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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Skyrim. The Best Console Game Of All Time?

I've been playing video games since Intellevision. Yeah. Before Nintendo. Burgertime, Utopia, Asteroids, BEEE SEVETEEEEEN BOOOOOMBERRRRRR. (Very few will get that). So with over 25 years of video gaming experience under my belt, it comes as somewhat of a surprise to me that I am now considering putting Skyrim as the best game of all time, on my list at least.

I love video games but I am always bummed when they come to an all too quick end. Call of Duty can be beat in just a couple hours really. Bigger games like Red Dead Redemption and GTA come along but even those come to an end. And after they are all said and done, whats left to do? Some online fun, but that's it. A lot of games like Arkham City and others pack on side missions and other quests to try to keep gamers gaming but they never really last. Most games top out at around 40-50 hours of gameplay. But Skyrim, that is not the case.

Last night, I hit my 40th hour of gameplay on Skyrim. And the thing is, I haven't really even begun the main storyline in the game. I've been going through two side quests. The Thieves Guild, and the Dark Brotherhood. As well as a couple other side quests here and there. Some people have told me they have hit well over 300+ hours of gaming and are still going strong. The game is never ending, and you don't really ever grow tired of it. It is one of the biggest open world games, as well as the one of the most interactive games I have ever played. You can talk to and interact with every character you see in the game. And just about every object in the game. Random people on the street can turn into friends or enemies. You can just about do whatever you want in the game. And the thing is there is even MORE on the way as there are rumors of Bethesda adding some DLC including new quests, and new enhancements to the game.

The music, the characters, the story, everything in this game is top notch. You owe it to yourself as a gamer to play this game.