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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wait a minute, the Loch Ness Monster might be real?!

Reports and talk all over the web the past 24 hours are saying that the Loch Ness Monster, might in fact be real after all. New images are popping up thanks to Apple Maps that show a pretty distinct object just under the surface of Lake Loch Ness, it could be anything, but for believers and nerds like me, that has to be the Loch Ness Monster. Keep reading to see the new image!

 I love technology. Gadgets of all sorts amaze me, but the downside of it all is those cool myths I used to read about as a kid are easily being debunked and fading off as just stories. Seeing something like this though does make things pretty interesting. What if it is real? After all these years, thanks to an app on an iPhone, could that question be answered?

Check out the full article here for even more details!