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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everyone Wants to Do the Risky Business...Some Fail.

Everyone has seen the 1,000 variations of the never ending Risky Business themed Guitar Hero commercials.  The best one was Metalica kicking everyones ass before they could do it for their commercial.  It's a no brainer that some dumbasses would try to create their own, and in the process produce a mega fail.  These two chicks obviously decided to slide across the floor in their panties and give us a show, but too bad one of them wipes the fuck out and probably has a concussion now.  Obviously they didn't pay attention to how it's done and didn't get the proper gear (f'n sock maybe?)...and hence the result is 1 knocked out bitch on the floor, and another who is trying her HARDEST not to laugh her fuckin ass off...and she's doing a pretty good job, because this is some funny shit:

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