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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Elizabeth Lambert... WE SALUTE YOU!!

Elizabeth Lambert is awesome. And we love her. See she is just your normal cool chick. Hangs out, does her homework, lovely to be around, and plays soccer.

And then one day some stupid snooty bitches from BYU, start giving her a hard time! They start talkin shit, they throw elbows into her awesome chest, they tug on her shorts, so Elizabeth Lambert, turned into LAMBERT 3:16 and decided to dish come back. What the snooty BYU bitches didn't realize, was Elizabeth Lambert isn't one to be messed around with. Don't go throing an elbow if you don't want a face full of soccer ball. Thanks. Watch the video, watch number 7 on the white team act like a stupid lil bitch, she throws an elbow into Elizabeths chest. So guess what happens then? Its called Elizabeth VS BYU. And Elizabeth wins.

We understand that due to her actions, Elizabeth Lambert was banned. Which is total bullshit. Had this happened in England, she would have MAYBE gotten tossed from the game, or a foul thrown in her face. And now she feels all sorry and bad about it, look Elizabeth, 99% of the internet saw what those girls were doing, and you were just defending yourself. So don't worry. You are still awesome in our eyes, and now thousands of guys wanna marry your sexy lil bad ass self.

Also here is where they really screwed up, for the first time in the history of the planet Earth. People are actually giving a shit about womens college soccer. And they go and ban the reason for it. Good job.