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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Dies at 48

We've had quite a few death watches over the years here at Bunch of Jerks, some of which came to fruition like that of Amy Winehouse last year.  Whitney Houston kind of stayed off our radar I guess because she had problems for so long and kept more of it behind closed doors than most celebs today.  But earlier this afternoon Whitney Houston passed away in Beverly Hills at age 48. 

Houston had always been known to have a ton of problems that usually also included ex husband Bobby Brown.  They had a reality show a few years ago that gave us an idea of how crazy things were, but in recent years it appeared that Whitney had turned it around.  It seemed like getting away from Bobby Brown and even going back on tour had things back to somewhat normal for Houston, but while there has been no cause of death revealed, drugs immediately come to mind.

Of course with the Grammys tomorrow, look for the show to change quite a bit with everyone mentioning Whitney and probably a tribute or 2 as well.  Even though she had a screwed up life, she is still an icon in music that I personally can recall first hearing over 25 years ago.  Whitney Houston was a rare talent, and hopefully that is what is remembered most after this initial media frenzy on her death passes.