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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Big Lots Fires Man For Trying To Stop A Crime

I understand stores, especially corporate stores, don't really want employees to stop shoplifters. It can cause all kinds of problems, but when that employee is your store manager and has dedicated insane work hours to your business to help sales and run the store to perfect? Not to mention a father of 4. I think firing him over the situation is a little bit of a dick move.

I know this site generally only posts entertainment gossip and news, but this story really bugged me. I was going to call this post, Big Lots, More Like Big Dicks, but you can see how that wouldn't really work out. What Big Lots did was a dick move. There needs to be more people in the world like this guy. A hard working Dad who provides for his family and is a 100% dedicated employee, getting screwed over because he was trying to just do what Batman would do, stand up for justice. And protect the assets of the company he works for. Here is the story of what went down, from the guys fiancee.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dear Weinstein Company, Please Bring Back Michael Myers!

Every horror movie these days is pretty standard. Ghost kids. Weird ghosts. Random objects that summons ghosts. And 1 out of every 50 or so that come along actually work.

I miss my slashers. I miss my unstoppable killing machines.

Face it, the Rob Zombie Halloween movies were awful. No true fan of Halloween, like Zombie claims he is, would take a giant dump on the legacy of Michael Myers by having him be a run of the mill redneck kid with redneck parents who goes crazy. John Carpenter did it to perfection. Halloween 2 was great, 4 and 5 were good, 6 was weird, but it worked and it fit. Halloween H20 brought it all back to the first two movies and it was awesome. It was done perfectly. Then Halloween Busta Rhymes came along and while the opening was kind of cool, the rest was just pointless.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Kids Have It Too Easy Today

While writing the article about the Game Boy's 25th anniversary, I went off on a small tangent about how kids today can't appreciate things like video games. And after I finished the post I sat back in my chair and realized, kids today have it way too easy.

I spend a lot of time playing games online late at night. Almost every night. And I gotta say a good 80% of the squeaky voiced gamers are pretty much assholes. I see it everywhere. In grocery stores, malls, all over. Kids today are crazy annoying, and I think I know why. They have it way too easy. They don't have to work for a single thing. I don't mean getting a job, I mean having to go through the tougher things in life like my generation did just about 15 years or so ago. Like having access to porn.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Justice League movie confirmed to follow Batman Vs. Superman!

In news that should come as no surprise, Warner Bros. Announced today that Zack Snyder, the man behind Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman, will also director Justice League. This could be amazing, or awful. It's kind of a sink or swim approach but I will hold off judgement until Bats Vs. Supes is out. Which I can't wait for!

No release date has been announced but with Batman Vs. Superman coming out in 2016 it's a good bet that 2018 we will see the arrival of Justice League. Along with Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg are confirmed for Batman Vs. Superman but will we see some other heroes pop up as well? Flash? Aquaman? Green Arrow?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Add Cyborg to the list of characters in Batman Vs. Superman!

Variety announced today that stage actor Ray Fisher has landed the part of Cyborg for the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie. That now has those three along with Wonder Woman appearing in the movie together. Pretty awesome news, wouldn't you agree?

Here's your first look at Jem and the Holograms. The movie.

Jon M. Chu, the director of such cinema classics like, Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D, and 2 documentaries about Justin Bieber, is bringing us Jem and the Holograms.

I never really watched too much of the cartoon in the 80's. Watched it here and there, but wasn't a big fan. Now we are getting a live action movie because, we need this instead of live action movies of He-Man and Thundercats apparently. This isn't Jon M. Chu's first dive into making an 80's cartoon into a movie. He was responsible for G.I. Joe: Retaliation. That movie was probably one of the worst movies ever made. It literally was just a movie full of random scenes of random things happening, and then just decided to end randomly. Like they got tired of making it. Anyways, here's your first look at Jem and the Holograms.

Friday the 13th TV series to return! This time with Jason!

Well this is out of left field news, but has the potential to be awesome! It appears that Friday the 13th is heading back to the small screen. For a brief period the original show ran on TV, but never featured Jason Voorhees. It went the Tales From The Crypt route and was just a weird supernatural themed story every week. But this time we will be following around the Camp Crystal Lake killer on his wacky adventures.

Here's hoping it's on the proper network. If it's on a network TV station you can pretty much just bail on this now. But if something like FX, AMC, or even HBO pick it up then we should be in for a great time. Of course people are already complaining about this but listen, Jason went to space. That is about as weird as it can get.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

HBO forms a tag team with Amazon!

Starting May 21st, anyone and everyone with Amazing Prime will be able to instantly stream a ton of HBO content on Amazon Instant Video. he Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire, Big Love, Deadwood, Eastbound & Down, Family Tree, Enlightened, Treme, and more will be available. Unlike HBO GO though, current seasons will not be available, but past seasons of shows like True Blood will be. Which I'm sure after a period of time most recent seasons will be added after they have ended.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NYPD is a prime example of marketing fail.

So the NYPD decided to have some fun today, and have a little photo contest on Twitter! Sounds like a pretty good idea right?

It's a slow news day. Here's Kate Upton.

It's a pretty slow news day today. Sure there is news, but nothing major or important to even mention as of yet. So here's Kate Upton.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Teaser for the final season of True Blood. FINALLY!

We've been watching True Blood since it started. It started off good, but holy crap did it go downhill fast. It's seriously one of the worst shows on cable. But Jessica + Watching this long so far = I'm in it till the end. Too much time has been invested in watching this show to just stop right when it's close to ending. Hopefully it goes out on a high note and doesn't Dexter itself.

Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy!

25 years ago today, road trips changed forever. I have the picture somewhere, can't find it right now, but it's of me at age 7 on my birthday, having just unwrapped a Game Boy and holding it in the air in excitement. Sure looking at it today it isn't much. With the spinach color screen and having to have the PERFECT lighting to see the screen, but it was mine, and it was awesome.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wait a minute, the Loch Ness Monster might be real?!

Reports and talk all over the web the past 24 hours are saying that the Loch Ness Monster, might in fact be real after all. New images are popping up thanks to Apple Maps that show a pretty distinct object just under the surface of Lake Loch Ness, it could be anything, but for believers and nerds like me, that has to be the Loch Ness Monster. Keep reading to see the new image!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hey Rockstar Games, can we get heists in GTAV now?

I love me some Grand Theft Auto V. Sometimes. Some nights can be full of all kinds of crazy adventures, but most nights it's the same ol same ol. Aimlessly driving around, blowing up my own friends for my own entertainment. Yeah I am one of those peaceful players. A rare find in the Online world of GTA. I don't really bother anyone else who is on there playing. No need to just randomly go out of my way to gun someone down as they drive by. It happens to me on occasion from some low level ranked new guy who after randomly shooting and killing me, learns a hard lesson in the world of spawn killing. But seriously, things are getting kind of boring.

Parents Need To Start Parenting: Kids and the world of online gaming.

There are a ton of bratty kids in the world. I see it all the time. At grocery stores, at malls, almost anywhere I go I see some out of control little snot causing a mess while their parents just sit on their phones and pay no attention. It's really annoying, because for parents who actually do give a shit about their kids, it causes some problems. When parents who do raise their kids right, they have to send them to school with these little brats who they might become friends with. And kids are more influenced by the actions of other kids than by anything else. So those years of hard work at parenting just goes down the toilet, thanks to the lousy job of other parents.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Orange Is The New Black season 2 trailer has arrived!

Orange Is The New Black is how I wish all TV shows would be done. Awesome characters and storytelling, while every episode of of the seasons being available to watch. Someday all shows will be this way, but I want it now.

It's been a long wait, but season 2 is near. And from the looks of the trailer we are getting a whole lot more of Crazy-Eyes this season!

X-Men Director Bryan Singer accused of raping a teenage boy.

This is a pretty strange news story. Is it true? Maybe. Is it false? More than likely. Especially since this is something that happened back in 1999 and the victim is just now getting around to legal action, right before Bryan Singer's new X-Men movie comes out. How convenient. Here are the details from the case.

The plaintiff, Michael Egan, claims he was 17 when Singer forcibly sodomized him, among other allegations. Egan’s lawyers, led by Jeff Herman, allege that Singer provided him with drugs and alcohol and flew him to Hawaii on more than one occasion in 1999. His suit claims battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy by unreasonable intrusion, and it seeks unspecified damages.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sony and Fox teaming up to bring Spider-Man into the X-Men?

Is this a sign of big things to come? We all know that sitting through all of the credits of Marvel films always leaves us with a huge tease of future Marvel movies, but this is somewhat odd.

It seems that after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 credits have finished rolling, we will then be treated to a post credits sequence leading into, X-Men: Days of Futures Past. What's so odd about this is that Spider-Man is a Sony film, all rights to him are owned by them. And X-Men is a Fox property. Why would rival studios be promoting each others films if a crossover isn't in the cards for the future? It could mean big business for both studios if they have decided to play nice together and do this. Seeing Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and X-Men all together in one movie would be huge. Now if only Sony and Fox would be nice and team up with Disney to bring the Avengers into the fold, wow.

So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think we can expect to see Spider-Man pop up in X-Men: Apocalypse?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Behold! The final trailer for X-Men: Days of Futures Past!

Bryan Singer himself just sent out a simple tweet with a link. I clicked and what popped up was the final trailer for X-Men: Days of Futures Past!

What are your thoughts on this one? Personally, I'm not too big on the X-Men movies. I loved First Class, the first two were alright, the third was awful, and I'm still waiting on a good Wolverine movie to come along. Bryan Singer back at the helm doesn't do a whole lot for me. It's cool and all but, Superman Returns. Yeah. Anyways, check it out!

Paul Walker's brothers to help out with Fast & Furious 7

The following was released today from the production team from Fast & Furious 7.

A Note to the Fans of FAST & FURIOUS

The FAST & FURIOUS saga is about family. The characters are connected by the bond of family, and it is how all of us who have worked together for more than thirteen years feel about each other. It certainly defines how we feel about our fans.

Our family experienced an unthinkable shock in November. We had to take time to grieve Paul, the brother we love and lost, and to figure out if we should move on with our film.

V/H/S Director Heads To Camp Crystal Lake!

David Bruckner, the director of the 'Amateur Night' segment from V/H/S is in negotiations to helm the next Friday the 13th! This is awesome news as rumors swirl that the new Friday the 13th reboot, remake, rewhatever, is looking to take on the found footage craze that has been blowing up the box office in recent years. And he is a proven director with both his segment from V/H/S and the movie The Signal being two of the very best things to happen in horror in recent years.

So what are your thoughts? Are you a fan of David Bruckner's work so far? Are you a fan of them taking the Friday the 13th franchise the found footage route? Or are you just happy to see Jason Voorhees back up on the big screen? I'm happy with all of the above. And if you have yet to check out V/H/S, stop what you're doing and fix that right away!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's a Day of Celebration - Justin Bieber is Finally in Jail

You heard that right, the former sweet little goofy haired Justin Bieber who has transformed into a
wanna be gangsta that does whatever he wants without consequence has finally been thrown in the slammer.  Apparently Bieber and his "posse" figured they could block off the roads and have themselves a street race in Miami (he's NO Dom or Brian, he was doing 60 in a residential area) and that's when the cops swept in and shut things down....much to the shock of Bieber who just couldn't believe he'd been pulled over for speeding....he's JUSTIN BIEBER after all!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#HowIMetYourRacism Is Offensive To Victims Of Real Racism

I don't watch How I Met Your Mother. I have nothing against it, I just never bothered to watch it. But as usual Twitter loses it's mind over something and starts the stomping of feet and whining and crying about something offensive.

Apparently on the show some characters dressed up and acted like Asian people and people on Twitter started screaming about how racist it was. Take a look.

Now, I grew up in the 80's and 90's. A time when no one was really offended by anything. You know why? There was no public platform like Twitter to scream about things. The problem with all of this is, 99% of the people crying about how this was racist on Twitter, aren't trying to defend Asian people, they're seeking attention. They want in on the hot topic, they want more followers, they see something trending and they join in so they can be seen. They aren't there really supporting their cause in any way. They're just on their stupid box going HEY LOOK AT ME I CAN BE IN THIS CONVERSATION TOO! And then two days later not even bother to think or talk about it. If you care that much about Asian people, then go donate to Give2Asia or some other cause.

Now now the creators of the show are having to apologize, which is stupid. Comedians, or people who work in comedy, should NEVER have to apologize for their jokes. Ever. It's their job, it's what they do. You don't like it? Don't watch, don't listen. But if you're going to bitch and moan, do it about something that matters. 

This isn't racism. Saying what happened on How I Met Your Mother was racist is an insult to people who REALLY have to deal with racism. There is some seriously messed up racist things happening in the world that deserve more attention than a stupid joke on a sitcom. If you want to raise a fuss on Twitter, do it for a real problem, or a real cause. Not because a sitcom made a joke. If you want to be offended, I'll give you something to be offended about, trust me.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

10 Best Movies of 2013 That I Saw

I love reading "best of" lists at the end of the year. What I don't like, are the best movie lists. Because 99% of them are written by the crazy film crowd who watch EVERYTHING. See, there are normal people, who only see the hit movies that go to theaters. There are the crazy film people, who watch every single thing that comes along. Then there are the other people, who only put those weird obscure movies on their "best of" lists so they can seem hip and look like they know a thing or two about movies.

As for me, I fall in the middle. In my younger years I watched everything I could get my hands on, but as a grown up, ugh, I have less time for movies. So I don't see all those weird movies that no one has ever heard of but seems to be THE BEST ONES OF 2013! Unlike most movie goes, and film reviewers these days, I go to the movies for one purpose, and one purpose only. To shut my mind off and just be entertained. I don't go to movies so I can go home and bitch about the lighting, or the camera work, or the directors choices. I just want a fun movie that can keep me entertained. So that should give you an idea of how this list is going to go. Example: Gravity will not be on it. It wouldn't even make the top 20, 30, or 50. It wasn't that great. People are going nuts over how amazing it is. It was Sandra Bullock floating in CGI space for almost 2 hours. Woo. Everyone is losing it over the long opening shot, that was CGI. It's easy as hell to make one long continuous shot if you're using CGI. Tarantino uses actual sets, and people. Not CGI with faces copied and pasted on bodies. BORING.

So this is my list of the best movies, that I saw, in 2013. Granted, I haven't seen everything, so don't lose your mind because I left Her, or Wolf Of Wall Street off. Read the title of the post. Get it? OK, here we go....

10. Pain & Gain
After watching this movie, I had no idea what in the hell just happened to me. It was all kinds of weird, but in a great way.

9. You're Next
This movie grew on me over time. It was marketed and sold on TV so insanely wrong. At glance, it's the typical crazy people trying to get into the house to kill people horror movie. But what is it? Take Home Alone, and turn it into a slasher movie. Seriously. I don't even want to post a clip because there are so many surprises and great moments I want nothing ruined. If you like horror in the least bit, watch this movie.

8. Man of Steel
Some loved this. Some hated this. Some cry and whine about how Superman was destroying all the buildings in the big fight scene. Well what did you want him to do? "Uh Hey Zod, is it cool if we take this fight to the middle of nowhere so none of these buildings get wrecked?" Seriously people. And stop with the whole "Superman doesn't kill!" Yes he does. Yes he has. Zod in previous movies and in comics. And he even kills the Joker in a video game cut scene. So shut up.

7. This is the End
This was a good year for comedy movies. Bad Grandpa and Anchorman 2 were both great. But This is the End has to take the title for the best comedy of 2013 for this scene down here alone.

6. Thor: The Dark World
Let's all be honest. The reason why this movie was so great was for one reason, and one reason only. LOKI!

5. The World's End
This movie is kind of a cheat. I am a HUGE fan of Edgar, Simon, and Nick. So even if this movie turned out to be garbage, it would still end up on this list. Thankfully it's not garbage, it's great. It wasn't as funny as I was expecting it to be, but that's OK. It wasn't meant to be a comedy. Even though it had it's moments.

4. A Band Called Death 
Yep, time to put a documentary up here. Had a lot of good ones this year but shove your Blackfish up your butt I still plan to go to Sea World so my kids can be amazed and blown away by awesome tricks by Shamu. A Band Called Death is a pretty amazing story that shows the power of music and the internet. Death was a band way back in the 70s who never went anywhere, until 30 years later when their music that was dug up at a record store went viral. It's a great doc, but also great because the music is also amazing. I can't count the times I listened to their record after seeing this movie.

3. Evil Dead
Yeah, Evil Dead. At number 3. I haven't seen this on any top lists of the year which is a shame. It's really the best horror movie of the year. I have been an Evil Dead fan since I was a kid and my older brother made me watch the original. I grew up idolizing Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. When word of a remake hit, I was furious like most. Then the trailer came along and then I saw the movie and was blown away. It was fantastic.

2. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
I liked the first Hobbit movie that came out last year. But I LOVED this one. What will it take to get Peter Jackson to make a Legend of Zelda movie already??

1. Pacific Rim
TODAY, WE ARE CANCELLING THE APOCALYPSE! This is by far, the most fun I have had in the movies in years. YEARS. This was a movie that did everything I hope from movies. To mesmerize me, make me geek out, and make me feel like a kid again. To bring back that magic. Some people loved it, and some people hated it. But who cares. This was a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters. If you went into the movie wanting more than that, that's your own fault. I love, love, LOVE this movie. I saw it in theaters 3 times. And I think I have watched it at home at least 12 times by now. I can't get enough of it. I mean the score was done by the guy who does the music for Game of Thrones and Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine! Enough said!