Bond as opposed to Pierce Brosnan, but you can't go wrong as long as Jaws and Oddjob are included.  And don't forget of course this game will now be online, so the thought alone of playing such a classic online makes me hope we have another classic Goldeneye on the way.

Monday, June 14, 2010

DC Universe Online E3 Trailer

I almost forgot that E3 was kicking off today, but luckily I was reminded just before the festivities began.  Usually I casually watch the event on G4, as there is usually a handful of games I have some interest in, while others go crazy for new Halo games and other games in that genre.  This year was no different on day 1 at least....they showed mostly Xbox 360 stuff, but a few games that will be out for all systems.  Online you can find even more info., including stuff that didn't air on G4 (or at least I didn't see,) which includes this trailer for DC Universe Online.  Ever since I read about this game, probably 2 years ago, the concept sounded cool.  An open world game filled with all the DC characters including Superman, Batman, the Flash, Joker, etc.  The trailer looks cool in that it shows you can create your own character, then choose if you will join the superheroes in battling villains, or join the villains and add to the crime and chaos.  No real details about how this will all work, or if you can play as the legendary characters somewhere in the game, but so far this looks like it could be a cool game.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Screw the New Karate Kid, We Want Wax On, Fuck Off!

So the joke of a movie that dares call itself "The Karate Kid" is here, and just like the very first day I heard about this, it looks pretty much like shit.  The second it was announced the Jaden Smith would be the Ralph Macchio role, I knew this was bad news.  Now we find out that basically this is only loosely based on the same story, a kid getting his ass kicked and needing help learning to he is taught kung fu, that's right, NOT karate, but KUNG FU.  So why this movie isn't titled "The Kung Fu Kid" is beyond me, it makes no sense other than the fact that by calling it "The Karate Kid' they got to generate a buzz.  The movie is based in China, and barely resembles the classic. 

WHICH brings us to this next piece of work.  Thanks to the great work of, we have something to enjoy with a real Karate Kid feel to it, Daniel Larusso and all!  I don't know about you, but I would MUCH rather see a grown up Daniel Larusso, finally realizing that he's lead his entire life as a goody goody, and being damn tired of it.  R rated Larusso goes out trying to pick up hookers, drink his ass off, and any other dastardly deed outside of joining Cobra Kai .  Of course with Mr. Miyagi dead and gone, Daniel going off the deep end would provide some very interesting story possibilities.  This FunnyOrDie parody beats the sad attempt at a Karate Kid remake in our book, and probably any true fan of the REAL Karate Kid:

RandomVillain is making a movie. Heres how you can help!

Thats right. Your ol pal Random Villain is making a movie. Not really gonna go into details about it since I can just provide links to the sites for that, but figured I would share with the world how everyone can get involved and in a way, become a producer.

There is a pretty awesome site called where people with projects that need funding can go and set up a page and ask for donations. Which is what I did. You can donate however much you want, a dollar, two dollars, three, three, one hundred. All up to you. What do you get out of it? Details are right HERE!

Lindsay Lohan - The Death Watch Returns

You read it right, we're bringing a little Lohan back to Jerkland!  This post is going up strictly because I cannot go to any celebrity news sites without Lindsay face all over my screen.  A few years ago some writers from this site called for a Lindsay Lohan death watch.  Well so far she has survived, but barely.  First her movie career went to hell, then we got Lindsay Lohan posing nude in New York Magazine, which tells us that she knows she can still get attention no matter how bad she gets simply by getting naked, because believe it or not there are tons of people who still thinks she is mega hot.......never saw it but OK.

 Lindsay hasn't slowed down, with pics of her drunk or high or whatever surfacing regularly on the net.  So now we're at the point where she's close to going to jail, and having to wear bracelets that are somehow supposed to stop her from drinking and/or doing drugs (but only makes her pay 10 grand or so for having a drink,) the Lindsay Lohan death watch is back on.  Place your bets, make your predictions.  Will Lohan ever turn it around and survive?  Or will she finally surprise no one by kicking the bucket soon.  We've had many shocking celebrity deaths in the past year, but if the death watch is correct, Lindsay Lohan will be a shock to no one.  At least it would free up some web space for some news people care about......hey we're Jerks, and we tell it like it is.

More: Lindsay Lohan nude at

Monday, June 7, 2010

The iPhone 4

I love my iPhone 3GS. It is the best thing on the planet and refused to ever get a new phone ever, of course until the new iPhone comes out.

Anyways, here are all the new goodies headed our way which includes iMovie and Netflix Instant Viewing.

Front facing camera
Dual mics for noise cancelation
MicroSIM (to save space)
5 megapixel, 1.75 micron camera + LED flash
720p video at 30fps
Stainless steel rings and gaps — are the antennae (nice!)
Thinest smartphone ever
Optical quality, scratch-resistant glass
Retina display – 960×640 at 3.5″ for 326dpi (!!). 800:1 contrast ratio. IPS for wide-angle viewing.
Powered by A4 chipset
Bigger battery: 7 hrs 3G talk, 6 hrs 3G browsing, 10 hrs Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hrs video, 40 hrs music, 300 hrs standby
Still 32GB storage
802.11n Wi-Fi (yes!)

Sounds good to me, sadly I got into the iPhone game late and can't get the early upgrade goodies and must pay full price if I want it NOW. The display is awesome, HD video is great and the battery life is my favorite thing.

$199 for the 16gb and $299 for the 32gb if you have an upgrade. If not, lookin to be around 500 bucks for the 32gb.

But if I STILL can't make custom SMS tones I will lose my mind. Really tired of the standard annoying ones they have.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Women hotter than Megan Fox. Yes, they exist.

Look, Megan Fox is hot, but I don't think she is as hot as most people seem to think. Hell, the girl that replaced her in Transformers 3 is hotter. So I figured, I would just throw up some images of women in the world who I believe to be hotter than Megan Fox. Elisha Dushku, Elisha Cuthert, Katy Perry, Kristen Bell, Charisma Carpenter for example. Check them out, whine and debate below, or do it on our message boards.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Megan Fox Bikini Pics, Hot or Not?

Since Megan Fox is no longer going to be involved in Transformers 3, it looks like she's turned to getting publicity simply by going to the beach in a bikini every day, and it's working.  For the past 3 or 4 days Fox has hit the beach with David Silver aka Brian Austin Green (how he keeps her we don't know) in Hawaii and put on a show for the paparazzi.  Of course Megan Fox and Bikini equal automatic attention, but some reactions haven't been so great.  Of course many are spending quality time with these pics and think Fox is the hottest woman on the planet...while others are saying she's now too skinny, looks anorexic, and/or needs a sandwich.  Others say Fox is mega hot, but lacks 1 thing, which is an ass.  Megan is hot and has a great body, but if your a fan of a nice ass you may be out of luck.  Yet another opinion is that Fox was hot before the tattoos, but now her ink has made her less attractive. 

So what are your thoughts?  Do the boobs and tight abs make up for the lack of ass?  Is the once hottest girl ever now too skinny and lost her title?  Study and discuss the variety of subjects below:

Megan Fox bio, nudity review, pics and clips at

Friday, May 28, 2010

God Bless America

Ya know, I'm not too patriotic, yes I know I am lucky to live in America, where we are all, well kinda free I guess. But sometimes I take a look at the country I live in and wish I could click my heels and be living somewhere else. This video is one of those moments. This video pretty much defines America. When people in Europe and other countries look up America in the dictionary, it probably plays this video.

For one thing, who really cares who wins American Idol? From what I have seen, which isn't too much, the losers of that show go on to do more than the winners have. Fantasia? Taylor, uh whatever his last name is, that grey haired dude. Ugh.

I wanna move. I doubt juggalos exist in London.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ESPN 3D Arrives On DirecTV

The day, or well, night as arrived I guess. Sitting here watching some late night TV, the upload page appears on my TV for a software update on my DirecTV. After it finishes up, I hit the guide to see what exactly has been done to my precious DirecTV. Well, 3D is what happened. ESPN 3D has been added to the guide.

For those of you who love soccer, and have a 3D ready TV. You are gonna be having some good times in June as the World Cup will be presented in 3D on ESPN 3D. I sadly do not have a 3D TV. So I will be missing out on this goodness. Either way, this is a pretty huge step in 3D in homes.

Most people are getting annoyed with 3D this and 3D that. But I on the other hand welcome it. It's a great technology that has been re-invented over the years and when done right, looks pretty stunning. Of course having EVERY big movie come out in 3D is a bit much, but they're not forcing you to see it in 3D. You have the choice of seeing it in normal format, so shut up already. Either way......Tron Legacy in 3D is going to be insane.

NBA West Finals. Phoenix Suns Shocking The World?

Last season, the Phoenix Suns missed the NBA Playoffs. After going to the West finals 2 years straight, then making it to just the Semis, to losing in the first round, then to just not making them at all. It appeared the Suns were done for.

Going into this season, the "experts" all had their picks for the playoff teams. The Suns were picked to miss the playoffs, and finish the season in about the 9th or 10th spot in the West. Well, the season came, and it went. And here we are, well over a month after the regular season has ended, and the Suns are still playing. The team picked to finish in 10th place and miss the playoffs, are now tied at two games a piece with the defending champions, Los Angeles Lakers.

Before the Lakers though, those same experts, also picked the Suns to lose to the Spurs in 6 games in the West semis. And what happened? The Suns not only eliminated long time foe Spurs, but swept the Spurs, 4 games, to zero, none, nada.

Where are the experts now?

Same spot, saying the Suns have no chance, no hope. And will still end up losing the series. Now don't get me wrong, if the Suns lose this series against the Lakers, it will not come as a surprise. They are the defending champs, but why are the Suns getting no credit at all? The Suns are not winning these games by luck, or by squeaking out wins. They are closing games. Shutting teams down. And if you are thinking Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, the Suns two All Stars, are handling business, you might be surprised. Sure they are doing what they do best, but what I saw tonight was simply, amazing.

The Lakers had all their stars in, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest. And The Suns. Didn't have Steve Nash, Amare, Richardson, Lopez, or even Grant Hill in. The Suns had their bench players in. And it was their bench players, that in the 2nd quarter, and the 4th quarter, completely dominated and shut down the Lakers. So much so that when Nash and Amare came to check into the game, Suns coach Alvin Gentry sat them back down and let the bench players keep going.

The team that no one thought could do it, is doing it. Decisively. And still, the experts are against the Suns. Who picks these experts anyways??

Game 5 is Thursday, in Los Angeles. The biggest game of the year. The Suns lose, they go down 3-2, and come back to Phoenix for Game 6. But, if the Suns can win, if they can pull off the upset in LA, and take the 3-2 lead. Then the Suns will have a chance to eliminate the Lakers in Phoenix.

One thing that I have learned from watching the Suns my entire life, is that anything is possible.

I believe.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red Dead Redemption Thoughts

I loved, loved, loved the first game, Red Dead Revolver. I was a huge GTA fan at the time, and have been born and raised on westerns, so seeing both come together was awesome. It has been a long wait for this sequel, is the wait worth it?

In some ways, yes, and in some ways no. Gameplay wise the game is amazing. There is so much to do in the open world it is pretty amazing how much got packed into this game. The controls are a little tricky but nothing too hard to get the hang of. It has been a long long time since I played a third person shooter game. Spending the past few years knee deep in Call Of Duty and Resistance. So, the gameplay is great, but what is not so great?

Something pretty minor I must say, which is the story/characters. The character you play as, is seemingly being forced back into the life he has tried to leave, or else great harm will come to his wife and son. But, even with those two huge problems, he sure is one happy go lucky guy. Seems to constantly be happy and willing to lead the good life. It just seems weird that he has to kill a man or else his family is harmed, so he goes out to help some lady round up some cattle? I dunno, it seems to lose focus too much. And the character is a bit annoying after awhile.

But, the gameplay outshines that, I didn't get into the online play too much but I did some and it has potential to be pretty fun. But I don't think it'll have too much lasting power. I can easily see the online play getting a little old, and annoying when you might be out trying to do a challenge and some idiot won't stop trying to kill you in the process.

All in all though, after being extremely let down by GTA IV, this is a huge step up from it. I would say it is worth a buy, mainly because from what I can see there is hours upon hours of gameplay to be had in the game with all the side missions and strange little things that pop up.


Monday, May 10, 2010

It Is Time To Rise Up Against Movie Theater Texting

I am sick of this crap. People in this world need to put down the damn phone every one in awhile. Why would you pay 20+ dollars, to go sit in a movie theater and text through it? Not only is it wasting your own money when you can be doing that at home, but you are also annoying the living crap out of everyone sitting behind you!

But not anymore

Tonight, I changed the game forever, and hopefully, you will all follow suit and join me and end this annoyance once and for all.

Tonight, I went to see Iron Man 2, I won't be posting a review of it, because its Iron Man 2, you know what you get with it, so there. During the movie in front of me just to my right, was some idiot Tapout shirt wearin douche who had a Blackberry Storm. How do I know exactly what type of phone this was? Because he had the phone out during 75% of the movie, texting!

Now, you my wonder, 75%? He didn't text through the ENTIRE movie? No, he didn't. Why? Because I finally found a way to put a stop to it, and I am going to tell you all how to do this, in hopes that all of you who are equally annoyed with it as I am, do the same.

I got a little fed up with this bright white light shining every couple minutes, and I thought, what in the hell is so damn important that this idiot just HAS to keep texting away? Step out into the hall and finish the conversation! Well, ya know what?

I'm just gonna read it.

So, from then on, any time this idiot would whip out his phone, I would lean forward slightly, and read his texts, and his responses. His girlfriend was pissed at him, because he went with his friend to see Iron Man 2, and he didn't take her with. They were in a deep argument, this was like the time she wanted to go see another movie real bad, and he didn't take her and instead went with some other girl.

Once I read that text, I did the following....

Leaned in even closer....

And whispered....

"That was a dick move dude."

He looked over at me and said "What?!"

"Why would you not take your girl to see the movie?"

He got really pissed off, but shoved his phone in his pocket and never again, brought it out.

So people, do this, whenever some idiot is texting nonstop, READ IT. READ THOSE TEXTS! Hopefully this spreads, so the idiots texting during movies will stop, because they will be afraid of the OTHER people in the theater, reading their private conversations.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Talking Characters Coming Soon to Disneyland?!

So this is the craziest thing to see for anyone that's been to a Disney theme park, or just about any theme park for that matter.  You know how it works, you see characters, they take pics, maybe sign autographs....and the occasional nod and point.  Well now, it looks like everything is about to change.  The traditional in park characters that have pretty much worked the same way for 50 years, could be talking and interacting with guests.  And this just isn't an idea on paper, this is technology that is being tested right now, and it is quite amazing.  In the video below, you can see Mickey Mouse talking and interacting with guests, mouth moving and all.  I don't know how Disney does it, but this is the next evolution in Disney park entertainment.  I dont know how close they are to perfecting this and using it regularly in the park, but by the looks of things, they have this technology down, and this generations kids are in for a much more advanced Disney experience.  When this is officially implemented in the Disney parks, it will no doubt cause an even bigger surge in people buying Disneyland tickets and planning more Disney vacations to experience the parks in a whole new and advanced way.  See the video below and be amazed, especially if you have ever been to a Disney park in the past.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Link In Super Mario? Super Mario Crossover!?

There have been many times I have been playing a video game and would be getting my ass kicked and think to myself, "If only I had Mario in this damn game I would be kicking their ass!" Well, that day has come, sort of.

A version of Super Mario Bros has appeared online where you can not only play as Mario, but use Mega Man, Link, Samus and more!

I haven't spent too much time playing, so I don't know how far into the game you can go, but even if you can only just play the first level, that is awesome enough.

Click here for the game.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

G.I. Joe: The Movie On It's Way to Blu Ray

Not long ago while trading in some old DVD's with the thought that I would upgrade them to the blu ray version, I came across one of my all time favorites, G.I. Joe the Movie.  The G.I. Joe movie was definitely not in the trade in pile, because obviously it was one of the movies that would never get a blu ray release.  And now, I can gladly say I was wrong.  For anyone confused, I'm not talking about the latest G.I. Joe movie, the Rise of Cobra, I am talking about the epic G.I. Joe animated movie from 1987 that was the pinnacle of the legendary G.I. Joe run in the 80's.  The movie featured just about every G.I. Joe character we grew up on in the cartoons, even Sgt. Slaughter, in the biggest war with Cobra of all time.  The story was crazy for any kid who followed the Joes throughout the years.  One of the most odd aspects was Cobra Commander being turned into a snake, then helping the G.I. Joes defeat the Serpentor ran Cobra.  This was the pretty much the end of the original G.I. Joe run, as DIC took over the franchise after this, and had to re-build some things, including getting Cobra Commander back to somewhat human form, and on the right side, fighting the Joes.  Now the DVD that originally came out was a special edition, and had some cool extras including the famous G.I. Joe public service announcements that were featured at the end of every cartoon, yeah the ones that had a G.I. Joe walking in on some kid digging in the medicine for some pills to try, then telling them how bad that was.  No word on what the Blu Ray will feature extra wise, but I'm hoping it's not an exact rehash of what has already come out, and hopefully they will pack this Blu Ray and give us the ultimate G.I. Joe: the Movie experience.  Here is the intro to the movie, which set the epic tone right from the start:

G.I. Joe Resolute is Pretty Bad Ass

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Star Wars Blu Rays Announced! Animated Episode VII?!

I used to own all 6 movies on Blu Ray. And then, some bastard stole them from me. I never went out and rebought them, because I knew someday, somewhere, they would come to Blu Ray. And that day is near.

Lucasfilm Director of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet revealed that they have been at work for the past couple years putting together the 6 movies for a Blu Ray release. While it won't be an ULTIMATE box set, he did say that they will be jam packed with features.

Sadly though, no release date was announced, but he said the set shouldn't be too far in the distant future. I'm guessing they will be out in time for Christmas Shopping.

In other Star Wars news.... it was also revealed that the new animated series, will center around the events AFTER Return Of The Jedi!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Marvel Vs Capcom 3?!

War Machine, Gambit, Cable. That's my line up. Those are my guys I use to dominate any and all in Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Word spread today that MVC 3 will be headed to PS3 and XBox later this year.

This time around it is said they will be using the graphics for Street Fighter IV and mixing it with what we saw in MVC 2 all while blowing us away in full 1080p resolution.

As for the characters in the game, only the usual suspects are confirmed right now such as Wolverine, Spiderman, and the rest of the main people, but, it was said that we will be blown away by the full list of how many characters will be appearing this time.

COME ON CAPCOM! GIVE US HAGGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Brass Knuckles Are For Sissys, Ill Take Blast Knuckles!

So yesterday my nephew and I made a stop at the Spy store, yes, for real, there are such things as Spy stores. And yes, they do sell a cane that has a sword in it. Along with other neat gadgets and goodies. Normal stuff ya know? If you saw Kick Ass and saw the nanny cam teddy bear, those are for real, along with bird house cams, clock cams, and more. But the one thing that really caught my eye at the store, was something I had never seen or even heard of before.

We have all seen brass knuckles and know what they do. But here we found, Blast Knuckles. What are they you ask? Imagine being able to punch someone and bust them up pretty bad like you would typical brass knuckles, but ass on the fact that on the end of these knuckles, is also a taser. You can punch someone in the gut and at the same time blast them with 950,000 volts of electricity.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, you almost have the powers of some Street Fighter characters now with the help of this little gadget. SHORRRRRRRRRYUKEN!

PSN Thursday To Be PSN Tuesday?!

This pleases me, forever now I have had to deal with the X Box 360 getting content a day earlier than the PlayStation. Not anymore! Starting this May the PlayStation Store will start updating on Tuesday in the US and on Wednesday in the UK. Now the 360 fans have to wait that extra day for content, demos, and other goodies. Will this be the start of some kinda time release date battle between X Box and PS3? Who knows. With Sony bringing content a day early, I hope this also means we get movies in the PSN Video Store the same day as DVD release. As for Microsoft, how long before they move to Mondays? And then Sony to Sundays? And then Microsoft going into the future and bringing things back to the present?

3D PlayStation 3 Games In June.

Are you rich? Like really rich? If so then you probably went and blew some cash on one of those handy new 3D TVs that I see at Best Buy all the time. 3D is quickly heading into our homes and it looks like Sony is going to be the first gaming console to the party.

The June, coming to the PlayStation Network will be a slew of 3D Games. As of now the only games announced are WipEout HD, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, PAIN and Super Stardust HD, but if you have yet to rush out to get a 3D TV, and you are interested in 3D gaming, then wait just a minute. If you buy the new Bravia 3D TV, you get 4 free 3D games from the PSN. Sounds like a deal to me, if I was in the market for a new TV.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Your First Look At Thor Via Iron Man 2?!

Watch this little clip below, nice little feature which then goes to a small clip from Iron Man 2, showing Tony Stark walking down the halls of a jail. Notice when he walks past the camera, you see someone in the background getting their mugshot. That my friends, be Thor.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't Know The Power of Blu Ray? Get Disney.

I have been in Blu Ray land for about three years now. Back in the old days of HD DVD vs Blu Ray. I sided with Blu Ray, but I bought an HD DVD player mainly because it was only $99 on a Wal Mart deal. The very first Blu Ray I watched was Speed, and it looked glorious. But some classic movies come out on Blu Ray, and some look great, but some look the same. The Godfather movies look pretty great on Blu Ray, but when my favorite movie of all time, A Clockwork Orange, came out on Blu Ray I was a bit let down by the look of it. Sure it looked a little bit better than the DVD, but nothing mind blowing. And I find this happens often with Blu Rays, it looks a bit better than the DVD, but it doesn't blow me away, so what is out there that does blow me away? Disney.

Disney is the only studio right now that is doing Blu Ray the way it was meant to be done. They have released some classic movies that are simply stunning to look at in HD. Sleeping Beauty being the main one. It was almost as if they took every frame of the movie and redrew it and recolored it. It is so fresh and clear and colorful. They have also put out Snow White, and Pinocchio which are equally stunning to look at. And of course, we can not forget the Pixar films which are mind blowing to watch in HD.

On top of the video and audio being perfection on Disney/Pixar Blu Rays, we can not forget the features. Some Blu Rays I own surprisingly have NONE. Yes, I own Days Of Thunder on Blu Ray, and it is bare bones. No special features at all. Why? All the space and power of a Blu Ray at least put something on there. But Disney? Jam, packed. every feature they can possibly imagine to fit on there, they make it fit. And of course my two favorite things, DVD and Digital Copy. I have a 1 year old who is just now getting into movies, and in his room is a DVD player. So I can use the DVD copy of the movie that comes with the Blu Ray to put on in his room while we can still enjoy the Blu Ray of the movie in the living room. And if we are out on the go and bored somewhere and feel like watching it, the Digital Copy has provided my iPhone with a copy.

So, if you own a Blu Ray player, and want to see what your player can really do, grab a few Disney Blu Rays. If you are thinking about getting a Blu Ray player still but don't really think there is a huge difference between DVD and Blu Ray, just head down to Best Buy and ask to see a Disney Blu Ray do its thing. Later this year Disney will be unleashing Beauty And The Beast to Blu Ray, along with what I think will be their best Blu Ray to date, Fantasia. Night On Bald Mountain in HD? HELL YES!

Got Some Cash? Like Watching TV? I Have The Answers!

Last month I was taking the family on a road trip to Farmville Iowa. No Farmville wasn't the real name, but it was dirt roads and tiny towns and I knew boredom would ensue. And it was the week of many premieres on TV. Well, I had some loose cash and nothing to lose, so I dropped a chunk of change and picked up the Slingbox HD Pro.I then got home, and hooked it up in under 10 minutes and was off and running. Now you are probably asking, what exactly is this Slingbox and what does it do? Very simple, the Slingbox plugs into your router, and your cable box/tivo/satellite box/dvd player/whatever you want. And you download the Slingplayer on your laptop, blackberry, or in my case, the Slingplayer app for the iPhone. And wherever you may be in the world, as long as you have high speed internet, you can watch your TV at home. There is an infrared plug coming off the Slingbox that points at whatever device you want to control and what you would normally see on your TV at home, you see on whatever device you are using to watch it on. Watch your TV, your DVR, or have it hooked to a DVD player and watch a DVD. I can see the DVD feature being handy for those with the multi-dvd players.

Now the downside of things. If your wife, family, or roommates are at home and watching TV, and you are out somewhere bored and wanna watch some TV and fire up the Slingbox, whatever channel or show on the DVR you choose, will affect those at home watching. But that is pretty minor to me, I find this useful for having a basketball game on and also wanting to play some Call of Duty, now I just fire up my laptop and watch the game while playing some video games on the TV. Best of both worlds.

So if you love watching TV and want to do so on the go and do a lot of traveling, then this is worth shelling out quite a bit of cash for. The HD player will set you back about $300. And for the app on the iPhone it did cost $39.99 but that might have changed. On the iPhone you can watch over Wifi or 3G and it works pretty well. I always read about people upset that Hulu is not available for the iPhone, but if you have this set up, Hulu is kinda worthless.

Head over to the Slingbox Site for even more details.

Blockbuster Mailing Games?

If there is one way Blockbuster can knock the mighty giant Netflix down to it's knees, it could be games by mail. Around here in Phoenix, Blockbusters and Hollywood Videos are closing up left and right, leaving me to wonder where the hell can I go to rent my video games since Netflix won't? I tried Gamefly but it was a bit too pricey for me. It will cost you an extra $8 bucks a month on top of your Blockbuster plan, unless you don't rent a game for that month, then you won't be charged. Which is kinda nice. Sadly though, no trade in offers like they have with their DVDs, but I would assume that will change soon.

So how bout it? Would you dump Netflix and Gamefly to switch over to Blockbuster and get DVDs and games under one service?

South Korea Gaming Curfew?!

If you live in South Korea, and you are addicted to online gaming, prepare to cry. To help get rid of video game addiction among teens in South Korea, when the clock hits midnight or other selected shut off time, all online gaming sessions will end and be shut down all night. Now if you wanna play some single player, there is nothing stopping you, but that doesn't help things when more and more games are being played online more than in single player.

You will be able to select between 12am-6am, 1am-7am or 2am-8am. Naturally everyone is probably going to aim for 2am-8am. Will this plan work? I really don't know, sure it'll force kids to not play games online, but will it backfire and turn kids to go running loose on the streets for underground late night gaming rings?

Jerks Around For Years To Come

Well it has been just about 1 year since Bunch Of Jerks was formed, and so far we have managed to get a couple anonymous readers to threaten to quit reading our site about once a month, yet they stick around and to those people I have good news.

The Jerks, will stay.

The past couple weeks I have been receiving emails that our domain name was about to renew, and I made the decision to renew it for the next couple years. So, you have a good couple years of bitching and whining in the comments section ahead of you! Congrats!