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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Add Cyborg to the list of characters in Batman Vs. Superman!

Variety announced today that stage actor Ray Fisher has landed the part of Cyborg for the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie. That now has those three along with Wonder Woman appearing in the movie together. Pretty awesome news, wouldn't you agree?

 I'm on the side of the fence that is pretty pumped about this movie. Ben Affleck is Batman. Deal with it. People are throwing their fits about him but he is far off from the man we saw years ago in Gigli. He writes, directs, stars in and produces Academy Award winning movies now. He's going to do fine as Batman. He of course wouldn't have been my first choice KARL URBAN but Affleck will be a good Bruce Wayne, and a good Batman. People need to get off the whole Christian Bales thing already, he wasn't that great of a Batman. Batman Begins was good. Dark Knight Rises was good. And The Dark Knight was great because of Ledger, not Bale. I still have yet to see a proper representation of Batman in a movie.

Anywho, so far both DC and Marvel are sticking to their guns. Captain America 3 and Batman Vs. Superman both set to open on the same day. Most of us will of course be seeing both movies that weekend, but the real question is, which one will you be seeing first?