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Thursday, October 22, 2009

WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 Review

This is gonna be a brief review. Mainly because I'm tired.

The new kick out system is crap. I got hit about, twice, maybe, in the entire match, and after 2 pin attempts on me, I was done.

The new Royal Rumble system is boring and makes the Rumble the easiest thing in the game to win.

The game is the same ol same ol that we have seen previously. The computer is a reversing machine where damn near every move you do is reversed. I did a match against William Regal, I nailed him with chairs over, and over, busted him wide open, bleeding all over, every move I had set up was used, chairs, tables, everything I had to throw at him, I did, and then when he is holding his head, stumbling all over, bleeding everywhere, I go to throw my finisher on him, and suddenly he can reverse it and move around just fine. Does Regal have Hogan Powers now or something?

3 on 1 handicap match, me vs three computer players, I bust them all open, they end up winning by DQ, the match ends, they're in the ring celebrating, but have had a miracle happen, as all of them are no longer bleeding?

Same ol, same ol, Smackdown. Where the actual gameplay is idiotic and jumbled, but the storylines going on in the game are somewhat entertaining. Get it if you liked last years game and want new storylines to play through, other than that, nothing really new going on. Glad that I rented, and didn't buy.