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Monday, February 21, 2011

New Back to the Future Game Review

I believe this post may very well have been in the making for well over 20 years now.  I'll first point out that I was a casual fan of the Back to the Future movies.  The first one was great, and the second one was very fun and different in that it really had me thinking that hover boards would be a regular form of transportation by now.  The third one I thought was decent, but I feel like I really watched the first two more.  I wasn't a fanatic of the series like some people, but I really enjoyed it.

When I heard there was a game on the way, total confusion set in.  Hardly ever do we get video games based on classic movies like this.  Granted in the 80's, almost all the big movies had video games....including Back to the Future.  I point this out, because the Back to the Future game for NES f'n SUCKED.  You watch a movie, get excited to see there's a game for it, then BAM....a stupid game that's hard as hell and really doesn't have shit to do with the actual movie.  Games like that are probably what killed the idea of making games based on movies long ago.

The Back to the Future game on PSN brings back the "game based on movie" idea, and this game has been done right.  This game is exactly how a game based on a movie should be.  The events pick up 6 months after Doc headed off to the wild west at the end of Back to the Future 3, and has Marty having to help Doc out of more trouble he's gotten himself into in the past.  The voice acting is great, as Christopher Lloyd returns as Doc, and Marty is voiced by a great Michael J. Fox impersonator that is DEAD on.  The game itself is a "figure it out" type game that has Marty collecting objects and talking to people to figure out what to do. If you've played the "Monkey Island" series of games, Telltale Games develops Back to the Future as well, so you know the type of gameplay I'm talking about.

The games story plays perfectly in line with what you would see in a fourth sequel of the series, with all  the classic characters included.  Keep in mind, only part ONE of this five part series is available now, but this first part felt complete on it's own and has me looking forward to more.  You can get the whole bundle for 20 bucks on PSN, which gives you the first part of the game and also includes the next 4 as they come out.  This was a great deal, as I expected each chapter to have its own price, but they've given us a great deal with the whole game being 20 bucks.  If you are a Back to the Future fan and have always wanted a game based on it, this is a must-play game, even if you are a casual fan like me.  Here's to hoping Telltale Games gives us more movie game greatness, as there is a huge list that could make AWESOME games in this style (The Goonies REALLY comes to mind.)