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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twilight And Twilight New Moon Thoughts...

I've never read the books. Before the first movie came out, I had no idea what the Twilight books were. Up until a couple weeks ago, all I knew was there was werewolves, vampires, and lots of love and depression, or, whatever. Like most females in the world, my wife is a Twilight fan. She's more a fan of the books than the first couple movies though, but, she digs em. I was never really that interested. But, I'm not the giant homophobe that most guys are. I was down to check it out, whatever. I was not in the mindset of "WHAT VAMPIRES AND TEENS IN LOVE FUCKING GAY FUCK THAT!" I was in the mindset of, eh, whatever, I'll check it out. I dig vampires and werewolves and sure, I'm down for a little romance at that. And I heard there's some cool fight scenes here and there so alright, I'm there.

What started it all was the wife, she wanted to go see New Moon, I was a little hesitant, mainly because if I was to go to the movies, there were other movies on the "want to see" list before New Moon, well, New Moon wasn't even on that list. But she insisted I check it out. So, I had to see the first movie, which I did today, and then went and saw New Moon. And my thoughts on them?

Not bad.

I'm not a film snob, where I demand perfect acting and lighting and camera work and a perfect plot or else I will write the whole movie off. The first Twilight was entertaining and decent, even though the Cullens manage to drive from Washington to Arizona in a matter of a couple hours. Whatever, it's a movie. And as for New Moon, I thought it was better than Twilight. My only gripe being is the two heroes of the movies, Jacob and Edward, really need to stop all the damn whining. My favorite character is Emmit. Edwards brother. He's just down to party and have a good time. He doesn't spend his days in depression. SPOILERS BELOW...

In closing I will say, they're not bad movies, they're not great movies. But these movies really weren't aimed at the 27 year old geek males. But, I'm cool with them, me and Twilight can exist in a world together, I'll even go far as saying that, New Moon ends on a cliffhanger, and I was a little pissed about it, I wanted more. Can't just drop a bombshell on me and leave me hangin!

So yeah, if you like some vampires and werewolves, or sorry, SHAPESHIFTERS, and haven't read the books, you just might be a little be into these movies. As for me, my ticket for Eclipse is bought, and I'll be there to check it out. Damnit. I don't see why these movies get such a bad wrap for being bad movies. I have seen MUCH worse, I will gladly sit through another round of Twilight and New Moon over ever having to see Van Helsing or The Mummy movies ever again.

Oh, and if you're wondering if I'm Team Edward or Team Jacob, at this point? I'm on the fence. Both need to do a bit of, "Manning up" before I can decide really. But I can say that I'm leaning a bit more on the Jacob side, mainly because he gave me a new word to call sissy guys, which is Marshmellow.