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Monday, May 2, 2011

Video: Lyoto Machida Learned the Crane Kick from Mr. Miyagi

UFC 129 delivered some great moments, but none more spectacular than the finish of the Lyoto Machida vs. Randy Couture fight. This fight was Couture's retirement fight, as he had announced that win, lose, or draw he would be done after this fight. Randy went out in grand fashion, although he was on the losing end of this fight.  

Lyotoa Machida won the fight with a crane kick to the face......yes, THAT crane kick. The announcers were shocked at the finish, saying it was one of the most memorable in UFC's history. Machida delivered the signature crane kick to Couture's face, and it was lights out from there. Commentator Joe Rogan seemed astonished to see what he described by name as the "crane technique."

Now all the questions can be answered.  While Machida credited Steven Seagal, we all know that the crane technique came from Okinawa by way of Mr. Miyagi!  Daniel Larusso used it to win the All-Valley tournament in 1984, and now UFC fighters are realizing the magic of Miyagi family karate.  Now after all these years, we know that the crane kick is NOT a fake move that was invented for the Karate Kid movie, and is a legit destructive move that wins MMA fights......see for yourselves:

**Update** We want to thank and all of our fans who have helped make this mashup a huge viral success.  UFC + Karate Kid = best mashup ever.**