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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pacific Rim set report!

Pacific Rim already has me with a raging nerd boner. As a kid, and even as an adult, I LOVE me some giant monster movies. I was raised on Godzilla and have done so with my own kid, who at 3 years old probably knows more about the monsters in Godzilla movies than most adults, even myself. So watching this tiny little set report, showing how they have turned Toronto into Tokyo, has me ready for some giant monster mayhem. I also must note that the great Guillermo Del Toro of Pans Labyrinth and Hellboy fame is at the helm. And both of those movies featured some pretty great monsters. I can't wait. And for you SAMCRO fans out there, Pacific Rim also stars Charlie Hunnam (Jax) and and Ron Pearlman (Clay).