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Monday, February 20, 2012

Certified Bullshit: Rihanna and Chris Brown Reunite for New Songs

So this has to go down as a record, or maybe some sort of "Double Bullshit" award.  Less than ONE week ago I certified Chris Brown as bullshit due to the fact that he beat the shit out of Rihanna a few years ago, but is still on all the award shows and is treated like he never did anything.  I figured posting pics of Rihanna's smashed face along with the police report that detailed the punching, biting, and choking that went on was my good deed for the day as far as exposing a woman beater.  Well when that woman tells the world that it's OK, and woman beaters should be forgiven, there is nothing else a Jerk can do.

Rumors were swirling recently that Rihanna was working on music with Brown, bust just about everyone was hoping the rumors weren't true.  Sadly today, Rihanna released the remix of her song "Cake," which features Brown and his whiny ass singing about how it's been a while since he fucked Rihanna and such.  Then Brown releases one of his songs with Rihanna on sweet.  So basically Rihanna is telling all those abused women......"Hey if the guy says he'll never do it again, just go back to him I'm sure you'll be OK."  I won't bother posting the songs here, they've been described as "awkward" and the pretty much suck, so we won't promote music that's about beating each other up then fucking again after a few years.  As I wrote on the Bunch of Jerks Twitter earlier, Rihanna's cake was pretty good until the shit icing got added to it.

Word has been that Brown has a girlfriend so there isn't a relationship reunion, but why the hell this shitty music with Brown whining needed to be released I'll never know.  Maybe I'm wrong here?  Maybe there is a window of time where it's OK to forgive a man punching to a woman's face?  Maybe a second chance is in order after a few years?  Fill me in here.  Rihanna was once the bad ass chick that made a comeback as a take no bullshit woman who fought back agains an abusive man, but now that's all been ruined.  OH and if you thought about showing how you feel by NOT buying this bullshit music, they are already ahead of you as Rihanna was sending out links to download the song for FREE, since no one should be paying a dime to aid anything involving Chris Brown, no matter if the victim of his abuse is an idiot or not.

I believe I am done with this subject since it has gone to Double Bullshit level.  I will post on this again when the next beatdown/chokeout of Rihanna happens.  And remember........forgive and forget, no matter how much you get hit!