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Friday, March 30, 2012

The $640 Million Dollar Mega Millions Lottery. Did you get a ticket?

I rarely pick up a lottery ticket. When the jackpot gets pretty big, I get maybe 5 dollars worth of tickets. But the reports I've been hearing are insane. People spending thousands on tickets, the guy in front of me today bought $50 bucks worth. Its nuts, but this is the biggest jackpot in the history of the world. And they say that if there is no winner tonight, that the next jackpot could reach close to 1 billion dollars. Wow. So what could you do with $640 Million?

Feed 238,000 American families for a year.

Buy a 73 percent share of the Los Angeles Dodgers, based on the $2 billion that Magic Johnson and other investors agreed to pay this week for the baseball franchise.

Buy 1,265 seats/trips to outer space aboard Virgin Galactic.

Start a company and pay 10 employees $100,000 for 253 years.

Buy Michael Jackson's estate [$23.9 Million], Britney Spears' mansion [$2.9 million], Madonna's Beverly Hills mansion [$28 million], Jerry Seinfeld's Colorado estate [$18 million] and Michael Jordan's Chicago-area estate [$29 million] AND STILL have $150 million remaining.

To burn through it in a year, you'd need to spend $693,150 per day.

So yeah after tonight if you never see another post on this site again, you know what happened. BOOM!

Is the Trayvon Martin Shooting Really a Race Thing?

Unless you live under a rock, you are at least aware of the controversy involving the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin.  Basically some neighborhood watch guy shot and killed a teenager who was unarmed and apparently doing nothing wrong.  George Zimmerman is the guy who did the shooting, and he claims it was in self defense.  There is a 911 call where Zimmerman was told to not follow the kid, but he chose to anyway.  All of this had lead to outrage and protests from the African American community, and this has somehow turned into a race question is WHY?

All I've seen for the past few days are people on TV talking about racial profiling, African Americans claiming they can't wear hoodies now because of this, and TV shows with hosts making sad faces while wearing hoodies to show their support.  I'm not really understanding how this is a racist crime?  Or even a crime against people who wear hoodies?  We have a guy (regardless of race) who was heading up a neighborhood watch with a gun, and a kid (regardless of race) that was unarmed and shot.  Period.  THAT is the issue here.  If it was a white kid in a hoodie that got shot, would there be big African American protests and sad faces while wearing hoodies?  NOPE.  It could have been a hispanic kid that was dressed wrong, or a white kid for that matter.  It sounds like the guy would have gone overboard and abused his "power" regardless.

I've seen nothing that said this was about race, just sounds like a guy that abused his authority and crossed the line by leaps and bounds.  The Huffington Post even reported on how the New York Post ran a story on how some are calling out certain people for making this a race war.  George Zimmerman is half Hispanic, and I haven't seen anything about him being racist.  Just because an African American kid was involved somehow makes this some war. 

As I stated before, all I see is a person that should be arrested for crossing a line.  This is plain and simple, but all of the sensationalism, hoodie talk, and even emphasizing of TEA and SKITTLES (items Trayvon Martin was carrying) have really blown this in the wrong direction.  Take out all the race BS and get back to basics...and how about standing up for ALL kids that are victims of tragedies like this, not just 1 race that speaks up when it's one of their own.

Wrestlemania! Shameless! Californication! and of course Game Of Thrones! TV Explosion!

Sunday nights are a mess. My DVR fears Sunday nights. My parents are one of those lucky people that have the 5 tuner DVRs so they can actually record 5 shows at once, while I have one of the dumb ones that can only record 2, as long as Im watching the 2nd one, stupid. On a normal Sunday night for the past few weeks I have 8 shows that I watch. Californication, Shameless, Eastbound and Down, Lifes Too Short, Ax Men, Walking Dead and Talking Dead, and Comic Book Men. Well 3 of those came to an end, and now two more are about to have their finales this weekend as well, Shameless and Californication. While Eastbound and Down and Lifes Too Short will not be aired this Sunday.

And of course, Game Of Thrones premieres. Winter arrives. At the same time that Wrestlemania is on! I am a casual wrestling fan. I can't remember the last time I watched an episode of Smackdown but I know it was well before they had the brand split, so its been years. Raw on the other hand I always watch.....on fast forward. Ill watch a match here and there if it looks good, but other than that, wrestling shmestling. And I never order a PPV. But this is Wrestlemania. Its in my blood. This is the SHOWCASE OF THE IMMORTALS. So of course I will plop down a stupid amount of money to watch it.

While that madness is going on, two shows I love are having their season finales. Shameless and Californication. Californication has been its usual self. Hank Moody getting into hijinks with his friends. His ex loves him and hates him back and forth. Same ol same ol. The show never really offers anything exciting in story, but every episode there is at least one moment that makes me laugh harder than any other show on TV. And of course, Shameless. Shameless has its hilarious moments but it seems like this season they are doing everything in their power to depress the hell out of you. This 2nd season has been much better than last season and definitely picked up. I actually almost gave up on it this year.

So what is it that you will be watching as it happens instead of on the DVR? I will be watching Wrestlemania. The Rock Vs. John Cena. Hoping it ends soon so I can get to Game Of Thrones!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drunk guy sings Bohemian Rhapsody

So this video is pretty funny, made me smile and laugh a little, then after he's done singing, the line he delivers at the very end of this video made me laugh so hard I almost puked. I want that saying on a T Shirt with his awesome face. Just watch and prepare.

Twins sequels......Triplets. This is not a joke.

Arnold is attached. DeVito is also returning. So who is the third misfit brother? Eddie. Murphy. Yeah. I dunno about this one. The first movie is great and still makes me laugh today but, yeesh I dunno. At this point I'll be happy to see Arnold back in the theatres in anything but this might be pushin it. Eddie Murphy hasn't made a good movie since uh.... hmm..... I don't even remember really. Nutty Professor was alright I guess. And for some strange reason I have to watch Daddy Day Care every time it's on, of course that may have to do with Lacey Chabert in that uniform and those glasses. Yes.... Lacey Chabert......yeeessssssssss.........

Zack Snyders Man Of Steel logo revealed!

There it is folks. Man Of Steel. I dig it. I dig it a whole bunch. It gives me that, Dark Knight vibe. Which I am sure was their main goal. I have high hopes with this movie. I love me some Superman but good grief its been forever since there has been a good movie. The Superman Returns garbage was, garbage. Superman getting beat up by Kumar? I don't think so. Anyways no word on when a trailer will arrive but I can bet anything it'll be this July and attached with The Dark Knight Rises.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

News team assemble! Again! Ron Burgandy announces Anchorman 2 on Conan!

I'm not sure a day goes by where a quote from Anchorman doesn't leave my lips. And if so its maybe one missed day. So as I watched Conan tonight I was filled with glee when the following bit of randomness happened along with the announcement that made me love lamp even more.

Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Everclear, Marcy Playground and LIt CONVERGE! SUMMERLAND TOUR!

Back in the 90s, these bands were huge. At least for me, as I was just a sophmore in high school, skating around with my headphones on listening to these bands on the FM radio. And like most 90s bands, they all kinda faded away. But they all decided they needed some cash I suppose and have announced The Summerland Tour. All 5 bands. All together.

I kinda wanna go to this for nostalgia reasons. Either way, should be a good time. More info here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

KISS and Motley Crue Announce "The Tour"

Just when you thought the announcement of another tour from rock icons KISS couldn't be any better, they smack us all in the face with the announcement that they will be touring the one and only Motley Crue!  2 legendary bands on 1 show, which will pretty much be a double feature since both bands will be playing about 90 minutes each on each show.

Both bands held a press conference today to announce the tour, and promised all the excitement, explosions, and surprises that both bands are so well known for.  We covered the KISS Alive 35 Tour a few years ago here on the site, and that tour kicked ass on it's own; with Motley Crue in the mix, things are going to be twice as big in every way. 

Basically the press conference featured the bands telling the world that they're tired of lip-syncing dance shows that most musical acts bring now days, and plan to rock our lives like only they can do.  They also announced that KISS will actually close the show each night, as even the Crue are huge KISS fans and know who should be last.  Motley Crue's first tour in 1982 was opening for KISS coincidentally enough.

Check out all the dates for the KISS over at

And check out great sale prices to The Tour in each city at: KISS Motley Crue tickets

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Ultimate "Who's Hotter" Tournament

March Madness is pretty meaningless if you're not into college basketball, but what if you had a similar tournament involving say.......the hottest women in entertainment?  Sadly I don't mean these women bouncing up and down a court in a basketball tournament, but rather a huge tournament that asks "Who's Hotter."

We even once held a poll that asked who was hotter between Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb, but Mr Skin is taking it to the next level by holding a 64 woman tournament to determine who is the hottest celebrity...aptly named the "Whack-It Bracket."  Separated into 4 brackets determined by bra size, this tournament is serious business that puts together some big time match ups right from the first round.  Who's hotter...Salma Hayek or Kat Dennings?  Kate Upton or Kirsten Dunst?  Katy Perry or Jennifer Love Hewitt?  Yeah, this tournament asks those questions and more.

Voting in the tournament is free, and by doing so you get to see naked clips of all the competitors in an effort to help you decided your choices, AND by voting you get a chance to win an iPad 3.  This event is bigger than any basketball, and you might actually get something out of this one.  Who is the hottest celeb?  This tournament is really going to narrow it down and will have a ton of tough decisions along the way.  So if you want to join in the REAL March Madness, sign up for the Whack-It Bracket and vote free!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gillian Anderson. Lesbian relationship. BAH GOD!

Alright everyone, try to control yourselves, Gillian Anderson from The X-Files, revealed that back in high school, she had a lesbian relationship. Oh yes.

Gillian said that after moving from London to Michigan it was a big culture shock which drove her to experimenting and having strange relationships. So if you guys are trying to score a hot chick who is ready to get on the weird side in bed, find one that just moved to America from London. Apparently its so shockingly different that they must seek out weird sex adventures.

It must be pointed out though that Gillian Anderson is not gay. And was never gay. She was a lesbian briefly. You see there is a huge difference. Women who are gay, are the ones like, Ellen, or Chaz Bono. Women like Gillian Anderson....they are LESBIANS. Lesbians you only see very rarely and are pretty much only in movies that come on at 2am on Cinemax.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn Should Get Naked...Wait, They Did? WHAT?

Yes, it's (allegedly) true.  Two of the biggest teases in Hollywood have both had hot nude pics leak within a day or so of each other.  Olivia Munn (who's Playboy Spread was trashed by our own Random Villain about 3 years ago since it featured her NOT getting naked in any way) and Christina Hendricks (whose giant boobs were covered by RV 2 years ago) are currently two of the hottest names on the Internet thanks to all this controversy. 

Of course the word from both of them is that the pics aren't them, even though some of the pics plainly show their faces.  So we are to believe that some pics were leaked, and some fake ones were also inserted even though there are some completely matching factors.  Being we're just a Bunch of Jerks, we're going to call bullshit on that story and totally believe that these 2 wanted to get down and dirty with these pics but didn't plan on all of us seeing.

The Christina Hendricks leaked pics are simply her dressed down (or barely dressed) with one pic of some giant boobs exposed, which is the one that is supposedly "not her."  The Olivia Munn leaked nudes feature a fully nude pic and include some awesomely dirty messages written on them for some guy.  Munn likes to talk dirty and tease everyone with how sexual she is without showing us jack shit, so these pics fit perfectly with the attitude she gives off.

Of course if they were smart, they leaked these pics purposely and are now sitting back watching how their stars are rising.  All the attention is now on them, but it's up to them to hold the interest by continuing to deliver the nakedness.  Simple formula...get naked = we care.