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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Walmart Manager vs. The People

Ran across this video which was followed by a huge debate, so I decided to bring it here for all of us Jerks to tear apart.  The situation:  it's Christmas Eve and Walmart is set to close at 8:00 P.M.  Some people show up at 7:40 P.M. looking to grab a last minute gift, but are prevented by a manager from entering due to it being almost closing time.  The manager's logic seems to be that he wants everything done and employees on their way home by 8, not actually just closing the doors at 8.

What ensues is a group of angry people outside Walmart having a heated argument with the Assistant Manager, and it was all of course caught on tape.  You might side with the shoppers since it seems like if a store is closing at 8 and it's only 7:40, there still should be time to go in and grab something.  But in this particular case one customer goes racist on the manager, asking if the problem is that there "aren't enough Mexicans workin for ya" and if he had to "pay white people more money or somethin."  Obviously that guy isn't going to get a whole lot of love from the Internet over the racist comment, but were all these customers right?

The opposing argument says that a manager has the right to refuse service for ANY reason, and that this manager had the right to do this.  But after all, it WAS Christmas, so who is right here?  The Assistant Manager that wants himself and his employees to get home for Christmas?  Or the shoppers who want to shop during the advertised hours?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ocean Marketing aka Worst Customer Service EVER

I had this story dropped on my desk at the Jerk Offices a little while ago, and apparently it's the hottest topic currently in the gaming world. 

You probably haven't heard of Ocean Marketing, neither had I, but you may be familiar with Avenger Controllers which are controllers that apparently help the handicapped play games etc.  Apparently one customer hadn't received an order and tried contacting Ocean Marketing who handles the customer service for Avenger Controllers, and basically got some of the shittiest responses ever. 

Basically the person ordered 2 controllers and was disappointed that they wouldn't arrive by Christmas as promised.  After getting the runaround on a shipment date, the customer is contacted by Paul Christoforo who is apparently the president of Ocean Marketing.  Christoforo goes on to name drop every video game source in the industry such as IGN and G4 while touting how he has so much pull and is a superstar basically.  You really have to read the entire conversation to see just how bad this guy deals with customers.

Well now Christoforo is getting owned by every company he name dropped as almost every one of them are making statements about not endorsing him or his company at all.  This is a case of someone thinking they are a bad ass and super popular, then getting bitch slapped by reality.  Give shitty customer service, then your company goes to shit.  This guys company is just going to shit faster than most due to all this publicity (bet he doesn't love it all that much now!)  Well us Jerks are joining in on owning this moron, as we sit back and laugh while he will no doubt be sitting in a corner crying over his own idiocy.  If you read it and want to share in telling him what you think, well it's too late because he's apparently ran away from Twitter due to all this "publicity."

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Carly Foulkes loves Random Villain

FORD EXPLORER RIDIN, PAPER AIRPLANE FLYIN, SODA STEALIN, WHEELIN DEALIN, SON OF A GUN! Earlier this month, I professed, MY LOVE, for the fairest in all the land, Carly Foulkes! And we hit her up on Twitter, to let her know, that if she is looking, for what a real man is all about, she should come to Bunch Of Jerks!

And she did

And this is what she had to say!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lady Gaga's New Video is Her Most Insane Yet

She just had her own Thanksgiving special, she just posed nude for a Tony Bennett painting, and now Lady Gaga has directed her first music video.  With Gaga in control, "Marry the Night" delivers 13 minutes of music video craziness, but it's Lady Gaga after all.

Don't get us wrong, the Jerks are big Gaga fans actually, as there is nothing like her crazy mix of musical talent and over the top theatrics.  We're not the types who hate Gaga because she wears crazy outfits and does shocking things at concerts and in videos.  The "Marry the Night" video does take things to new levels of craziness though, including but not limited to naked cheerio baths, nurses with great asses, Gaga as a ballerina, and even more nakedness.  Keep in mind this whole video is supposed to represent all the things that happened to Gaga before making it big, so it's a bit of a bio video, somehow.

Check out 13 minutes of Gaga greatness below, keep in mind you may have to watch it a couple of times to comprehend everything you've just seen:

Carly Foulkes, the T Mobile Girl. Oh yeah.

We all know that my heart belongs to Jessica from True Blood, but, is Random Villain straying a bit? Is my heart suddenly going pitter pat for.......The T Mobile Girl? I gotta tell ya, she very well could be the hottest thing on TV today. This girl...

Makes me....


Friday, December 2, 2011

Adam Carolla Rants on Occupy Wall Street

This may be a couple of weeks old, but it was so good I figured it still needed to be posted.  Last month we posted the live stream of Occupy Wall Street which is still up and running and showing all the craziness as it unfolds.  Many people including me really didn't know much about all this, other than there were groups of people doing these huge protests that they thought would change something.

Well for anyone who wants a definite opinion on Occupy Wall Street, Adam Carolla is that guy.  In the interview below Carolla lays out it out pretty simply: people are mad that others busted ass to make more money than them, and they want to whine and complain about it.  He points out that back in the day people would look up to someone who worked hard to build a business or work their way up in the world, but now people just want to complain and want a cut for themselves regardless if they worked or not.

So if your someone that looks at all this Occupy Wall Street stuff and thinks these people are just a bunch of whiny bitches, Adam Carolla is with you.  There are still tons of people living in tents and trying to prove a point instead of going out and busting their asses to be successful, will they succeed in their efforts?  I tend to think not.  Check out Adam Carolla's full rant below: