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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jigsaw Has Been Defeated By A Couple Amatuers!

I don't often write about the results of the weekend box office. But I find this pretty amazing. Maybe Hollywood will finally get the hint. But why do I find this so awesome? Not because of Paranormal Activity itself, but the story behind it.

I've been playing in the indie film game for many years. And a big problem I have always faced out here in Phoenix, is no one cares about a story. They just want to get big names to pop up in any piece of crap they write to help sell it. They shoot for getting a $500,000 budget, instead of thinking realistic and just using $10,000 and make a movie with a good story with unknowns. Well, Paranormal Activity proved my point, and proved with with some hurtin bombs.

Saw VI opened in around 3500+ theaters and made 14 million. Paranormal Activity, having already been seen by the majority of horror fans, expanded into just under 2000 theaters, and made 22 million over this weekend, bringing its total to 65 million dollars, and it only cost 11 grand to make. That is called success.

Take note Hollywood, please, for the love of Optimus. No more Saw, no more Rob Zombie movies, no more bullshit. Just let the people with true film talent do what they do, and ship people like Stephen Sommers and Brett Ratner to an island somewhere.