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Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Movie Mania 1: Season Of The Witch

Alright, alright, October 1st kicked off with HALLOWEEN III: Season Of The Witch. I know I don't mention The word HALLOWEEN in the title, but that is because any time I talk about this movie, I only call it Season Of The Witch, and the reason is pretty simple.

See, after Halloween II, John Carpenter decided to continue producing Halloween themed films. Kinda like Tales From The Crypt, using the Halloween name and theme, but each movie be a whole new story. Well of course, Halloween III comes out, all hell breaks loose cause people go to see it and realize there is no Michael Myers in it other than on a TV, and well, you know what happened with Halloween 4.

But why bother mentioning Season Of The Witch then? Simple. It's a pretty kick ass movie. Take out half the title, and just think of it as a stand alone movie that is not part of the Halloween universe, and you'll see that by itself, it holds up as a creepy crazy sci fi horror movie about some dude that wants to kill every kid in the world by turning their heads into bugs snakes and shit by wearing these masks that will go off when kids watch a flashing TV and powers from a giant magic rock set it off..... ok yeah, sounds dumb, but shit, its fun.

So with that, I started my Halloween season off with Silver Shamrock. What was really awesome though, was I watched this movie last night, it came on HBO, right at Midnight. Right when the clock turned to October 1 2009. Perfect timing to kick off the Halloween season.