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Monday, November 2, 2009

Olivia Munn is Making Her Own Magazine...and It Beats Playboy

The world rejoiced when news spread that Olivia Munn posed for Playboy, and we Jerks rejoiced as well.  Then news kept coming in that brought the situation down.  First was news that the actual Playboy only had 1 Olivia pic...weird, but AH the rest of the pics are online....then problem number 2, while the pics were very hot, Olivia didn't get naked.  Olivia claims she didn't want to get naked, most people say Playboy could've shelled out enough cash and made it happen, but regardless, it left us wanting more Olivia.  Well now Olivia is taking control of the situation, and is making her own magazine titled "Hey Olivia"...a magazine made with her fans in mind (the pic to the right is a preview of the cover shot.)  And having the fans in mind = a 15 page photo spread, in all sorts of sexy poses.  Olivia says she has total control, from what pics get used to what else is in the magazine etc., so it should be a winner due to the combination of Olivia being hot, and pretty damn funny too.  We've got the preview video below, and the best thing that stands out is some nice ass shots with Olivia in somewhat see through panties....yes THAT is what the fans want.  We're not sure exactly what all we will see in the magazine, but prob just a little more than Playboy, not a lot, but we can hope.  One day someone will realize that Olivia showing approximately 1 boob would = sales skyrocketing through the roof.  Until then, we will continue to be gladly teased by Olivia Munn.  You can buy the Hey Olivia magazine now, and the official release date is Novermber 12.