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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Movie Jerks Have Hit the Airwaves!

That's right ladies and gentleman, Bunch of Jerks Productions is proud to announce our first ever broadcast radio show, The Movie Jerks!  For quite a while now, our team has been in discussion to branch out and deliver more Jerk goodness, or rather Jerk shit talking than ever.  So now you can check out the Movie Jerks radio show live, or catch archived episodes and never miss an episode.  Hosted by Tony G. and Stevo, the show will feature unbiased straight shooting on everything movies. 

The inaugural episode launches with a review of the Academy Awards, and of course throws in a little bit of anyting else that comes up about movies.  Check it out, give us feedback, and join us for the ride as this new chapter in the evolution of the Jerks continues.  Check out episode 1 below:

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Back to the Future Game Review

I believe this post may very well have been in the making for well over 20 years now.  I'll first point out that I was a casual fan of the Back to the Future movies.  The first one was great, and the second one was very fun and different in that it really had me thinking that hover boards would be a regular form of transportation by now.  The third one I thought was decent, but I feel like I really watched the first two more.  I wasn't a fanatic of the series like some people, but I really enjoyed it.

When I heard there was a game on the way, total confusion set in.  Hardly ever do we get video games based on classic movies like this.  Granted in the 80's, almost all the big movies had video games....including Back to the Future.  I point this out, because the Back to the Future game for NES f'n SUCKED.  You watch a movie, get excited to see there's a game for it, then BAM....a stupid game that's hard as hell and really doesn't have shit to do with the actual movie.  Games like that are probably what killed the idea of making games based on movies long ago.

The Back to the Future game on PSN brings back the "game based on movie" idea, and this game has been done right.  This game is exactly how a game based on a movie should be.  The events pick up 6 months after Doc headed off to the wild west at the end of Back to the Future 3, and has Marty having to help Doc out of more trouble he's gotten himself into in the past.  The voice acting is great, as Christopher Lloyd returns as Doc, and Marty is voiced by a great Michael J. Fox impersonator that is DEAD on.  The game itself is a "figure it out" type game that has Marty collecting objects and talking to people to figure out what to do. If you've played the "Monkey Island" series of games, Telltale Games develops Back to the Future as well, so you know the type of gameplay I'm talking about.

The games story plays perfectly in line with what you would see in a fourth sequel of the series, with all  the classic characters included.  Keep in mind, only part ONE of this five part series is available now, but this first part felt complete on it's own and has me looking forward to more.  You can get the whole bundle for 20 bucks on PSN, which gives you the first part of the game and also includes the next 4 as they come out.  This was a great deal, as I expected each chapter to have its own price, but they've given us a great deal with the whole game being 20 bucks.  If you are a Back to the Future fan and have always wanted a game based on it, this is a must-play game, even if you are a casual fan like me.  Here's to hoping Telltale Games gives us more movie game greatness, as there is a huge list that could make AWESOME games in this style (The Goonies REALLY comes to mind.)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Newsflash: Perez Hilton Has Turned Face

I think this may be the one and only time I would ever post ANYthing on Perez Hilton, and I only do because of the history of this very site.  You see four years ago, long before I was hired to write here, a site by the name of was born and made waves pretty much from its inception.  I actually have the......honor, of being the final writer to be hired by that site. had great potential and was beginning to gain a real following, so I figured I could come on board and contribute as we prepared to take the site to the next level.  Unfortunately, sabotage struck, as the character "Devon Lohan" was taken very seriously by one of the writers who had caused much turmoil over the years and the site had to close up shop due to his many unprofessional actions.  When I joined with this renegade group of bloggers, I was given the crash course in all of the history, and the state of the site sounded like something from a reality show.  Bunch of Jerks was born from all of that, but let us not forget the origins of

The guys who launched simply had an idea... "If Perez Hilton can get famous by putting together a super gay blog where he talks shit on everyone....why can't we do the same......aside from being gay."  So a site with a bright pink layout, a mega gay character as the mascot of sorts (seen on the right,) and posts packed with attitude was launched.  The site didn't need to draw cum dribble on every picture it presented, and would actually feature posts that people cared about rather than a bunch of gay asshole babble.  Perez was the gay asshole, Devon Lohan were the assholes that were straight but thought Perez sucked and didn't deserve any of the attention he got.  As launched, a war of the words was waged with fans of Perez who were outraged that there was a new site in town that didn't talk shit just for the sake of talking shit.

Now for historical purposes, we can report that Perez Hilton has officially been punked out, and has decided to turn face and love everyone.  As the story goes, Jennifer Aniston happened to run into Perez, and basically just asked him why he is so mean.  When confronted face to face, Perez pussed out as expected, and has now "seen the light" by now only making nice posts and not talking shit.  With all this "anti-bullying" stuff going on, ol' gay Perez didn't want everyone punking him for it so he tapped out.  Goes to show Perez is and always has been just a huge attention whore, so now he's getting more attention from everyone praising him for not being mean is this 1st grade? 

Our origins were based on Perez Hilton being a dumb ass who somehow became famous, and we remain strong in our stance that Perez sucks and is a fake ass bitch.  While the DevonLohan years are over (who wanted to be stuck in pink gayville anyway,)  this is the closure that seals it all.  If you don't enjoy posts with attitude and still need a little gay in your life, be sure to visit the all new gay version of TMZ......aka

In closing, after much consideration I have decided to include the following video.  The following video will be the ONLY time you will see Perez Hilton on  I include this video only because it is Perez himself declaring A. his boy crush on Justin Bieber (HUGE shock) and B. how he has changed, and loves everyone forever and everrrrrrrrr.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Super Sunday, That Can on Mean One Thing....Puppy Bowl!

That's right, it's damn time that the REAL game of the year get its just due.  Every year people go f'n crazy over the Super Bowl.  It doesn't even matter if a persons favorite team is in it, just the term "Super Bowl" makes people go crazy buying food, having parties, and arguing with others about who they're rooting for as if they had a relative on that team. 

I once enjoyed football, but these days find it hard to follow with all the trades and new college players drafted in, it's just too much to keep up with.  And besides that, if I had a favorite team and that team doesn't end up in the Super Bowl, why would I go nuts over this game?  A few years ago though I discovered that there were good things about Super Bowl Sunday.  People want to buy mass amounts of food and party down?  I'm cool with that.  Hell even the halftime show is entertaining at times, and a boob could fall out here or there even.  It seems the only real boring part of the day was the game itself.  So years back, removing the game from the equation became tradition.  Rent some movies, bring in the food, pretty awesome day.

But a few years ago, Super Bowl Sunday became became complete when an event that lived up to the hype, the action, and the entertainment was born!  It's very simple, you put a few hyper puppies on a miniature football field, throw some toys in the mix, and enjoy.  The Puppy Bowl is THE Super Bowl Sunday premiere event, and has delivered the laughs every single year.  How could you not enjoy puppies gone wild with almost anything goes, and penalties only occurring when a puppy takes a piss or a dump on the field....good times.  SO if you are sick of Super Bowl talk, but still want to party and watch an action packed event, I highly recommend watching this year's Puppy Bowl 7 on Animal Planet.  Check out the preview below: