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Monday, April 2, 2012

Platinum Dunes taking on Halloween?!

Platinum Dunes is the company that remade all of the greats. Texas Chainsaw. Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Amityville Horror. And even though none of them were the best of horror movies, Ill take any of those remakes over the giant turd that Rob Zombie left with his two Halloween movies. So here is my plead to Platinum Dunes... Just hear me out....

Please do not reboot. Please do not continue Rob Zombies crapola. Bring back the original Myers! True the last Busta Rhymes movie with him Kung Fu fighting Myers was horse crap but there is still tons of story involved with Michael Myers from the original movies. The fans know the history, been told it twice now, so theres no reason to reboot AGAIN. And the Rob Zombie movies, forget it. So what should you do? Very simple.....

This was a series of comics, that for some reason never got finished. The last issue went MIA. Or either it had a very small release and I missed it. But these were pretty damn interesting. The storyline takes place right after Halloween 2. And explains where Laurie went and what happened to her between Halloween 2 and Halloween H20. Now THAT is a movie I would like to see.