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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mr. Miyagi UFC Trainer featured on G4's Attack Of The Show!

Yeah, I'm gonna post some news on our own news. I can do that. Why? Because its my blog and I'm a jerk. The other night I sat here and cut together a little video showing Mr. Miyagi being a trainer for that Machida dude. (I don't watch UFC, I like my fighting scripted). Well I was expecting it to just be a little video to get some laughs between a few. Not expecting the explosion that followed.

It is now all over the net, even being featured today on G4s Attack Of The Show in their Around The Net segment where it was #1.

So a huge thanks to the G4 people for featuring this video on their show. And a very big thanks to for being the first site to pick up on this video. When will another video like it come along? Don't know, need something awesome to happen in sports that could tie in with a movie.