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Friday, March 30, 2012

Is the Trayvon Martin Shooting Really a Race Thing?

Unless you live under a rock, you are at least aware of the controversy involving the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin.  Basically some neighborhood watch guy shot and killed a teenager who was unarmed and apparently doing nothing wrong.  George Zimmerman is the guy who did the shooting, and he claims it was in self defense.  There is a 911 call where Zimmerman was told to not follow the kid, but he chose to anyway.  All of this had lead to outrage and protests from the African American community, and this has somehow turned into a race question is WHY?

All I've seen for the past few days are people on TV talking about racial profiling, African Americans claiming they can't wear hoodies now because of this, and TV shows with hosts making sad faces while wearing hoodies to show their support.  I'm not really understanding how this is a racist crime?  Or even a crime against people who wear hoodies?  We have a guy (regardless of race) who was heading up a neighborhood watch with a gun, and a kid (regardless of race) that was unarmed and shot.  Period.  THAT is the issue here.  If it was a white kid in a hoodie that got shot, would there be big African American protests and sad faces while wearing hoodies?  NOPE.  It could have been a hispanic kid that was dressed wrong, or a white kid for that matter.  It sounds like the guy would have gone overboard and abused his "power" regardless.

I've seen nothing that said this was about race, just sounds like a guy that abused his authority and crossed the line by leaps and bounds.  The Huffington Post even reported on how the New York Post ran a story on how some are calling out certain people for making this a race war.  George Zimmerman is half Hispanic, and I haven't seen anything about him being racist.  Just because an African American kid was involved somehow makes this some war. 

As I stated before, all I see is a person that should be arrested for crossing a line.  This is plain and simple, but all of the sensationalism, hoodie talk, and even emphasizing of TEA and SKITTLES (items Trayvon Martin was carrying) have really blown this in the wrong direction.  Take out all the race BS and get back to basics...and how about standing up for ALL kids that are victims of tragedies like this, not just 1 race that speaks up when it's one of their own.