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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Ultimate "Who's Hotter" Tournament

March Madness is pretty meaningless if you're not into college basketball, but what if you had a similar tournament involving say.......the hottest women in entertainment?  Sadly I don't mean these women bouncing up and down a court in a basketball tournament, but rather a huge tournament that asks "Who's Hotter."

We even once held a poll that asked who was hotter between Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb, but Mr Skin is taking it to the next level by holding a 64 woman tournament to determine who is the hottest celebrity...aptly named the "Whack-It Bracket."  Separated into 4 brackets determined by bra size, this tournament is serious business that puts together some big time match ups right from the first round.  Who's hotter...Salma Hayek or Kat Dennings?  Kate Upton or Kirsten Dunst?  Katy Perry or Jennifer Love Hewitt?  Yeah, this tournament asks those questions and more.

Voting in the tournament is free, and by doing so you get to see naked clips of all the competitors in an effort to help you decided your choices, AND by voting you get a chance to win an iPad 3.  This event is bigger than any basketball, and you might actually get something out of this one.  Who is the hottest celeb?  This tournament is really going to narrow it down and will have a ton of tough decisions along the way.  So if you want to join in the REAL March Madness, sign up for the Whack-It Bracket and vote free!