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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ocean Marketing aka Worst Customer Service EVER

I had this story dropped on my desk at the Jerk Offices a little while ago, and apparently it's the hottest topic currently in the gaming world. 

You probably haven't heard of Ocean Marketing, neither had I, but you may be familiar with Avenger Controllers which are controllers that apparently help the handicapped play games etc.  Apparently one customer hadn't received an order and tried contacting Ocean Marketing who handles the customer service for Avenger Controllers, and basically got some of the shittiest responses ever. 

Basically the person ordered 2 controllers and was disappointed that they wouldn't arrive by Christmas as promised.  After getting the runaround on a shipment date, the customer is contacted by Paul Christoforo who is apparently the president of Ocean Marketing.  Christoforo goes on to name drop every video game source in the industry such as IGN and G4 while touting how he has so much pull and is a superstar basically.  You really have to read the entire conversation to see just how bad this guy deals with customers.

Well now Christoforo is getting owned by every company he name dropped as almost every one of them are making statements about not endorsing him or his company at all.  This is a case of someone thinking they are a bad ass and super popular, then getting bitch slapped by reality.  Give shitty customer service, then your company goes to shit.  This guys company is just going to shit faster than most due to all this publicity (bet he doesn't love it all that much now!)  Well us Jerks are joining in on owning this moron, as we sit back and laugh while he will no doubt be sitting in a corner crying over his own idiocy.  If you read it and want to share in telling him what you think, well it's too late because he's apparently ran away from Twitter due to all this "publicity."