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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daniel Davies takes over as lead singer of CKY

Daniel Davies, vocalist for Year Long Disaster, has taken over the spot left by Deron Miller for CKY. Deron Miller and the rest of the member of CKY have had their ups and downs over the past few years but just late last year it all came to a conclusion as Deron officially left the band after a meltdown that happened on stage in front of many fans. Many CKY fans were left wondering what would happen next? Especially since CKY still had dates left for a tour.

Enter Daniel Davies.

Now fans are all bent out of shape, yelling for CKY to change the name of the band because of Deron Millers departure. Which is stupid. Many bands have had singers switch out, and things were just fine. Hell they even made a movie about it once. The thing is, even if CKY decided to change the name of the band, then there would be fans all over pissed because they changed the name of the band!

CKY is still alive. And will continue to put out music with Daniel Davies as the lead singer. Below is an interview with the new CKY.